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  1. This. We are not yet at a self-sustaining flow of top players for the CMNT. The more good players, regardless of how we get them in the door, can be only good and positive for our success and for the attractiveness of our program.
  2. Am I eating my words already? Are these loans effective player development moves? VWFC lists eight loans as of the end of August. There is much to discuss. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/news/whitecaps-fc-loan-homegrown-midfielder-simon-colyn-to-jong-psv Cheers!
  3. Yes, they have. That is exactly why it would be cool to see them talk and imagine if there might some collective as well as individual advantage to play for Canada which is well positioned to become a Word Cup participant.
  4. Since, apparently, Canada will field a U20/U23 team in the not too distant future, who might be some CPL candidates for inclusion in the team? Lowell Wright? Coupland. Abzi, Farsi, Woobens Pacius? Who else?
  5. Agreed! Mo Babouli has vision, can finish, and reads the game very well. He sees and exploits space very well. I can see him getting onto the end of Eustaqiuo or Davies or Osorio passes quite well. I am not sure of his defensive efficacy, but on the attack he is effective.
  6. And therein lies the problem. There is no proper place for promising young "MLS" Canadians to play if they are not ready for the first team. Most of the recent posters in this thread understand the real need for young guys to play. I am not sure of the possibility of a new MLS reserve league, but certainly there must be room for more loans to USL Championship teams and CPL clubs. Even in the CPL, there are fringe foreigners who contribute little (I leave it to the supporters of the CPL clubs to more accurately discuss who). Certainly the three Canadian MLS clubs could find more loan spots for their young, talented, promising guys. I would even be in favour of the MLS clubs to provide some nominal financial support to CL clubs for developing and playing loanees. In short, though, you guys are right. There must be a better plan in place for developing our young players more effectively.
  7. How about we move this thread to the International Football section. Marmoush has made his good byes, so we should do the same.
  8. FWIW, we just hope that Lucas is paying close attention to Canada at these qualifiers and that he is seeing the growth of a very good thing. I doubt that players do this, but it would very cool for Lucas, Marcelo Flores, Daniel Jebbison, Enes Sali, and Ferdi Kadioglu to have an online Zoom chat and talk about the potential merits and advantages to the five of them to declare for Canada. That group of young players possesses an extraordinary set of soccer skills and growth potential. The new Group of Five! Maybe you could suggest to him, Jason.
  9. Whatever happens in Mexico happens, and there is no reason that we could not get some kind of favourable result. I would expect the team to beat Jamaica and Panama simply because we are good enough to do so, and we need to show that we can win big games at the right times. In terms of replacements for injured or ill players, I would strongly suggest Tyler Pasher and Tesho for depth at the very least. There is no reason to stay with a small roster which limits rotation!
  10. Wishing Stefan Mitrovic a speedy and healthy recovery so he can keep playing toward suiting up for Les Rouges! Skip any other national teams. Canada is the place for up and coming Canadian players. Stefan for the Red and White.
  11. I am assuming that many or most of the Mexicans do not normally live or play at high altitude, so I wonder if the Mexicans will face, to some degree, the same altitude issues as we will.
  12. I think, that of CPL players, Mo Babouli would do quite well with CMNT level players. He reads the game well and sometimes quicker than most CPL players. I doubt that Herdman would call him, but he would be a good "risk" on a squad of 26 or 27.
  13. This. It would be a good decision for Kadioglu to choose Canada since he would very likely become an integral part of the team. He would provide a very viable option at AM, so I am told, and he would add to the crucial depth that every strong team needs when there are lots of games happening. I find it a little bit discouraging that despite the many positives we have had with new payers of late, these kind of situations still make me feel a real longing for players to embrace Canada right away. Now, I think, if we get Kadioglu, if we had Tomori, if we get Dias, etc. we will be in a better way. I have lots of confidence in the current roster of players! It is very strong, but does there have to be a "but . . ." or a what if?" Yes, dyslexic nam, you never know!
  14. At a game at Swangard in Burnaby (lead up to 1992?) against El Salvador, Pesch flicked the corner flag at a Salvadoran player who had been needling him. The blue clad player fell to the ground as if shot, and Pesch was shown the red. We lost at home playing with ten men after dominating early on. It was a really dumb move and a devastating WCQ home result.
  15. I had the ages reversed. Pacius is 20 and Wright is 18.
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