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  1. What the fucking fuck is this shit.
  2. A colleague of mine has a relationship with many of the Jamaican players. They didn't want to play this match at all, there was dispute over being paid and such.
  3. FYI the plan is to go to 16 teams next tournament. So we're going to have 4 groups to have matches for. More reason for games to be held elsewhere.
  4. Now knowing the QF/SF is 90 mins then straight to PK's, I wonder if Mexico in the SF is better? Play for 0-0 or 1-1 then see what luck we have?
  5. May have been posted in this thread, haven't been following. Did anyone else know this? Knockout stage In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, if a match is tied after 90 minutes extra time is not played, and the match is decided by a penalty shoot-out. In the final, if a match is tied after 90 minutes extra time is played, where each team is allowed to make a fourth substitution. If still tied after extra time, the match is decided by a penalty shoot-out.
  6. Just realized that should we win (by 1), Costa Rica would have had to have a win by 3 or more to take the group from us. Not a bad position to be in. Scoring goals makes scenarios more fun eh?
  7. While a draw gets us a likely matchup with Jamaica in the QF, Mexico looms large in the SF. Hopefully we can stay on the US side of the bracket, I like our chances of a run to the final better there.
  8. took a minute to load but this is working for me http://blue-line.space/arenasport11.html
  9. If he gets this team to score a couple goals from the run of play during the Gold Cup then we found ourselves a gem. That's all I want, dream big fellas.
  10. I'd be curious to see the outcome if they did. Give them a spot to squabble over, whatever, with 48 teams they can have one. The question is then, do we become a 10 nation condederation with Central America? Or a 20 nation Americas confederation?
  11. Imagine this was St Vincent instead of El Salvador? Although I'm sure Honduras would have had a few more goals tallied up to be fair.
  12. We're gonna win 7-0 and the Honduras will be awarded a dubious last second penalty to draw 1-1.
  13. If any country can find a way to disappoint it's supporters even more painfully, it's Canada.
  14. The thing is, in sport, you're never due for luck. You can be unlucky or lucky, forever.
  15. Should push for 24. CONEMBOL has a 10 team tournament with 2 invites usually I think? So they would want to maintain their 10 nations. CONCACAF usually has 12 of us in the Gold Cup. So by extending to 24, you just give our region 2 more spots in this dance, and they keep their 10. Everyone wins. 4 team by 6 group format. Take CONEMBOL 10 nations plus US/Mexico to disperse 2 into each group. The other 12 CONCACAF nations spread out as the bottom 2 seeds in each group. Lets do this pls.
  16. I don't expect him to give CSA/Canada special treatment, but if there's anythings that he felt was unjust towards us he certainly can work to change that. Those aren't one in the same. Wonder who is set to replace?
  17. Praise JT for the future of Canada. You need some 420 and chill bro.
  18. Does it impact your thinking if these same temp seats are used for TFC playoffs and for when we steal the NT back from the west coast?
  19. Mexico fans doing the ole for our passes? lol and boos them off the pitch? I say that's a victory.
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