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  1. It's time to flush down the players we don't need and bring in the younger players and let us see them develop! Here we come Qatar!
  2. Looks like San Marino would give us a run for our money - CLASH OF THE TITANS!
  3. I think Hart's a great personable person but he has to go. The decisions in this match are just messed. Why De Jong not starting? Why is Ledgerwood playing when he's getting NO TIME at club level! Put on Cavallini and Bernier and De Jong in my opinion!
  4. I'm sad to announce that Canadian men's soccer and I are getting a separation. I can't take the complications and continual heartbreak which I've endured over the years. I hope this relationship can be fixed but quite frankly things are looking bleak. Off to my room to sulk.
  5. Any V's out there interested in drafting up a Voyageurs inspired Phillip's Bakery T-shirt?
  6. Honestly, I tried explaining to him about us Canadian fans being a fan of his bakery but I really felt like he wasn't grasping the whole thing that well. Confused by the radio ad and why I was showing so much interest haha. We need a group of us to go down there I'd feel and show a presence - this would be a true demonstration of our love for his whole wheat loafs and baked goods - not to mention his amazing radio ad.
  7. Yes Phillips Bakery does exist and I have been there. It's a small little bakery in the central part of Kingstown. I did speak with the owner and professed how us voyageurs love his bakery yet he seemed a little bewildered by the whole thing. That said I've seen this voyageurs shrine with my own eyes!
  8. Just saw on his wiki page that he is now with AEK Larnaca. Perhaps this has already been mentioned here or this is false. Anyways just thought I'd see what the other V's thoughts on him coming back into the lineup moving forward. As I recall he did offer a good degree of pace on the wings. Cheers
  9. Yessssss!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  10. We can't be so wasteful in possession and sit back. I know it's hard with 10 men but Cuba will pounce I feel and may tie this game up!
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