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  1. If we had a capable CB, I'd agree with you. However, our strength is up front, and we need goals. Hoilett would be a great guy to come in, provide a spark and maybe score an early second-half goal.
  2. We need to score, and Herdman puts in another average-at-best defender. Wow.
  3. I think the game may be just out of reach at three, but I agree that the U.S. have capitalized on their chances. That first goal really frazzled Canada, I'm afraid, and they've been playing on the back foot ever since. Our offence is way better than what's on display today. They're just shellshocked because of goals conceded as a result of atrocious defending.
  4. I was really hoping our defensive issues had been addressed, but obviously, that's not the case. Davies is not a defender. The only real bright star on that backline is Laryea. Henry is not the answer at centre back. At midfield, Millar needs more starts, and Hoilett needs more playing time. This is disappointing beyond words.
  5. Like many have already said, this was an excellent performance by Canada. The win is exactly what the team needed to distinguish itself from squads of the last decade and to show it can compete as a top team in Concacaf. Canada's last win against the U.S. may have been in 1985, but we were robbed in 2007. For me, the win tonight was retribution for that Gold Cup loss, and we didn't need a ref to bail us out. Great job to the whole gang.
  6. I wasn't. I was responding the the suggestion that the wife was making it up. Hey, I don't know either of these two. I just get the sense that Will is a bit of dick. If this happened to Hutch I would kill the fool who suggested he was to blame. Stupid bias of a fan, but that's how it goes. WJ refuses call-ups, mocks supporters, gets traded frequently and, as you suggested later, is probably overrated. I'm not going to rush to his defense. Well, I still chuckled at the Deliverance reference.
  7. Who knows what really happened, and frankly, who cares. WJ, for me, has always been overrated. Lack of presence, and he gets pushed off the ball way too easily.
  8. Guys, I'm sure youllneverwalkalone was just joking.
  9. Agree - James is a must against a team that fast. Thought De Jong had a pretty solid game. I really thought Vitoria and Jakovic were our best CBs, but I'm really not sure after today. Maybe it really should be James and Jakovic... Man, we need help in the back.
  10. They should have subbed out Teibert and put in Osorio instead of AJH. AJH is another one who does not have a future on this team, IMO.
  11. Hoilett MOTM for Canada, and honestly, one of our best players at this tournament. He kept us in it at the end. Our guys just couldn't finish.
  12. Pretty disappointing half, to be honest. Larin is having a hard time fitting in. Arfield, uncharacteristically, has wasted some precious set plays. Good runs from Petrasso, but he's been inconsistent. The team looks sluggish. They're having a hard time connecting on passes. Lots of giveaways. We need much better in the second.
  13. I too believe strongly that we can win Thursday, but that doesn't mean I'll stay silent about corruption. Canada, of course, will have to overcome playing in the heat and in hostile environments purely because of this region's geography. I get that. I also get that we'll have to overcome poor officiating, extreme embellishment that goes unpunished and rigged group draws, which are pretty much customary in CONCACAF. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't point these things out when they happen.
  14. Glad it's indoors. My bad. I still think the time change says a lot about CONCACAF, though. As the original poster pointed out, they think having Mexico play in the second game will bring in more revenue, and therefore, didn't waste a second to change times around. Makes me wonder what else they'd be willing to do... Hmmmmm (flashback to USA vs Canada, Gold Cup 2007).
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