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U-20 Camp in Florida


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This result is garbage. What are the qualifications of the coach? These types of results don't incur any repercussions from the CSA ever. 5-1 is simply not acceptable, I don't care who was there and who was missing. I note the u17 USA mens national team played an MLS team to a draw last week ( I forget which team, it was on the MLS website)

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You know, at first I was making excuses, but at some point either this team needs to start playing better or we need to stop booking friendlies against teams that will kick the **** out of us. A house league team, maybe. I don't want to go all Miro Kliment here but Valerio Gazzola was a questionable appointment at the time who's just looking worse and worse.

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The game against T&T is actually this afternoon.


"Canada will face Trinidad & Tobago in a Men’s U-20 International Friendly match on Thursday 10 February 2011. The match kicks off at 15.30 in Sunrise, FL, USA at the Holiday Inn Sunrise.

Canada was originally scheduled to face Trinidad & Tobago in two international matches this week. The two matches were to be played on Wednesday and Friday. The Trinidad & Tobago U-20 team was unable to arrive in USA before Wednesday, so the two-match series was switched to a single match on Thursday."

Match Tracker


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Mirabelli in for Cebara (Mirabelli had a BIG game in the Portugal fc vs Brantford galaxy video I made)

Cobby had been replaced by Pegg about 7 minutes before that, 66th minute still no score.

edit: Pegg scored in the 73rd, 1-0 Canada

edit: Canada wins 1-0,and Ongaro had come on for Jackson

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^^ That's not the group for the tournament.

"One team from each pot will be drawn into one of the four first-round groups in a ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel to be conducted by CONCACAF Deputy General Secretary Italo Zanzi and UNCAF General Secretary Mario Monterrosa."

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We're in Pot A for the U20 draw tomorrow

Pot A: Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, USA

Pot B: Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago

Pot C: Cuba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Suriname


Best case scenario:



Guadeloupe or Suriname

You really have to win your group as you don't want to get Mexico, USA or the host in a must win quarterfinal matchup.

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