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  1. Come on Saskatchewan. Great people in that province deserve a team (or 2). would be so good for the growth of the league. Would he sell the rights for the 2nd team if it takes off?
  2. If I never see those Bobby smyrniotis commercials again it would still be too soon.
  3. No newsletter yet. 😔 unless the headline is “hemp gummies “ , “meet horny women in your area” or “you’re a winner click here” in which case I got several copies in my spam folder
  4. So. Who’s going to watch the euro final and then this game right after? I mean the production value of the telecast should be about the same and the quality of the pitch, refereeing, etc etc. It should be a seamless transition right?
  5. 400+ views. Hopefully that means several hundred people have signed up. It’s a great organization and they’re trying to do things the correct way. So if you haven’t shelled out the 20$ get on it!
  6. The Mexico trip (as well as the Cuba trip the previous cycle and the Belize trip) were organized by Jamie and myself in conjunction with a local supplier. In all three cases it allowed us to block hotel space to ensure we could be together, take deposits so people could hold space and pay in stages and set up things like… Airfare add one from across Canada. side trip to Mexican “small person”wrestling night. Tequila tour. Day trip to pyramids or the aztecs stadium tour in Mexico. Plus arrange the transport to/from the hotel. To/from the game. Set up meeting room. Have drinks night. Have breakfast included etc. Get travel insurance (medical) included. jamie was heavily involved to set up tickets w the csa to ensure we sat in a decent section together and they were great. by working with them the Mexican fa knew we were coming and it smoothed out some of the logistics. the whole section was surrounded by police w riot shields (most fans were pretty good but a few bottles etc were thrown out way) the police around the section is pretty standard from the local stadium/organizers when there is an “official” group of supporters the riot police bus was a happy ending after they messed up by trying to exit us with the Canadian embassy staff we were supposed to wait in the stadium but an over eager staff pushed us out early Jamie and I had a tense moment over that with the head of security and they fixed the mistake I’m proud of the job we did and wish more people could have joined us. But it was a lot (a LOT) of behind the scenes work. The result was amazing and unforgettable though. Cheers to everyone that went. t
  7. Yes. Happy to provide advice but likely not organizing a trip.
  8. Lol. Was more of a reminiscence of last trip than a recommendation of the next one. Costa Rica would be the best choice in my opinion. combination of destination, safety, winnable game, tourism infrastructure, schedule (enough time in advance to plan and organize ) ease of travel time etc etc
  9. Away game in Mexico City? Who knows what could happen. Could end up hiding a loonie in the Mexico team locker room. Or getting escorted home in a riot bus. just saying.
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