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  1. Would be funny to see a Haiti v Curacao final. That would certainly make Canada, USA & Mexico take a step back...
  2. Is it just me or do you not think the plan was to let Mexico have possession in the first half and maybe even the start of the second half and the bring on a serious attack for the last 30 minutes or so? With a few substitutions and maybe some tired Mexican legs, we could get a result here.
  3. Canada is going to catch Ochoa out before halftime
  4. Mexican fans on this forum or something? Who gives a crap about resumes?
  5. Waiting for a Mexican defender to gift a ball to Canada when Ochoa is out of the net...
  6. Watching the raptors final game I felt just a small percentage of how nervous I am right now.
  7. Anyone think Morgan gets a look later for Tiebert or maybe even Davies? Or perhaps Herdman switches to a 4-4-2 later on and inserts Morgan at LB?
  8. I’m sure he will make an appearance. I can see him subbing in for Johnson at 65-70 mins
  9. Excited to see ZBG at RM. has such amazing pace. Hope he just blows by the competition
  10. Regardless of the result, I love the Herdman always has a definitive strategy.
  11. Figures we play Mexico at altitude... the USA and Mexico get lots of favours.
  12. If Davies does end up on the right side, I would love to see him cut back across the top of the box and drill one from his left foot past Mexico.
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