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  1. Thanks for this. I don't have cable or TSN. Anyone aware of other legit ways to watch the game?
  2. You're right about that. This is definitely not our strongest squad. If we're going to look at depth for the octo, though, I would be concerned to see Henry start.
  3. I did not know that Vitoria is suspended. I do recall that he received a yellow earlier in the tourney, but I was not aware of the suspension. Regardless, Henry is not the answer at CB.
  4. If people can honestly say Henry is a top CB for us after that bonehead challenge, we are in serious trouble. I have no idea what Herdman is thinking by leaving Vitoria out for Henry tonight, but this is our only weak spot. I said it before the game and now we're behind. Vitoria has been terrific and you start... Henry? In the biggest game of the tourney thus far? Mind-boggling.
  5. I'm staying positive about this one. It honestly felt like our guys couldn't generate a lot of chances because the ref just let almost every U.S. foul go. And that's not hyperbole. When Laryea gets football tackled in the box, of course he won't be able to get a shot off. That's why the game has rules. They just weren't enforced tonight. Not much you can do about that. We know how Concacaf is. If this was Qatar 2022, VAR is used at the very least. But Concascrap? Crickets. It's an absolute joke. So, under conditions like that, don't get down on yourselves. With David and Davies in the lineup, we're banging in multi-goal leads against the U.S. And unfortunately, because of how bad the officiating is, we can only feel comfortable with multi-goal leads at this point. That's a tall order for any team.
  6. Speaking of chances, we all know the ref denied us the clear chance that would have likely allowed us to draw. It's hard to capitalize on chances you are due but don't get, especially when the other team can get away with persistent and clear fouls. I agree that we missed David and Davies, but I am extremely pleased with what this group did today. With normal officiating or an actual willingness to use VAR, we would not have lost.
  7. I will not criticize the team's performance tonight. Canada dominated this game. Extremely poor officiating is why we lost.
  8. I think recent games have shown that Davies can be highly effective in a LWB or an LM role. He's able to get forward more quickly in that spot. With regard to Adekugbe, honestly, it's hard to argue. Of the defenders we have, he's definitely near the top. I'd just prefer to give Miller some starts since he missed out on WCQ recently and is also one of our better defenders.
  9. I agree, largely. Having Kennedy and Johnston certainly improves things. Is our backline at a level now that can compete with Mexico? I guess we'll find out, and while I am a lot more optimistic now than in the past, I'm hoping the Gold Cup will help us improve further.
  10. Point taken, but what's the solution? Do we go four across the back with a Miller / Vitoria tandem in the middle? I am not as confident in Henry, but he is another option. Or Kennedy moves to the middle in a back four and Miller plays LB. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to matter who we plug into the backline, we're going to have problems with Mexico, the U.S., etc. Kennedy is still the best option for me at LB and Johnston at RB. ZBG did well for the national team recently, but I think he fits better as an RWB like Laryea. Anyway, I really hope our CB situation is resolved before the Octagon so that we can feel more confident about our backline against strong opposition as you said.
  11. Slightly off topic, but since this is a general-discussion thread, I am curious to hear what others think our best 11 currently is going into the Octo. Is it realistic to include Arfield and Hutch? If so, here's what I'm thinking: ----------David-----Larin------- ---------------Arfield----------- --------Eustaquio----Hutch----- Davies--------------------Laryea --Kennedy---Miller---Johnston-- ---------------Borjan------------- CB is debatable of course, but I've always been really impressed with Miller. I suppose 14 games would be a lot to ask of Hutch and others as well, so we'll likely see a very large supporting cast. I had my doubts about Larin in the past, but he has won me over. The goal he scored yesterday was particularly special and demonstrated his talent. Anyway, let me know what you think. Obviously, our bench would be pretty deep.
  12. Canada did much better in the first half than I think anyone would have anticipated, especially without Cornelius. It was a solid defensive effort for the first 55 minutes. I suppose, overall, the result isn't surprising, but there were some real positives to take away from this match. Like the Honduras game, we just couldn't keep up for the full 90. As far as individual performances go, and like many have said, Buchanan, Godinho and Pantemis (minus the gaff yesterday) all had a solid tournament. Tabla showed promise, particularly with his work on Buchanan's first goal against El Salvador. He also played with some much-needed urgency against Mexico. I just wish he would pass a bit more. I also felt ZBG played much better against Mexico than he did against Honduras. Tough break for the ball to come off Montgomery on Mexico's second goal. I thought he played well. I wouldn't hesitate to see Norman and or Bassong dress for us again either. It was really difficult to gauge what Dias could do for us since he didn't play that many minutes, so I'd like to see more of him. I'm not going to bash Biello like many others have, but subbing off Dias against Mexico when we needed a goal was a strange move. That said, I probably wouldn't have changed too much about the starting 11 yesterday. All in all, Canada now has a tremendous amount of depth compared to the past. It will be very interesting to see who can impress on a consistent basis at the senior level.
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