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  1. I'm assuming the 25 MLS and 50 USL players you refer to are Americans. 25+50=75. Considering that the USA has 8.5 times our population that sounds about right. 10 Canadians X 8.5 = 85. So we're ahead of the Yanks when you take population size into consideration. Joking aside, I agree with you. If Sali is projected to be a special player we should be doing everything to get him into our program.
  2. Why are you giving our opponents ideas?
  3. Camacho has just refused an offer from CFMTL for a long term contract where he'll see less money per year than he does now.
  4. If we look at the midfield depth chart, I suspect it's not Fraser that Teibert would displace but rather Piette. Eustaquio Hutchinson Osorio Kaye Wotherspoon Fraser Piette And does it really matter? The difference in quality may be negligible. And maybe Herdman sees no difference in quality between those 2 or 3 players but notices something else. Team chemistry? In one of the last video I posted, Herdman spoke of walking into his first two camps and there were fights between the players and he wasn't happy about it. That tells me he looks at more than just a player's quality on the pitch. I'm not saying Teibert is not a team player. What I am saying is that maybe Herdman believes those other players bring something extra that is not visible in the play on the pitch. Then again maybe the difference in quality between Fraser/Piette and Teibert is so small that it becomes a toss of the coin.
  5. And on top of that management has gone with 5-6 Canadians in the starting 11 for most of the season.
  6. I watched segments of Calvary this season and I haven't really noticed Yao. For a CB I guess that's a good thing. He seems to have improved with his stay out West. Anyone who follows the CPL have a better scouting report?
  7. I think you forgot that Larin is from CONCACA and he has learned the dark arts of that region.
  8. I never thought I'd say this about a harsh Canadian winter, but I hope you're right. For November anyway.
  9. Only a Canuck would refer to the November weather in Edmonton as a chill. Now watch the soccer Gods (who are Latinos) blow in a Chinook for both games.
  10. I know there ain't any who doubt the Fonzie play went viral but just in case for the odd person out there, here's an Indonesian video on Davies play. If you want to sort of understand what he is saying you can select auto translate to English. It's almost comprehensible.
  11. The Mex-USA game can easily end in a draw and I hope it does. It keeps both teams within reach. We should be aiming for 1st or 2nd overall not 3rd. I know to finish top 2 really gives us nothing but boasting rights. But I want those boasting rights. Swagger is what we need to compete in the WC.
  12. Ka Ching! More depth for Herdman.
  13. That's not what I said. I said it seems to me that Ballou had it easy. He never had to up his effort because he was extremely talented, probably always the best player on the pitch, faced no competition and playing in a province where the best and 2nd best athletes don't go into soccer also didn't help him. There probably wasn't a time he had to put in a concentrated effort until he went to Spain and was faced with players on his level or better but then it was too late. I also said it was combination of things. His attitude didn't help. But if someone with Ballou's self-entitlement was confronted at a young age with the concept of putting in the work maybe he would have turned out differently. AS for Fonzie. THis is a kid that is all effort. Now is it all nature, all nurture or a combo of both? I think like Ballou it's a combo of both. Fonzie was born in a refugee camp. He was the first born to an immigrant family. (I know what that means). I remember seeing a documentary where they mentioned as the eldest (at 6,7, 8)he was responsible for his younger siblings. So he was born with the right attitude (nature) but his family circumstances also taught him life lessons (nurture). In other words for both players it was a combination of nature and nurture. Not solely one over the other. That is what I was trying to say in the OP.
  14. You don't even have to base it on science. Anecdotal evidence is enough.
  15. He's not playing in Canada.
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