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  1. **SPEEDMONK, PLEASE, PLEASE E-MAIL ME** I would really appreciate it. Thanks, MB
  2. I've been quite impressed by the little I've seen from De Jong. Considering his youth he offers a much more long-term option at LB/LM than Jazic and Brennan. He is an excellent crosser of the ball and with his pace I think he may offer our best cover for DeRosario on the left wing. I don't know where this Holland info has emerged from. His father posted on the board a while ago stating how excited Marcel was to play for Canada. He is already getting regular minutes and taking set-piecies in the Eiredevisie so the future is bright. I want him in the 18 man squad come WCQ.
  3. After taking some time to read through most of this thread, and allowing the concept of a new CSF to sink in for a few days, here are some thoughts for whatever its worth: 1. While the CSA is obviously inept and an impediment to any kind of real progress, they are still a million dollar association with some long-standing experience and procedures. Yes they are doing a bad job. Yes the system for governance needs to be revamped. Yes there needs to be a greater focus on the national teams, from professional development to hands on management. And yes I believe the accountable executives need to have their positions terminated. That being said: I simply don't see the creation of a new federation/association to be the most effective and realistic way to resolve the problems with soccer governance and development in Canda. 2. Recently there has been a spattering of anti-CSA media, which in combination with the Deloitte review that was informally released, creates a semi-legitimate awarenesss of the CSA's ills. However, this does not nearly stack-up to a properly commisioned and directed review such as the Crawford report in Australia. My belief is that a group of well meaning soccer advocates, with basically no funding or resources can not successfully topple the CSA and effect positive reforms. Perhaps a much more powerful decision would be to pursue an independant review of the CSA authored by a combination of government, private sector accounting and technical soccer representatives. (The Crawford report does lay a good blueprint for us here) 3. I just wanted again to applaud Dino and co for taking some leadership on the issue and opening the concept up for public debate. I will be in England watching Hume, Bircham, Jackson and Peters next week, so I won't be in attendance but I encourage all others to be there if possible.
  4. To VP and those with questions regarding the chosen committee for this group. It would seem that no matter the combination of people suggested or chosen for a non-CSA administration, there will alaways be naysayers. What is important is that I know that all of these listed figures have a genuine interest in Canadian Soccer. That is an important start. Kudos on some interesting preliminary ideas. I will let it sink in for a day or two.
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