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  1. No real link yet, unless you count my own blog, but former CSL defender Hugo Delmaire will play in PDL with the LA Misonerios.Told me himself, is tweeting from LA since a week or so. Also on the Facebook page of the FSQ, they say that young FC Gatineau (PLSQ) goalkeeper, Félix Clapin-Girard, will join Colomiers in 3rd division in France (or maybe 4th division if they get relegated...) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=297364573721697&set=a.222843467840475.1073741827.195926650532157&type=1&theater
  2. And Patrick Friolet from RDS said he was negociating with an MLS team, and when I talked to Marco 2 weeks ago he said he was about to leave for Europe in a week or two... I hope this thing in France is legit, it would be much better than the team he was about to sign with 6 months ago.
  3. Pierre Rudolph Mayard going to Rochester Rhinos acccording to his PLSQ Team
  4. Adam was on the sideline in Mtl...
  5. He left in december, he is now with Atletico de Reguengos in the 4th division in Portugal.
  6. The transfer is finally official. http://t.co/Ekp8gZdl Thanks to Santorro on the Impactsoccer.com board for the heads up! We even have an interview with him. http://audioboo.fm/boos/1181663-andre-hainault
  7. I spoke with goalkeeper Tomer Chencinski for my blog, here is the english version of the intervew. http://www.optimum-soccer.com/2/post/2012/11/5-answers-with-tomer-chencinski.html And here is a video of him in action.
  8. http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/soccer/201112/05/01-4474736-marc-dos-santos-dirigera-un-club-bresilien.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_B4_manchettes_1681898_section_POS1 Marc Dos Santos found himself a job in Brasil. He will coach Primeira Camisa FC. He will start by coaching the U20 at the Copa Sao Paulo before moving on to the senior club in march for the season in the Paulista Série B. This club was started not long ago by Roque Junior and they want to emulate what Ajax is known for.
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