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  1. Only guessing, but perhaps they initially designed the schedule so the spring champion qualified for the CL, only to be told that Jul 1 was too late by CONCACAF. Then they stuck with it because having Canada Day be the end of the season was too good a marketing opportunity to pass up. I can also understand not wanting the deciding week of your spring season falling in the doldrums of mid July, but from a competitive standpoint, uneven seasons is a real head scratcher.
  2. The decision regarding the CONCACAF League makes even less sense with this new format. The last qualifying game featuring Valour, Forge or Edmonton is only 5 days before the end of the Spring season. If you just wait a week and send your spring champion, they can prioritize CL games over CanPL games in the second half, safe in the knowledge they’ve already qualified for the Final. No guarantee of that now.
  3. Breakdown of Pacific FC by day. Home games in brackets. Saturday 12 (7) Sunday 4 (2) Monday 1 (1) Tuesday 0 Wednesday 10 (4) Thursday 1 (0) Friday 0 That's a lot of midweek games. Also a bit Surprised that there’s no Friday night games.
  4. 26 dates there. 2018 qualifying took 22 match days (24 including the inter-conferation playoffs).
  5. Just this once to set up teams in their initial tiers - presumably because the rankings are inaccurate since many of the teams don't play very often. After that, every iteration of the Nations League will have promotion/relegation between tiers. The qualifying takes place over 4 FIFA windows, with only 1 match per window. We can still schedule Friendlies during the spares. When the NL proper starts (Fall 2019 presumably), League A (12 teams) will use 4 of the 6 match days per team over the 3 Fall windows. League B (16 teams) will use all of the Fall dates.
  6. They will be filled with matches during non-WCQ/Gold Cup years, which is more than we've been able to say for the last few decades. Those matches give us the opportunity to improve our FIFA ranking and not get stuck with a bad pot for WCQ. One of Canada's big disadvantages in qualifying has been because we don't qualify for the Gold Cup, we miss out on all those matches with the high rankings multiplier. The Nations League removes that impediment. There will also be opportunities for friendlies provided we qualify for League A. Since each group only has 3 teams, each team will have 2 bye
  7. Looking at the away grounds, St Kitts should be alright, seeing as they play in the cricket stadium (Warner Park), but that USVI field is rough - complete with baseball diamond. Lionel Roberts Park (USVI) Warner Park (SKN)
  9. I can't believe we're going to be eliminated because we tied the Salvadorean B team.
  10. No way Honduras wants to go into the last game needing a win. Panama isn't as desperate for 3 points (nor should they be), so they're sitting back and waiting for opportunities. Honduras just can't break down Panama is all.
  11. Well said. Just to make sure you've got the right guy, is this the culprit (in the white)? If so, he deserves to have his face known. [ATTACH=CONFIG]783[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]784[/ATTACH]
  12. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned in all the permutations: If we beat Panama on Tuesday and Honduras ties or loses to Cuba, we're through straight up. Unlikely, I know, but this is CONCACAF. Crazier things happen all the time.
  13. I just tuned in 5 minutes before the break. Panama was really pressing hard. Cuban goalkeeper made a very good save to keep it 0-0.
  14. http://bostinno.com/2012/06/12/live-stream-panama-v-cuba-watch-2014-fifa-world-cup-qualifiers-live-online-video/
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