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  1. Not gonna lie, I'm just kind of stoked that we are now in a position where we are arguing whether or not a guy starting for a team in the Israeli Premier League is good enough to play for Canada. I still remember the days of 15-20 years ago when we had a handful of guys playing in decent leagues otherwise our entire team was made up of guys playing at the level of USL Championship or the lowest level of the English/Scottish leagues. We are now in a position where we argue which European league is good enough for us to consider players playing there.
  2. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Eustaquio 4. Borjan 5. Arfield
  3. Banned again. Robert's banned. Tell a friend. Robert's banned, Robert's banned, Robert's banned, Robert's banned.......
  4. Bulgaria is ranked below Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in the UEFA coefficient. Ahead of Poland though, strangely enough.
  5. Especially since at least one of our October games should be against an absolute minnow. Cap-tie both him and Stefan Mitrovic in an easily winnable game.
  6. I can't find anything about the Belgian League being available in Canada.
  7. 2 hour 9 minute mark of the replay is when he comes on. It looks like the game should be available until next Friday.
  8. It's available, I just pulled it up on my TV right now.
  9. I forget, but don't most of the games have replay available for like 24 hours?
  10. How did a lad from Windsor end up with the Whitecaps? TFC scouting really shit the bed there, morese when you consider the L1O club in Windsor is a satellite club of TFC.
  11. Can it be any worse than any other FieldTurf CFL field?
  12. 7- Regina (Mosaic Stadium) 8- Calgary (McMahon Stadium)
  13. I think there is a possibility that Canada could effectively co-host and have cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Hamilton each have a day where they host a double-header as a one-off. I don't think each city could host multiple such days.
  14. CONCACAF won't change the Gold Cup in the near future. In 2015 Toronto couldn't get 17K out for a double-header that had Canada v. Costa Rica in one game and Jamaica v. El Salvador in another. What is the realistic chances of drawing much of a crowd, in for example Calgary, if the double header was something like Honduras v. T&T and Bermuda v. Antigua and Barbuda? I realize having the Pan Am games going on in Toronto at the very same time almost certainly had a serious impact on attendance at BMO that night, but I'm not sure soccer is a big enough draw in Canada. During the 2
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