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  1. One of the best Canadian soccer interviews I've read in a long time, although some parts were unnecessary in my opinion. I have decided to translate it as literally as possible, without spending too much time and# altering the wording and phrasing too much. I've also omitted certains parts that I thought were redundant. Please let me know if some parts don't make sense! Hope you enjoy it. https://www.985fm.ca/nouvelles/sports/240216/le-rite-de-passage-de-ballou-tabla On a chilly april morning in 1911, a handful of businessmen, politicians and journalists with an affection a
  2. Not CPL (yet?) but Blainville announced 1500 at the game. It was a fun stadium experience overall.
  3. That's wonderful! What would be the easiest way to share them? I can contribute financially if necessary.
  4. Hi, you are probably busy, but if you ever have the time, I would love to get my hands on Montreal's champions league games from 2008, especially : August 27 – Montreal vs Real Esteli (Belize) September 17 – Montreal vs Joe Public (T&T) October 1 – CD Olimpia (Honduras) vs Montreal October 8 – Joe Public vs Montreal I will in turn share them as much as possible. Thanks so much!
  5. Cheers! Thanks a lot for trying.
  6. Hey everyone. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is someone able to record the game for those of us who are unable to watch it live? (yes, I work during the day, what a drag )
  7. Haha yeah, I was looking up info on Appiah before finding the other one. I remembered him from an olympic squad some years ago. He now plays at http://www.lewesfc.com/player/phil-appiah/ On a side note, Anthony di Bernardo has a Youtube channel with some cool goalie training videos
  8. I may or may not have stumbled on a Canadian player, Anthony di Bernardo... Wikipedia lists him as from Canada (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonbridge_Angels_F.C.) but the club's website offers no information on that matter (http://www.tonbridgeangelsonline.co.uk/teams/37863/player/anthony-di-bernardo-1490339) Maybe football manager could be of some help?
  9. ''Son'' does have a small condescendant connotation to me, but in England it may be different. Anyway, what's this thread's topic again?
  10. it was ok, except for the damned yellow thundersticks. Even with all the improvements and new league and everything, the FO still finds ways to make ****ty decisions, like these noise sticks and allowing vuvuzelas.
  11. Wasn't it already decided that the Davies song was not to be used? Also, I think it's reverse: meow meow meow, please please win. Just so people understand it easily
  12. By the way, congrats to Samara for their win in the playoffs...!
  13. It is semi pro, the détails can be found somewhere. Il try to post them soon
  14. I'll probably be coming to one of the games (Honduras?). With Megabus and a Voyageurs ticket it is under 70$, not a bad deal.
  15. Might as well get used to playing on turf, it won't go away.
  16. This is still pretty unsure, I don't have the impression they started recruiting players or whatever. Plus it's in a couple of weeks, so good luck to those working on this.
  17. ^ The whole first floor according to some. that would be what, 80-100 people?
  18. Poor him, having to take a goal like this on his first game. At least they won, how many saves did he make?
  19. Says he will have trials with 3 german clubs this March.
  20. Looks like training equipment. At least it's red, and white.
  21. http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2012/02/03/kick-mullan-wants-meet-zakuani-face-face
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