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  1. So you're saying he's going to Besiktas?
  2. The move to Texas is finally paying dividends! Gonna be spicy in July/August, but luckily NRG and Arlington are indoors
  3. I'm glad I came back to the forum
  4. This is the Voyageur's forum, hyperbole is the preferred figure of speech
  5. I'm not going to go through the 49+ pages of posts to see if my observation was noted, but I think Hoilett's time is almost up. The momentum seemed to stop the second he touched the ball. Held onto the ball too long, bad passes, poor decision making. Looked like a guy who'd been frozen out of his club team and trying to make an impression but seemed to be on a totally different page from the rest of the team.
  6. that's super debatable..... Dortmund is younger and deeper up front than Bayern is... they just don't have Lewandowski (anymore)
  7. I think a top Bundesliga team will pick him up to get Håland 2.0. I also see Sancho leaving Dortmund in the summer and wouldn't be surprised if someone makes an offer for Håland so if he leaves as well Dortmund will be looking for some firepower up front.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if a team in the Bundesliga picks him up to try and land Håland 2.0
  9. Couldn't say any of the goals were directly his fault, first one was a crazy scramble in the box but wouldn't say it was directly on him. Played pretty well but continues to have his 1 or 2 "what are you thinking" moments.
  10. I quickly scrolled through the post-game posts and I didn't see much about how Hoilett seems to be where momentum went to die. His decision making and passing were poor against less than average opposition. I get that players can play down to their competition, but he didn't show anything in that match that made me feel like he should be in the starting 11, as weird as it makes me feel to type that out..
  11. September 4, 2010 - Friendly in TO, Canada 0 - Peru 2 September 7, 2010 - Friendly in Montreal, Canada 2 - Honduras 1 November 13 2015 - WCQ in Vancouver, Canada 1 - Honduras 0 March 29, 2016 - WCQ In Vancouver, Canada 0 - Mexico 3 September 4, 2017 - Friendly in TO, Canada 2 - Jamaica 0 (and a Phonsie red card)
  12. Scored the go-ahead goal in the 64th. Currently 2-2 after an 81st min equalizer. Just scored the game winner in the 95th!
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