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  1. Can we send him an official Voyageurs invitation letter?
  2. He waited out the QPR offer after analysing all the other choices, to bigger and better clubs that are not in a relagation battle. The most important factors seemed to be coach, and the team. The QPR decision was similarily slow and methodical. He very obviously is doing the same thing with national allegiance. The difference with national sides is that he clearly has more time and liberty to decide where to play. This thread may very well get to 150 pages until we know.
  3. Apparently Sunderland are back in the picture... http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/9795706.Sunderland_to_rekindle_their_interest_in_Hoilett/
  4. Better that then have your heart broken every 4 years on penalty kicks or dumb red cards... (sorry couldn't resist).
  5. Regards to Radz. I kind of feel he was trying to make up for the past in the last WCQ round he played. If that were the case, perhaps a little too late but I respect him for the effort.
  6. The latest on JH. His Dad was talking to Sportsnet - JDG2 and he have not talked (yet). http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/2011/11/30/doyle_blog/
  7. Thanks for that. Holy @#$% that's a pile 'o snow. Is Dichiara #20?
  8. Article about Jr. http://www.givemefootball.com/premier-league/16-5m-toon-and-spurs-target-like-united-starlet £16.5m Toon and Spurs target ‘like United starlet’ Tottenham, Newcastle – Contract talks continue to stall for Junior Hoilett By Vanessa Keller October 14, 2011 Sam Allardyce has compared Junior Hoilett to Manchester United starlet Phil Jones, saying the Canadian has courage, commitment and desire to achieve big things with his footballing career. “I had a nickname for him when [Jones] first came through. I called him John Terry. He had all those qualities that Terry has, even at a young age: commitment, desire, courage... all those things. He was also a very good footballer,” Allardyce said. “It's a huge bonus when you come into a club like I did and you find someone like that waiting for you. I first noticed him when he used to come up with some of the other academy players and play in training games against our first team. “Players like him and Junior Hoilett would come up from time to time.” Hoilett has starred for Blackburn since moving to the club 2010, and after attracting attention from bigger English clubs, and with his contract running out in January, the youngster has not yet agreed to a new deal with Rovers. Tottenham have long had their eye on Hoilett, and are believed to be waiting in the hopes to avoid paying up the 21-year-old’s £16.5 million release clause, according to the Daily Mail. Newcastle are also said to be interested, with the club on a tight budget despite selling Andy Carroll last January for a British transfer record fee of £35 million. Both Tottenham and Newcastle will be monitoring Hoilett’s contract situation very closely. While Tottenham are able to offer European football to the Blackburn man, along with the possibility of qualifying for the Champions League, Newcastle reportedly believe that with the size of their club, Hoilett’s head might be swayed toward St James’ Park
  9. Let's get this thing started with predictions. I (like most of you) will be a homer and predict the following... Canada 1 Macedonia 0 Friend (76th minute)
  10. Would it be fair to say that he may be misleading people on this side of the border? Having said that - I certainly hope its not true. G-damn Dale Mitchell and his lack of forsight. Should have played Begovic in Jamaica! This is incredibly frustrating.
  11. Can somebody please tell me why Asmir was not called for Gold Cup action? He's just played in the Premiership!! Is there a good reason for no Gold Cup call??
  12. Je suis d’accord. Il y a probablement beaucoup de gens ici (Anglophone) qui est capable de parler en français, mais, c’est également difficile de écris en français. Je suis un exemple parfait. Mais je voudrais remercier toutes le francophones qui font les plusieurs efforts pour parler en anglais dans même contexte. Je ne sais pas pourquoi nous anglophones étais pas capable de fait le même. C’est probablement plus facile pour tout le monde.
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