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  1. Can it be any worse than any other FieldTurf CFL field?
  2. 7- Regina (Mosaic Stadium) 8- Calgary (McMahon Stadium)
  3. I think there is a possibility that Canada could effectively co-host and have cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Hamilton each have a day where they host a double-header as a one-off. I don't think each city could host multiple such days.
  4. CONCACAF won't change the Gold Cup in the near future. In 2015 Toronto couldn't get 17K out for a double-header that had Canada v. Costa Rica in one game and Jamaica v. El Salvador in another. What is the realistic chances of drawing much of a crowd, in for example Calgary, if the double header was something like Honduras v. T&T and Bermuda v. Antigua and Barbuda? I realize having the Pan Am games going on in Toronto at the very same time almost certainly had a serious impact on attendance at BMO that night, but I'm not sure soccer is a big enough draw in Canada. During the 2015 Women's World Cup, there were multiple games with less than 10K in attendance.
  5. Don't they have the management rights to the stadium? If so, they're breaching their contract to themselves.
  6. I'm one of those people that believe we should be playing on grass unless there are no other options. It's one of the reasons I had suggested Centennial in Victoria as a possibility. We seem to have a bit of a dearth of stadiums of appropriate size that have grass fields. I had forgot about Swangard, but even with Swangard, it seems like there may only be six (Wanderers Ground, Saputo, BMO, ATCO, Swangard, Centennial) unless I'm forgetting some. If we play on FielfTurf or Polytan there are lots of options.
  7. What's the field condition like nowadays? I remember back in the era before BMO and Saputo when Canada frequently played at Swangard that there were so many dirt patches on the field it looked almost like a baseball infield. Additionally, if anything is going to be in metro Vancouver, it will be at BC Place anyways.
  8. Centennial in Victoria has grass as well. Would be smaller than the stadiums you listed. It's a shame Richardson in Kingston went FieldTurf, until 2016 it was grass and seats 8000.
  9. ********. Vancouver people like to pretend that they always get otherworldly attendances compared to Toronto or Montreal, but the reality is that other than that one game against Mexico, Vancouver's attendances aren't very special. THE MEXICO GAME WAS AN OUTLIER If Vancouver had've gotten 35-40K vs. French Guiana, then they'd have a point. 50K people showed up for the game vs. Brazil in Edmonton, but nobody is suggesting every game be played in Edmonton.
  10. We rarely get over 20K for any game in Canada, Saputo's 19k+ is more than enough even for "Big" opponents.
  11. Westhills is Turf. If we're playing on Turf, any WCQ that may have been played at Westhills will probably be at BC Place anyways.
  12. Grass should be the preference BMO and Saputo for big games. ATCO, Wanderers Ground and Centennial Stadium (Victoria) for smaller opponents. If we are going to play on Turf, I prefer Foote over Commonwealth for Edmonton anyways. I think a full 6000 stadium would be better than 20k in a 60k stadium.
  13. Unless, of course, he's guilty.
  14. Yikes. He may be looking at a long stretch in jail. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/ex-qpr-captain-marc-bircham-22071106 Aggravated Battery with a weapon and causing great bodily harm. I read somewhere that a conviction is 10 years minimum.
  15. Wasn't most of his career spent during the same period that we had guys like Julian de Guzman, Dwayne de Rosario and Atiba Hutchinson playing in the centre of the park?
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