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  1. 3 Foothills away games are on Friday. I wonder if every player will be able to travel. I bet that some of them won't do it.
  2. Either way, the season ticket won't be that much. I know by the fact that Michael Cox trains with the team. Only question is, if he will play for them later on?
  3. 6 home game, can't be more than $90, I think
  4. It's really too bad that Vancouver doesn't have PDL team anymore. Foothills PDL starts its training tomorrow, Sat 24. I have no clue where and what time, but I would assume that they are going to use their indoor facility.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, Foothills own land somewhere around Stoney Trail and Peigan Road. I don't know if they have all permits to build new stadium, but for sure something like that is in club's plans. And it's just my SPECULATION, but new venue could be a bridge between PDL and NASL.
  6. Foothills open tryouts will takes place on January 3 and 4 at the clubs training grounds.
  7. It's better to establish something small (PDL), but permanent than big (NASL) and walk out after few seasons. Calgary soccer community needs something for young talented players, and PDL is natural step up for them. I'm happy that Foothills is stepping in and bringing semi pro soccer to us.
  8. Stuart I would like to join your supporter group. Do you organize anything for the Whitecaps game?
  9. Patryk Misik played first half for Slask Wroclaw in friendly game against Naftci Baku. Maybe he should be consider as MNT midfielder?
  10. Ottawa Fury is only club who is not there.
  11. Chenciski is not international level. I would like to see Stillo playing for Canada.
  12. That would be my wish. More players from NASL.
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