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  1. 1. Hutchinson (voted for him back in 07, still our best in red) 2. Cyle Larin (we have a Canadian not name DeRo scoring 14 goals in the MLS, who would have thunk) 3. Ricketts (Haven't been following the across the pond action much so can't say if there is someone more deserving, but Ricketts has had a surprising effect in Toronto)
  2. Hutchinson has always been my favourite and de Guzman's passion was always great. I missed seeing him play in Honduras again. Cheers to them for the great memories, here is hoping we'll see a lot more of them in other roles.
  3. Why is this a thread? There is a discussion for the game, no need to go and post the result in a thread title.
  4. Oh, well... lol. That is the best news I've heard all week! (reminder to always check time zones)
  5. Did anyone happen to record the game? Missed it and would love to watch before seeing the result.
  6. If I remember correctly, he was always a fringe player at the Championship level that happened to start scoring big goals. Wasn't Norwich in League 1 when he helped them promote? Then they went up a level and he became a bench player until the end of the season when again he scored some big goals. But the constant struggle to find playing time and the amount of time he spent in the lower leagues suggests he was never a great player. A clutch player with a lot of heart, but not a star by any means. I know he got time in the Premier League and scored, but again he was on the fringe. I was al
  7. Olivier Occéan has six goals in 29 matches for Canada. Most, if not all, coming against minnows (weaker opposition than what was faced in the Gold). Larin already has half as many goals as him in only 9 matches. I don't see Olivier Occéan all of a sudden becoming a goal scoring threat.
  8. Oh wow... I guess that is why Morgan will be on the bench the rest of this season. Awful.
  9. Really hard to get excited for any future tournaments watching this. Could be a long rebuilding time.
  10. Could be a long night... but we're still here after Honduras. So... come on Canada! Put up a fight is all I'm asking for.
  11. I really enjoy Jason de Vos and Luke Wileman. Jason's ability to talk about tactics, in particular, is refreshing.
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