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Cuba-Canada in game thread (R)

Free kick

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I thought some players looked nervous in the first 15 minutes as there first touch was not absorbing the ball. As the game went on they looked more and more relaxed on the ball. Much better passing toward the end of the half.

1 Goal shoud do it.

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Thought at teh half:

- Cuba is terrible team. It would be shame to not get three points in this game.

- Dero was our best player. Deguz was good and a central D looks good.

- we got a better as the half wore on but we could not put chock hold on them because of our spotting distribution.

- i wish we would have played half backs with more pace and ability to push fwd.

Hahaha how trashed are you right now?

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And in fact seem more motivated right now than Canada does. We could have used that 1-0 by De Ro it seems if Cuba DOES start to press (if they are capable of it...given that last chance, I almost bit my fingers off for lack of nails)

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