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  1. I think what's interesting is that David has been brought down in the penalty area at least 3 times. Whether if he were allowed to finish the runs and scored or if he had taken the penalties, he could have at least 3-4 more goals. That puts him in the top 10 - which completely changes the conversation about him for those who only measure his abilities based on his production. The truth is, he makes the team better because most of the team can't service the ball forward - mostly a bunch of players wanting to score. Fortunately/unfortunately, David is one of the only players that can hod up, pass, dribble and score - so he is relied upon to wear other hats because everyone else it pretty one dimensional. I have a feeling that if David were with PSG, he would probably be producing as much as Mbappe.
  2. For the record, I hope his value drops and Bayern swoop in to steal him away. He could learn a lot from Muller. And Muller appears to be a good teacher/mentor to some of the younger guys. I'm sure he will be moving aside within the next couple of years and would fit really well in his role.
  3. It's clear after watching several matches now that the team is better with him on the pitch. Most of his teammates want the glory of scoring so much that they are wiling to do it individually. David clearly is a team player and has modified his game a bit to be more of a CAM where he is holding up the ball, eluding defenders, drawing fouls and putting through balls into open space for the 4 or 5 guys that just want to score. Lille is actually very lucky to have him because he is one of the only players on the team that has the patience and the ability do do this through the middle of the park. Plenty of players have pace and the nose for scoring goals but can not bring the ball forward from halfway to the opposition's box. Something needs to give for the team to gel and not be 11 individuals trying to show their worth. They clearly needs some more unselfish players with more technical talent to be patience hold and look for the right opportunity instead of just tear-assing down the pitch and hope for the best. Most of the players on this team remind me of a highschool team full of track athletes. I think David has had a standout year as he has shown that he is growing in his role, abilities and the mental maturity to not just do what everyone else is doing. He has found a void in the team and is relishing the opportunity.
  4. Wouldn't a loan to a lower table EPL team make more sense? Liverpool would be able to keep a closer eye on him. If he is getting regular minutes with a first team, Liverpool would also have the ability to see how he plays against their first team a couple of times as well. A one year loan to a newly promoted team would probably be welcomed from most sides of the equation.
  5. Same thing with Russel Tiebert. From Niagara Falls and was with TFC a short time. WFC came knocking and the rest is history.
  6. Looks like Mark Watson's jersey - he was number 16 in a Canada vs Australia '94 WC qualification match. They wore some pretty loose kits then - not like the form fitting stuff today.
  7. I personally feel that this was a Vanney move with his hate-on for Canadian talent and his desire to develop American players for the USA. From what I understand, Akinola has lived most of his life here in Canada. If he doesn't want to play for us - then don't. No point in constantly trying to persuade someone who identifies as an American. We have plenty of talent now and it will be much harder for fringe players like this to crack a Canadian squad now. Let the patriotic Canadian players develop the pathway because when a player's heart is with his country, amazing things can happen. Where's Findlay and Bunbury these days? They can't even crack the US squad. Let these non-committed "Canadians" rot. The longer Akinola waits "no time to rush" the worse he will make it for himself. You want in? Show you are committed. Show you are Canadian first. If not, buh bye.
  8. I love Canadian content but I never found Hainault as a dependable CB. He was slow and his marking was rarely on point. I remember watching him in the U-20 WC and opposition turned him inside out on a regular basis. I wish him all the best and I hope he lands in the CPL to finish out his career (on a team other than my York 9).
  9. I believe David Wilcox may have the answer: "You eggheadYou think you've got the world sewed upYou never did learn how to treat a manYou need to eat a slice of humble pieAnd the longer you wait the worse it's gonna taste" Doesn't mention anything about time though sorry...
  10. Pulisic vs Canada in the last match was dreadful. But maybe he is better with better players surrounding him at his club.
  11. It may sound strange but this American team doesn't impress me at all. I feel that most of their players are way overrated (along with the FIFA ranking) and frankly aren't good enough for the self recognition they always seem to conjure up. Even half of these players that are abroad - do they really deserve to be there? I am not impressed with Pulisic at all, same with McKennie or Ariola... the list goes on. Anyway, lets hope we kick their ass! Would be a nice exclamation mark on this part of the campaign.
  12. Starting XI ----------------------David--------------------- Hoilett------------------------------------Davies -------------Kaye-----------Arfield-------------- ----------------------Piette---------------------- ---Adekugbe----Cornelius---Vitoria-----Laryea--- ----------------------Borjan---------------------- At 60-65 mins: Cavallini in for David Osorio in for Kaye Millar in for Hoilett ----------------------Cavallini-------------------- Millar--------------------------------------Davies ----------------------Osorio---------------------- -------------Piette-----------Arfield-------------- ---Adekugbe----Cornelius---Vitoria-----Laryea--- ----------------------Borjan----------------------
  13. Seeing he has a Portuguese background, he might be able to get on with Wolverhampton...
  14. Would be funny to see a Haiti v Curacao final. That would certainly make Canada, USA & Mexico take a step back...
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