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  1. Huh i live in Cambridge such random place for international team to trian
  2. Lol america got scored on by a dude who plays in the Angolan league. They are being outplayed by a USL side 🤣
  3. You guys Have amazing depth I honestly don’t know what kinda shitty ass line up berhalter pull out there. Getting a top manager for US program would make a huge difference. Also I want to ask what do Americans see in Sargent? I know he’s young and all but don’t see how he’s so highly rated
  4. Dude, I honestly think you are a troll. America isn’t even bad team just having crisis due to shit manager you guys have. How does berhalter even get that job? Does USSF still suffer from nepotism? Does Sunil still run the show?
  5. I highly doubt we would get zero points on the road if we got one against USA. I can see getting something out of Jamaica at least and maybe Mexico in the next two road games
  6. I been telling you guys that El Salvador are scrubs. Where’s the guy who said they ain’t no walk over they getting walked over right now my guy
  7. We have to win this game if we going to have any serious push qualifying. It’s time we show we belong with Mexico and usa against El Salvador. I can see us winning this game 2-0. Hopefully we don’t play to the same level as the team we play like how we usually do against lesser sides and treat El Salvador like seriously dangerous team.
  8. DAVID IS COMINGTO SPURS. Oh pls god let’s this happen pls pls plsssss
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