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  1. My god lille are such a terrible team to watch. I wonder how they even first in ligue 1. Clearly they rely on counter attacking no creativity in that team
  2. It’s actually embarrassing he picked Bulgaria over us who just got trashed by Hungary lol
  3. Burak yilmaz is actually terrible. Worst player for David to play upfront with. Always gets caught offside and always kills any sort of counter attack
  4. David is growing into it. Two good chances
  5. Lille have no creativity at all and just rely on the counter. This team isn’t the right fit for Davis IMO
  6. He only joined half the season and hardly played. This is his first full season as a Bayern player so he’s a rookie
  7. Idc herdsman needs to go he got out coached and that was given once he played Davies LB. should’ve went same gameplan this is fuckjng embarrassing
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