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CAN v. BLR: Media Coverage

Toronto MB

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Hi All,

I thought I'd leave you guys hanging a bit longer for this one, but yes I will be on-site in Antalya, Turkey for the match.

You know the drill by now, if you have any questions that you would like asked feel free to post them in this thread, and as always your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

Here is a run-down of what you can expect:

MONDAY 28th, PREVIEW COVERAGE (Posted throughout the day):

RedNation Online:


- Preview print story

- Player/manager video interviews

Canadian Press:

- Preview print story distributed to the majors

CSA YouTube:


- Player video interviews

TUESDAY 29th, MATCH COVERAGE (During and after the game):

RedNation Online:

- Post-match print story

- Post-match player/manager video interviews

Canadian Press:

- Post-match print story distributed to the majors

CSA and CSA YouTube:


- In-match coverage (details TBA)

- Post-match player video interviews

It remains unclear whether or not there will be a stream of the match at this point, I will try and find our more on that front in the coming days.

Thanks as always for the support.


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Great to hear you're making the trip. Some questions for Hart, if I may suggest a few:

-Which players did you scout personally in Europe on your most recent trip? What did you think of Pacheco's playing level?

-Was Dunfield considered for this match? Did De Jong and Jakovic decline the call-up?

Good luck and have fun.

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Hey All,

Suffered a bit of a 'mare this morning as my camera glitched out and I have to reformat the drive just after the shoot this morning at training. So all video was lost I'm afraid, sincere apologies to all, as you can imagine it was particularly frustrating timing.

Thankfully all issues have been sorted, and will be able to shoot post-match reaction tomorrow.

The print stuff is up though:



And I just appeared on The Footy Show talking more in-depth about the camp, the Gold Cup and more...


Apologies again for the vids, but I can tell you the team is looking as sharp as I've seen them, and the boys are all juiced up by the news of the USA match in June.


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Excellent work as always Max, asking the questions that need to be asked, thank you very much.

I guess we found out the reason for Kluka's "personal reasons" absence. Sounds like it may have been a difficult pregnancy or a first one. Either way, as was stated, family comes first. I thought it might have been a divorce but am happy for him it is the exact opposite. Good luck to them.

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My understanding is that kick-off is at 5PM local, which is 10AM EDT and 7AM PDT.

Turkey just switched onto daylight savings time last night, so we should now be 7 hours ahead of Toronto (GMT +2).

No live feed as far as I know, so your best bets are Canada Soccer Twitter or Gerry Dobson will be running a live blog of sorts on the Sportsnet web-site.

I would provide live updates but unfortunately I have my hands full already during the match.

Looking forward to getting you guys those post-match video though, apologies again for today.

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Max, not sure how much electronic storage space you have for your video cam, but could you take any extended video footage of the match and perhaps compile some type of match in 6 minutes type thing? Better yet would be Match in 60 Minutes but I'll be realistic and only demand something you probably didn't bank on anyone asking for :P

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