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  1. ^No kidding. OK - if we are talking superstitions - that was on my birthday. What a gift. Not my b-day tomorrow so bodes well right?
  2. This article brings back the pain, but also the hope. I had a tough time continuing to support after 'that' game. Rarely posted here but often lurked. Canadians are resilient, we are strong, and we don't forget. To the members of the CMNT - we believe in you. Avenge 'that' game and come back home to Vancouver and throttle El-Salvador on your turf. We shall meet you there. http://www.torontosun.com/2016/08/31/reflecting-on-canadas-soccer-humiliation
  3. Will Hope Solo call us cowards if we get a 0 - 0 draw?
  4. Can we send him an official Voyageurs invitation letter?
  5. Anyone having issues with registering for BeIn sports? I've registered (twice) - never receive the confirmation email. Registered via the Canadian (US) site.
  6. ^several middle fingers went up (that I saw). Would not have been fun as a Honduran walking past the V's - they were viciously heckled as they walked off the pitch.
  7. ...scene of the crime where I got hooked on all this BS... (old)....
  8. I will bring another as well. We are old but wise and will be checking cleats.
  9. Nothing booked yet. Somewhere downtown.
  10. I'd play... Why not? Fly in at 12:30 so not sure of timing.
  11. Just a tip - browse anonymously. Travel search engines plant the cookies and then increase your price the more you search the same destination. Does anyone know where pre-game pub and/or march will be from? Want to plan my hotel - $200 or less.
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