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  1. No real link yet, unless you count my own blog, but former CSL defender Hugo Delmaire will play in PDL with the LA Misonerios.Told me himself, is tweeting from LA since a week or so. Also on the Facebook page of the FSQ, they say that young FC Gatineau (PLSQ) goalkeeper, Félix Clapin-Girard, will join Colomiers in 3rd division in France (or maybe 4th division if they get relegated...) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=297364573721697&set=a.222843467840475.1073741827.195926650532157&type=1&theater
  2. Marco Lapenna is on trial in Troyes (Ligue 2).
  3. I run a new blog for the Quebec Soccer Federation. With the Sochi olympics about to start, Rhian Wilkinson wrote about her olympics experience in London and in Beijing, she also talks about her winter olympics memories. Normally everything on the blog is in french, but I included the english version at the end of the text. hope you like it. http://www.federation-soccer.qc.ca/index.php?option=com_easyblog&view=entry&id=28
  4. Sarah Robins signed with Aland utd in Finland yesterday. http://www.alandunited.ax/News/3359030/Ny-mittfaltare-i-Aland-United?firstRef
  5. Am I right in thinking Julien Latendresse Lévesque is now the number one keeper with Lok. Er erwägt nun, einen weiteren Keeper zu holen. Neue Nummer eins beim Regionalligisten wird aber der bisherige Reservist Julien Latendresse-Levesque, der am Samstag in Delitzsch beim 6:0-Testsieg gegen Oberligist Hallescher FC II bereits im Kasten stand.
  6. And Patrick Friolet from RDS said he was negociating with an MLS team, and when I talked to Marco 2 weeks ago he said he was about to leave for Europe in a week or two... I hope this thing in France is legit, it would be much better than the team he was about to sign with 6 months ago.
  7. Occean will miss the next game against Paderborn, he broke his nose...
  8. No more Ubi, he announced on Twitter last night that he would not be back.
  9. The thread is called a better plan, doesn't that implies that there is a plan? So far it's not a plan, it's just call anyone available at game time. I agree Floro should concentrate on the youngeer guys, he should also give these guys opposition that is closer to what they will face in their next really meanigful game, against the likes of Porto Rico and St-Kitts and Nevis.
  10. Well, Nsaliwa joined Bucaspor after problems getting paid in Greece, so I suppose he did his homework and is getting paid.
  11. Pierre Rudolph Mayard going to Rochester Rhinos acccording to his PLSQ Team
  12. Montreal just signed one of it's Academy kid to a pro contract. Zak Messoudi is now with the team. http://www.impactmontreal.com/en/news/2013/06/montreal-impact-signs-midfielder-zakaria-messoudi-homegrown-player
  13. Brovsky, broken nose, 6 different fractures, had surgery yesterday, won't be able to train for a week. They're waiting to see if there was not a concussion on top of that.
  14. What is not stated in the article is that there are exceptions to this. Each team has a number of players that they can sign from anywhere. That even things out a little bit.
  15. Man of the match Jeb Brovsky, a bloody face, a broken nose, probably a broken cheekbone too, but was able to finish the game before going to the hospital.
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