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  1. https://www.fichajes.net/noticias/grandes-europeos-no-pierden-vista-jonathan-david-20210426.html he’s being linked to arse and united
  2. For the sake of David’s career I hope he leaves. This Lille team is filled with selfish players. They also play terrible football
  3. Baldisimo set piece has gotten a lot better
  4. He was balling out honestly. Him having those long legs help close down so much space and is very skilful for a 6’5
  5. Watching him right now you guys are insane if you think he can be a cb. He’s got too much skill
  6. Brym should no where be in any of our program. My god he’s the most useless striker. Also what do people see in baldisimo? He barely could control the ball in the midfield
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