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  1. Good question. I really hope the reserve game yesterday was not an indication of what is to come. For some unknown reason Montreal seems to be the only MLS team that has trouble in Toronto. That has to end.
  2. Just got back from the game, wow! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would ever win like that. I have to admit, my heart was racing when Earnshaw hit the post. The crowd was great. I love night games for the crowds. Next up: Vancouver
  3. Big time respect to the Ultras. We in the 127 were all too happy to take part (even though it didn't show much because of our numbers) in the protest. I can't wait for the supporter group evening with Joey in the fall to tell them what I think.
  4. I have gotten a few comments/questions at work about the team. People are curious, but I don't think many people have been converted. There is still so much work to be done. I will be satisfied if there are at least 18500 for every game at Saputo.
  5. I guarantee that most people heard the Ultras and not you guys. The only time I heard you guys was when you scored. I could hear the Ultras most of the game. And yes, the Big O sucks, but would you have rather played outside yesterday? I'll bet the atmosphere at the Rogers Centre sucks too, unless completely full.
  6. After seeing Vancouver vs Toronto, and now Montreal vs Toronto, The V-Cup should be really tight this year.
  7. Even with 38000, the Big O sucks. The Ultras did their best, but the crowd was pretty quiet. The TFC support was quiet, except when Earnshaw scored. Toronto is definitely better than last year, but so are we. Can't wait to go down to the Rogers Centre with a big crowd from Montreal next season.
  8. I think it was genius to say out west for the week in between the Seattle and Portland games. Flying back and forth is hard, and so is readjusting to time differences. New York flew back in between their two games, and it didn't work out well for them.
  9. Here is an article where I interviewed Colin Miller 2 weeks ago. I asked him about the last 2 friendlies, some of our young players, and about the future of the program. Enjoy, and please post any comments you have, but remember, I am not a pro, just a fan! http://www.theuniondues.net/2013/02/22/canadian-fans-patience/
  10. Not sure about that. Rivas, Ferrari, and Nesta will see more playing time than Ouimette. But of course, with that bunch, injuries will happen.
  11. I'm not convinced. I think getting rid of Marsch was a bad idea. It was to appease the Eurosnobs. We did pretty damn well for a first-year team.
  12. Generation Adidas contracts do not count towards the salary cap. That's an extra incentive for a team to draft him.
  13. You can't have red on our jersey, it's the colour of our fiercest rival. I'm sure TFC fans would never accept blue on their jerseys.
  14. Expansion of the reserve league simply means more games. More games can be achieved 2 ways, more games against other MLS reserve teams, or games against NASL teams.
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