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Former, current TFC players make opprobrious comments about Earl Cochrane on social media

Earlier tonight a photograph of Earl Cochrane surfaced with the words "I've ruined people's lives to save mine..hehe" written on it. It was posted to the Instagram account of Julian deGuzman. It was posted several weeks ago.

Several former and current TFC players made comment. Below the jump a list of the players and comments.
Dicoy Williams: "True Words lol lol you are for getting someone else the poppet."

Doniel Henry (four emoticons indicating that he's laughing so hard he's crying)

Keith Makubuya: "Fuck this nigga"

Kyle Porter (DC United) : LMAO

Oscar Cordon: "Punk ass bitch lol"

Junior Burgess: Lol

Eric Avila: Hahahahaha Wait...I know him (emoticons indicating that he's laughing so hard he's crying).

CSN reached out to the club for comment. The club indicated that they would not be commenting.

Screen captures of the Instagram photo and comments are below.