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  1. Agreed! In the meantime, does the starting lineup get changed? I would lean to having Hoillet sit and Millar start, start St. Clair and rest Borjan, start Kaye since Hutchinson has left, and perhaps start either Waterman, Sturring or Ferrreira (based on training results) in place of Miller. Cavallini gets a chance to pot a couple in the first half, but gets replaced by Corbeanu in the second if the slump continues. Thoughts?
  2. The starters for today must varied as some did not do well against Honduras. Pantemis ZBG, Cornelius, Montgomery or Norman, Godinho Farsi, Dias, Metcalf, Tabla, Brym, Buchanan Position them where you will, but pace is needed against Mexico. Bair has been ineffective. Baldisimo can come in later. Dias and Farsi should start.
  3. For Canada, it is always a key player here and a key player there who think that Canada is not quite a good choice. Right now, I am really pleased that Lucas Dias is leaning toward Canada. If Lucas has a positive experience with Canada at these Olympic qualifiers, I would suggest that he contact Marcello Flores and Ayo Akinola and share his positive vibes. Perhaps such a communication would encourage those two to lean Canada's way. I am not sure if such a thing is done among players, but almos
  4. I wonder about ways to have a few higher profile Canadians playing in the CPL, players such as Hamilton, Jackson-Hamel, Wright, and others. I decide to write a note to CPL Commissioner, Clanachan. I suggested: 1) The CPL negotiate a player sponsorship/salary deal with each of the Canada's largest banks, these being (in no particular order) Royal, BMO, Scotia, TD, CIBS, Desjardins, National, and HSBC. 2) Each bank would adopt one CPL club and sponsor an agreed upon percentage of the team's player salaries. A ceiling might be set at $150,000.00, or thereabouts, per season sponsorship.
  5. Those two misses, especially the second one were mind boggling. Sinclair is on the decline, but she would have buried at least one of those opportunities. Wow!
  6. Which CPL clubs still have definitive needs in their rosters and on the pitch? Which Canadian players are still out there who might fill those needs?
  7. Maybe the entire TFC roster gets its two vaccinations and can then move freely across the border. At least that would solve the long term bubble requirement for vaccinated players.
  8. I am certainly in favour of CPL clubs taking on loans of Canadian players from MLS clubs. I agree that the CPL club should pay Cheeta's 50% +$1 of the players salary. I do not think that applying the entirety of the loanee's salary against the CPL club's cap serves any positive purpose particularly if the purpose of loaning the player, say Dunn from TFC to a CPL club, is to develop the abilities and value of Dunn and increase the level of the play in the CPL. The number of loanees on a CPL club could be limited to, say, three as Cheeta suggests, but I am much more interested in young Canadian
  9. Well, we are all in agreement that James needs minutes in a decent league. Sitting on anybody's bench in Europe will not improve the standard of playing for James. Minutes!
  10. We have not even seen Kennedy in a CMNT camp, so this might be premature.
  11. The key thing being minutes played which are very low for Jame in Denmark. I think that the CPL would be a good thing for James in the way it was for Waterman. Can James be better than Waterman? Probably, but he needs a reset and minutes on the pitch. Plus, the CPL needs some better players to raise the standard for the youngsters.
  12. Perhaps James should request a loan to a CPL club where he can play and have, theoretically, a chance to dominate. Also, Herdman can keep a close eye on him. A standout CPL season could lead to an MLS or another European opportunity. At any rate, it is time to see if this guy can play. York would be the perfect club for James.
  13. I think that is is completely reasonable for the CSA to post a few tweets with updates. Takes 30 seconds per tweet. Not sure about the obvious reluctance.
  14. Is there an update anywhere in the "media"? Seems like a top secret operation!
  15. Macksam, are you in cahoots with Gareth Wheeler? 😁
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