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  1. Was feeling crushed after Thursday but back to feeling positive. Nothing lost and we can do this... I'd like to see us play defensive tomorrow with as much of a B squad that we can cobble together at this point. If we have a shot at a point/3 points with 30 mins left throw the kitchen sink at it. Based on what we saw at the Gold Cup, the subs we have can keep it close. No reason to chase a game that we don't need to win. If we loose nothing lost and we can focus on El Salvador which is the must win. If we go for this game it is just an ego thing that could really hurt us on Wednesday. We are thin on options up front aren't we? (when we played 5 attackers on Thursday with few subs made and our other called forward is coming off injury)
  2. 1. Hutchinson (voted for him back in 07, still our best in red) 2. Cyle Larin (we have a Canadian not name DeRo scoring 14 goals in the MLS, who would have thunk) 3. Ricketts (Haven't been following the across the pond action much so can't say if there is someone more deserving, but Ricketts has had a surprising effect in Toronto)
  3. Hutchinson has always been my favourite and de Guzman's passion was always great. I missed seeing him play in Honduras again. Cheers to them for the great memories, here is hoping we'll see a lot more of them in other roles.
  4. If I remember correctly, he was always a fringe player at the Championship level that happened to start scoring big goals. Wasn't Norwich in League 1 when he helped them promote? Then they went up a level and he became a bench player until the end of the season when again he scored some big goals. But the constant struggle to find playing time and the amount of time he spent in the lower leagues suggests he was never a great player. A clutch player with a lot of heart, but not a star by any means. I know he got time in the Premier League and scored, but again he was on the fringe. I was always a big fan so hope he finds a team.
  5. I don't buy all this about him wanting to concentrate on his club career. If I recall, when Jamie Peters was spending time on the bench and in the reserves for Ipswich, he still showed up when called. Did it hurt his career? Has he, as Cheeta suggested about Edgar, lost his football career because he was a retard and played for Canada? I'm sure the same can be said for many other players. The fact is David Edgar has zero caps for the senior team, didn't show up for Olympic qualifiers, and hasn't played since the U-20 World Cup. This has to be more than a club issue, the guy doesn't have a desire to play. And if that is the case, I say we have players that want to put on the red and white. David should beg to be let back on the team before Hart gives him another call. That is one position we are strong at and Edgar cleary has no right to the spot.
  6. The Bosnia fans seem more than pleased.
  7. And listen to the upcoming Canuck Report to hear an in depth preview of Begovic's season from an AFC Bournemouth fan. Sorry, just had to plug that. Is there a video of Hume's goal? Edit: YouTube rocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdsKbH--yFQ
  8. Asmir Begovic starts for Bournemouth against Doncaster. 0-0 in the 20th something minute. Iain Hume started for the foxes, and wow, he scored in the 15th minute. Good one! Leicester 1 - 0 Watford
  9. Perhaps gator was talking about the Under-23s? I believe I have heard that age level before for Holland.
  10. I don't know if this has been talked about before, but Marcina's move makes a lot of sense: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_Knights_FC On 13 December 2006, strong rumours resurfaced that the FFA was considering the revocation of the Knights' licence to compete in the A-League. It quickly became clear that, with five weeks remaining in the current season, the FFA fully intended to reclaim the licence from the Knights [5]. The FFA had continued to express angst at low attendance numbers, poor on-field performance and the lack of domestically developed players (ibid). Late on 14 December, the FFA announced that it had revoked the competition licence held by the Knights' owners. An arrangement with NZ Soccer will see the national body step in to manage the club for the remaining five weeks of the regular season, with former All Whites player Ricki Herbert to fill the role of Head Coach . Effectively the Knights ceased to exist on 21 January when the final match of the season was played against Perth Glory. The FFA called for applicants to field a new New Zealand team in the competition for the 2007-08 season. There were three initial bids, but after a merger and withdrawal, a joint Wellington-Palmerston North consortium appears most likely to be the successful licensee. James Wadsworth http://canuckreport.blogspot.com/
  11. Any chance of Alen Marcina playing for Puerto Rico in the summer, then moving back to the A-League or a better league when the USL season ends? James Wadsworth http://canuckreport.blogspot.com/
  12. It sounds like he was happy that Alen Marcina was getting called up by the Canadian national team. A very unselfish thing for him to say. He must really like the guy. James Wadsworth http://canuckreport.blogspot.com/
  13. The USL season starts in April, when does the A-League end? James Wadsworth http://canuckreport.blogspot.com/
  14. You may see no change in thinking, you see something. And that, at least, is a good sign.
  15. BringBackTheBlizzard, that issue could have been the braking point. But I feel the real issue is that Canada has not gone to the World Cup under Pipe.
  16. Yeah, very clear he has no love for Kevan Pipe.
  17. Bob Iarusci just said "20 years too late." Poor Kevan...
  18. As most of you know, the Soccer Show on the Fan 590 (which just started) will be talking about this. www.fan590.com
  19. If the CSA can get the right man to replace him, this could be another huge step for Canadian Soccer. Tom Wright! Tom Wright! Tom Wright!
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