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  1. There was one of the Spanish sports dailies reporting several weeks ago about Real Madrid carefully watching him, if so, it would seem to reason Barca would also have some interested, even if to only drive up the price if Madrid was truly interested.
  2. Holy crap that's impressive. Finding a random 17-year old thread to bump. That's an amazing level of commitment.
  3. Yeah, it did not look good on TV for the French Guiana game. Like, little better than those cricket fields in the Caribbean it looked so poor. Plus it seemed like our quick players were loosing their footing when they tried to make quick cuts.
  4. I wonder if Haiti's FA couldn't negotiate anything in Miami on short notice. Since it is supposed to be a home game for Haiti, Miami, or hell even Montreal, seem like they'd be better choices.
  5. His game tonight had me appreciate Kamal Miller's performance on Saturday. Miller was invisible, but I now suspect that was because I didn't notice him because he completely erased Cuba's attack on his side.
  6. Why does it seem like Canada's players are afraid to shoot? It's almost as if the ball isn't sitting perfectly, they don't want to shoot. Putting the ball over the ******* net is no worse than just coughing it up to defenders.
  7. We have nobody in the centre of the park to run at defenders when they have the ball. Empty possession.
  8. It's not showing up for me either, I just hit play on the video player and the game started playing.
  9. Yeah, I hit F5 after @BuzzAndSting said he wasn't having issues and my audio is fine now.
  10. Jesus frak. When is Cuba just going to let their athletes go abroad and get better to benefit their national teams? It's literally just them and North Korea that appear to follow this policy.
  11. I recognize the joke behind this, but for the sake of seriousness (where none is actually deserved) as a former resident of Goderich, with many family members still living there, I have to regrettably inform this community that in the entirety of a town of 8,000 people, there isn't a single soccer field that has seating of any kind.
  12. The somewhat disappointing numbers in Toronto I feel are proof enough that the crossover between TFC and Canada fans is rather limited.
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