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  1. We've moved KW to Kick-off Pub. It's smaller and but Bill is a great host.
  2. Wait, apparently we couldn't guarantee enough for Schwaben. So we will be changing locations. Just going to confirm.
  3. KDub will be at the Schwaben club in Kitchener. They want 20 to keep open... so if you are in the area we need you!!
  4. We think we have it rought in KW with little clubs. Look at York! http://york9fc.canpl.ca/community-profile
  5. Glulam is rated very highly for fire resistance. This is an awesome find Alex. I didn't even notice this. I've been interested in Glulam construction for a bit. They are building 14 storey towers out of them in Denmark.
  6. Rylee Foster was somewhat at fault for that first goal, but she redeemed herself. The Liga MX Feminal seems to have helped Mexico. Who would have thought that, starting league helping your national team.
  7. Kitchener-Waterloo - Kickoff https://www.facebook.com/events/188860405016519/
  8. Further to @ReedOnTheGrand's explanations of stadiums. I present another amazing opportunity in KW: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/schneiders-kitchener-sold-auburn-development-1.4318369 This is probably my favourite option for a site. The site will take years of brownfield development before it can be fully usable for residential and Auburn itself is known for taking awhile to get things going (see the Arrow Lofts and Barrelyards Development). At the back of the site is a railroad track, which also won't be great for residential but perfect for something like a stadium, where a train coming by once and awhile is fine. It's close to downtown and right on the LRT line. It's also close to the Iron Horse trail and a favourite Grand River Union brewery, Together We're Bitter Brewing Co-op. I think a modular stadium could pop up in this location very quickly. It would be a great way segue for Auburn and fantastic for city access.
  9. I hear Gianni Ferri has committed to MSU. I remember some big talk about him going to Europe originally.
  10. Ciman is a constant on an awful defense. He keeps charging out and making weird unpredictable movements. Again, could be Biello's lack of coaching defence, but every time I watch I feel like Ciman should be dropped. I squarely put almost all of TOs goals on him.
  11. Man. I really like this Impact team. The problem has been Ciman's precipitous fall from grace this year. Not sure what happened to him but over the last two years he has been just awful, but he can't be dropped seemingly. That could all be on Biello as to me it seems to be some kind of attitude/confidence problem, which he hasn't been able to fix so far.
  12. It's a rogue association that is trying to find their own slice of the soccer pie because much of it's leadership has been blackballed by the CSA. That's my take on the whole thing. The Arena soccer is not sanctioned by FIFA and Futsal is the desired indoor sport both for it's ability to train players and for entertainment value (having clearly defined out of bounds assists defenders in "squeezing the play" and encouraging creative solutions).
  13. What is your source for USL falling short of D2 Sanctioning? Unlike NASL they have made no such statement. https://www.si.com/soccer/2017/09/05/nasl-division-sanctioning-us-soccer-usl The article above from Brian Strauss clearly points out that more than likely USL will maintain D2 status.
  14. Guy can't catch a break. Takes on the Deltas (taking a step up) and then USL becomes D2 and NASL loses it's D2 status. Not only that but I don't think the Deltas will make the move to USL. Maybe, but USL has been courting a lot of California teams and I just don't see them being interested in the Deltas. Which leaves NISA. D3.
  15. Hey I got my tickets! Can't believe the section will be so packed. I am so excited.
  16. I have late notice of two more looking for tickets. If anyone has any let me know! I have PM'd you @hamiltonfan.
  17. My son is about the age where I want him to be playing under a coach who isn't his dad, 8. I will more than likely be signing up for WMSC, at least for now. They are an OPDL club and I like that. They whole organization feels a bit more organized than some of the others available in the region.
  18. Correct. @ReedOnTheGrand, I know that the voyageurs can probably accommodate you but we are open till Friday for tickets.
  19. You can just get tickets too eh? Then you can sit with us!
  20. Bus is on the verge of being sold out for the Canada game September 2nd. So stoked. Going to be a good sized crew.
  21. I thought Ingham was still dealing with concussion stuff.
  22. https://streamable.com/8z9k4 No kidding.
  23. He is connected to the Pillers Family. Sold their shares awhile back for nearly 113 million. Still owns a stake. http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/waterloo-s-piller-sausages-sold-to-b-c-company-1.679161 Would still think he needs more cash though. Although I believe the word is that he has someone.
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