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CONCACAF Under-17 Championship Official Draw


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From Concacaf.com :


The draw will sort the twelve qualified nations set to participate in the championship into two groups of six teams for the tournament, scheduled for the Estadio Francisco Morazan and Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, from February 27 – March 14.
Five pots will be utilized: three (1, 2 and 3) for the teams and two (A and B) for group position. As host, Honduras will be seeded in position A1 and drawn from Pot 1 alongside three fellow Central American entrants: Costa Rica, Panama and the winner of a playoff, scheduled for January, between El Salvador and Guatemala. Pots 2 and 3 will be comprised of Caribbean representatives and North American entrants, respectively.
The pots for the draw will therefore be designated as follows:

Pot 1 (Central America): Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, UNCAF 3 (El Salvador or Guatemala)
Pot 2 (Caribbean): Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago
Pot 3 (North America): Canada, Mexico, United States
Pot A (Seeding for Group A): Six balls with a group positions, 1-6
Pot B (Seeding for Group B): Six balls with a group positions, 1-6

Following the drawing of Honduras into Group A as the seeded team, the remaining teams will be drawn one by one from Pot 1. The second team drawn goes to Group B, in a position determined by the place drawn from Pot B. The third team drawn then goes to Group A, with its position drawn from Pot A – the positioning pot for that group. The fourth team drawn from the Central America pot is in turn placed in Group B.
The procedure will then be repeated for regional pots 2 and 3, continuing to alternate placement of the nation drawn into Groups A and B by turn, until the balls are exhausted and groups are full.
The CONCACAF Under-17 Championship Honduras 2015 is scheduled to be played February 27 – Match 15, 2015, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The tournament will qualify four teams directly to the FIFA Under-17 World Cup Chile 2015.

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Who has some good intel on these guys? It's strange as I was much more aware of many of our last crop of U17s well before they qualified for the U17WC. This group not so much.


The results for our camps have been very underwhelming. It's not clear if Flemming was just giving chances to a lot of different players, or if the core arent really up for the challange. I'm not as confident in this group as in the last two groups.

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Fleming has used almost 60 players so it is very hard to judge this group on the results.  Posters here are correct that no one player has really emerged as a "future star" but did anyone know Jordan Hamilton before the qualifiers in Jamaica 4 years ago?


This group has got some good results (win over Paraguay), but also some bad ones (7-0 loss to Mexico).  I think they did pretty well in a tournament in France earlier this year.

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Don't forget, we just have to finish top three in this group (and not top two) to have a chance to go through.  (2nd and 3rd from the two groups are re-seeded and then playoff for the final two berths)  Still not easy, but do-able.  Take care of business against Haiti and St.Lucia and then get a win from one of Mexico, Honduras or Panama and that should do it.  Obviously set our sights higher than this, but it's good to be realistic.

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So Canada gets


Costa Rica



St. Lucia



Without knowing anything about these (current u17) teams... we should lose to Mexico and be on par with Panama and Costa Rica and have wins over St. Lucia and Haiti. I'm calling that we get 10 pts in this group taking 2nd/3rd  place 


Canada vs Mexico 0pts

Canada vs Panama 3pts

Canada vs Costa Rica 1pts

Canada vs Haiti 3pts

Canada vs St. Lucia 3pts


10 pts

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I don't know if Hamilton is such a good comparison because he was 2 years under-aged and had yet to sign for TFC Academy. However, there were a number of players on that team who were known at that point like Keven Aleman (15 yr old kid scoring a hat-trick against Colo-Colo anyone?) and Bryce Alderson who was a highly touted 16 yr old in the CSL before joining Vancouver. Last time around there were guys like Hamilton, Boakai and the Whitecaps' prospects that Lord Bob had been telling people about. This time, it seems like we don't know any of these kids because they've called in so many guys.

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