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  1. You mean like Steve Vezina, the goalie for Canada in Roller Hockey at the Pan Am games who failed a drug test? If I recall, he was Georges' grandson.
  2. Anything that gets our guys to Europe and developing into players that can help the NT. Let them end up in Romania for all I care.
  3. Both our goals coming from horrific mistakes.
  4. Gareth Wheeler is a moron. Haiti scores two and they win the tie. Haiti does not need three goals.
  5. Yeah, get either him or Buchanan on for Osorio
  6. All night too many of our passes are going to guys either flat-footed or moving backwards.
  7. He fucks around with balls into his box too much. Doesn't want to grab the fucking ball, so he'll chest it down, and play with the ball at his feet too much.
  8. Fucking hell. Our guys are just standing around with the ball so long that they're letting Haiti close them down.
  9. Yup. Bring on our two bulldogs to tough out the last few minutes.
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