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30 minutes ago, TOcanadafan said:

But that was my point.  We will lose many kids who ‘grew up’ in Canada to other nations, so we should also still try to entice players from other countries who have less connection to Canada but who can still play for us.  Even I have some reservations with recruiting players who have very little maple syrup flowing through their bloods, but if we can recruit players like Justin Smith who will make our team better, why not?

I understand your point but to answer your why not: they're not really representative of Canadian soccer. The other team I cheer for, Italy, has three Brazilians who were never developed in Italy, They may have got their start in Italy but that's another matter. So they were never developed there. That for me reflects on Italian soccer. They win the next World Cup but it isn't really Italian soccer that will win it. It's smart recruitment. And when you start to talk about recruitment then it becomes a club competition. Not a country competiton. But like I said, I understand your point and on some days I agree with it. This morning I'm just a little grouchy and I don't.

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