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  1. Can confirm that those stands were uncovered 4 years ago. Montpellier had three sides roofed then. (I got chased into the corner by rain when I was there, too)
  2. https://www.concacaf.com/en/video/cwc-2018-cuba-v-canada-highlights That's how you celebrate 10+ goals Also FIFA rankings lol
  3. Netherlands scored at 90+2'. 70% possession for Netherlands, so is NZ bunkering?
  4. Another option (which I visited some years ago) to the east is Aigues-Mortes, what used to be the entrance to the inland shipping for eastern France. The beaches in that vicinity (Grau-du-Roi) are pretty nice. But this still requires a car.
  5. Yeah, this has been our experience as well. The parents are very active in reaching out to the recruiters starting early (the girls I've known who got verbal commitments did so in grade 9 for soccer or field hockey). There are myriad ways to get around these recruiting rules (or, in the parlance of hockey in Ontario, "tampering"). A favourite is to host invitational practices or tournaments... And by chance bump into parents on the sidelines.
  6. Most if not all of these girls who have NCAA in mind have been committed to their particular school since grade 9. I know, for instance, that some Ontario EXCEL girls who would be contemporaries of this group just had their "signing party" for formally accepting their scholarship. I suppose you could always get an upgrade at this time if NCAA scouts poach. Don't know if they do that or if there's an honour system in place. But if the players have made it to the national team they've had their academic choice lined up for a long time now.
  7. Yeah I am aware of the skew based on when the start of the year is for competitive cohorts; the question was a bit facetious to be honest. I did think part of what we were trying to do with LTAD was to spread that out, and give the birthdate-disadvantaged a bit more of a chance... But clearly any such efforts are not being reflected in this squad (if they in fact exist). England experiences it for the months of September through December because their age categories start on Sept 1 instead of Jan 1 as we have. https://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/18891749
  8. I'm not really commenting on the skill surrounding her (I understand your liking Shaw, and I've been impressed as well) so much as the temperment of the team. (As I am coaching girls this age in ringette right now, I have a bias as to how I interpret interactions between teammates) I see a team that reacts to Huitema's presence in a way that to me says they believe she is their leader. She's having to accept that responsibility. That's the development opportunity that I was referring to.
  9. What are the odds that of the entire roster none are born in September-December?
  10. Yeah, think what Jordyn will be able to bring to the senior setup with the leadership role she's assumed on this team. Between her and Jessie Fleming the future leadership looks strong.
  11. Yeah, I'm guessing that I've lost my $50. Unless they call those who signed up to offer a better deal, I'm just going to reallocate my money into the seat relocation at TFC. I'm not a person who's going to hang out in the supporters section full time and wouldn't want to be a tourist there. And I doubt I'll be paying $400 per seat for an unreserved bleacher seat.
  12. So, the only part I'm questioning in your post is that you're paying half price at TFC! Are your seats in the south end? I know I'm paying about the same level for TFC that Y9 is looking for, and I am having a hard time getting my head around that (also coming from RH).
  13. Can't say the thought hadn't occurred to me. I saw the tweets first and I was actually kind of glad the two events were being promoted in the same thread. Honestly I'd love if there was quid pro quo, with some suggestion of interplay between the teams. Say, Oso promoting the WWCQ tournament followed by Jessie doing a spot for the Dominica game.
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