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  1. Love Piette, but MAK's got greater upside.
  2. Looked very good for first 30 minutes. Looked poor in the second half. Long ways to go still. Not convinced they've got the horses...
  3. Did not know he played the wing for Peru. Very interesting!
  4. Yeah, like several MLS teams, Seattle included, I also get the feeling MDS will add a player or two in the summer. He will see how far he can take this team, with this system, then start tweaking. Anyone else want to see Reyna in the center of the pitch? I do! I think he is lost on the wings.
  5. Well, while I think you are being a bit harsh, I am not sure I disagree in principle. He certainly does not look like a game-changer, that is for sure. My guess is that In-beom, Erice and Tiebert will occupy the midfield for most of the year, with Felipe and Rose coming on as subs. Not convinced the 4-3-3 is working yet (because it ain't), but I am still giving this team four or five more games before I start freaking out. The backline was very good last game, and the entire team defended well as a cohesive unit, so there are some not insignificant positive things to note, but we are very poor moving forward. One step at a time, and all that jazz...but we need to start seeing cohesion going forward (soon). I expect we'll see real improvement on Friday!
  6. Gritty result! We're going to need to grind out many more like this, until this squad really finds its mojo. The backline was mostly excellent last night, with Henry clearly MOTM for the Caps. Crepeau was good but seemed a bit at sea on a few of the crosses. Midfield ran their asses off, but we were not cohesive going forward. Inserting Reyna and Inbeom will improve things considerably. Worried about Montero, but I've a feeling he'll turn this around big time once we build proper cohesion through the midfield. But you'd think Ardaiz would be the better guy to start if you wanted a hulking target to hit. Big take away: Henry is getting better and better! Being forced to play out of the back will only do good things for his game, and he even pulled off a couple of tricky bits of footwork. Playing with a guy like Godoy, who has silky skills, will also be a plus for Henry. Again, I saw some nice moments in possession last night, but the team did give the ball away cheaply on too many occasions. Overall a solid result against an excellent team. Could have snatched the winner at the end, but MDS will have to wait a bit longer for his first MLS win. Adnan is exciting, to say the least!
  7. Yes, and Drew Moor is the key piece in the back, in so much as he is the organizer they need. Not impressed with Ciman at all so far. He will be second choice all season, barring injury to Moor and Mavinga
  8. I know it is early, but this team looks legit. And to think reinforcements are on the way too! I know the story will be Pozuelo tonight, but several guys looked excellent, including Oso.
  9. Totally agree. (And to be clear, I was right there, with a perfect view of the play.) Maybe the word I used to describe the pass--i.e. "casual"--was not the right one. Cocky might be more apt. It was a pass into a dangerous area, for sure. Aloyol is right: I am glad this happened in this game. Let's clean up this silly stuff as quickly as possible. (We need more friendlies.)
  10. No, he was too casual on the initial pass to Piette. Borjan could have cleared that to the wings, not back to the middle of the pitch.
  11. Yeah, Piette is not solely to blame for the goal. Borjan was far to casual on this play.
  12. Just to be fair to Osorio, maybe he was upset with his own performance. (Seems unlikely, but we don't really know why he looked so pissy.) I tend to think he needs to grow up a bit more and become a proper professional but I will give him time to get there. But 100% Arfield wouldn't pull a hissy fit.
  13. Please don't go, Spitfire! I don't envy you this challenge, but as dads still figuring out this parenting thing I think we need to remember there is no parenting manual that applies to all situations, so we have to forgive ourselves if we don't always get things 100% right. As my dad used to tell me: keep your pecker up, son! This was but one game on your journey.
  14. Fixed it. (But you knew I meant Mexico anyways, no?)
  15. I think we're being a bit harsh on Rusty. (Just got back from the game.) He was solid in possession, had a couple of very effective passes going forward, and was tidy in defence and positioning. He is not a game-changer, no, but he isn't SO far off other guys in the squad (and he has a much better attitude than Osorio). I though Osorio was okay. As guys like David and MAK develop, and when Arfield is back, it is hard to see how a guy like Osorio will see much of the field. JGB had a solid game. And he is still just a kid. David was great and can still get better. Would have liked to see Kaye in the middle the entire game, but was happy to see Hutch one more time. But, yeah, this team needs more games together. Really wish Millar had been subbed on! We are making real strides forward. We're still a long ways from being able to get results against the US and Mexico, but I feel that we are getting really close to Honduras and Costa Rica (and Panama?) Strong turnout, great crowd, solid performance--one brain fart away from a complete game. One note: Arfield's importance to this team will only become that more apparent as Hutch steps down. We need a clear leader, and Scotty is the right guy for the job. (I respect Hoillet, but he farts around too much sometimes, and we need a captain who can talk to a guy like that AND get the most out of him.)
  16. Any word if the dome will be open this pm? It is overcast, but it is high cloud and very bright. And, by FG standards, it is practically winter out there. (What with all the apple and cheery trees in blossom, and all.) My weather app says 7 degrees, which seems about right. Any word on likely attendance. 10K? The Beaver and his extended beaver family will be there in full voice. Looking forward to this. Vive le Canada!!
  17. I hope that Millar notches one, too, if only because Spitfire is making the long journey to Vancouver--his first to this city in a quarter of a century--and his boy is due for a goal. The cherry trees are blossoming, daffodils are in full bloom, and our lads are going to score a bushel of goals.
  18. Looking forward to seeing David and Miller and Hutch and Cavallini! And I hope MAK and Piette see the field.
  19. And, in truth, it is probably too soon to scrap his plan anyways. This was always going to be a transitional year but I am curious to see how patient everyone will be, including the fans, players, coaching staff and FO.
  20. Disappointed Davies won't be there--and Arfield--but I am excited to see this game. I will be there with 5 others. It is too sunny and warm here all of a sudden. The casual fans will be too distracted by the spring weather to buy tickets. They will be flexing and maxing at Kitts beach like the wankers they are!)
  21. I am also not convinced MDS had got all the horses he needs yet, but there were some good signs last game. Let's be honest: We gave goals away on very poor defensive errors. I am not convinced the formation is working either. We'll see how it evolves, but a guy like Montero never has success without a strike partner, or at least somebody tucked in behind him. Reyna, to me, is not well-used on the wing. Those two--Montero and Reyna--had great chemistry two years ago, but Reyna played in behind Montero. Maybe we need to consider more of a 4-4-1-1 Once everyone is healthy, something like: Crepeau Nerwinski Godoy Henry/Khimiri Adnan Lass Erice Inbeom Tiebert/Vanutto Reyna Montero --And I would give Reyna and Inbeom the freedom to move around in the midfield, to be very dynamic.
  22. Cynical foul. That's the sort of tackle where the culprit fully expects to get a red. Should have been a no-brainer.
  23. Perfect timing: Kid is going to be in great form heading into the match against French Guiana. And I will be there to watch him!!
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