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  1. I was very impressed by Haiti's drive and press today. Canada worried me with lots of uncertain moments in breaking the press. One positive is that JH got the subs mostly right, but we need to line up differently based on today's lessons. We saw today that Henry is not the best on the (outside) right side of a three man defence, and Johnston is better in the back than in midfield. And yes, Vitoria looked very tired and slow in today's match. Cavallini looked much less of a player than did Larin today . Against the USA, I might start Crepeau, Henry, Miller, Johnston, Laryea; Piette, Osorio, Kaye, Buchanan; Akinola, Larin (4-4-2 or 3,5,2, or 4-3-3 should evolve as the game flows). Laryea would be a step up for pace on Henry in a fullback role. In addition, if Vitoria is well rested, then perhaps he compliments Henry with four at the back and Laryea plays right wing back. I hope that JH does not introduce something brand new against the USA, but he does need to change up a couple of things because the starters against Haiti struggled against the press, and the US will certainly press us. PS. I am not certain about the status of Eustaquio, but if he is available, he would take either Piette's or Kaye's place in my suggested starting 11.
  2. Several of those yellow cards to Canada were dubious to say the least. The same can be said on a couple of occasions for infractions called against Martinique.We got CONCACAF'd by the ref. Canada needs to selectively appeal the most egregious of those yellow cards as they were very easily given.
  3. Qatar should not be in the Gold Cup. Inviting teams from outside of CONCACAF makes the tournament less legitimate. What if QATAR won and became the CONCACAF champions?
  4. I think that CONCACAF has too many teams, and some of them should be transferred to CONMEBOL. For example, Suriname is located on the South American continent and shares a border with Brazil. The same reasoning can be used for Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, French Guiana, and Curacao. In addition, there really needs to be a proper qualifying system for the myriad lower ranked CONCACAF teams to have only the strongest minnows advance to later rounds. Is there much benefit to having Canada defeat a minnow nation 11 - 0? The present system is clumsy and inefficient.
  5. Maybe a few days early, but why not start thinking about a Canadian 11 coming out of the Winnipeg bubble? Covering every position is not necessary, but which Canadians are really standing out and may come out of the round robin as part of a best Canadian 11? Cheers!
  6. Sturring selected as a replacement? Would Waterman have been a better choice? Maybe as he is in season. Is Sturring with a club these days? I hope that Unattached FC does not make too much of a significant comeback, Holiett notwithstanding Certainly, unless he is injured, I agree that Gutierrez should be an obvious choice for LB depth. His omission is puzzling.
  7. Based on play so far this season as well as perceived potential, which of these defenders is the better for the CPL, moves to higher levels, and possibly for the CMNT?
  8. Here is my list from around ten days ago. Keeper - Crepeau, Pantemis, St. Clair Defenders - Gutierrez, Miller, Sturing, Johnston, Henry, Kennedy, Brault Guillard Midfielders - Flores, Wotherspoon, Kaye, Osorio, H. Paton, Laryea, Davies, Piette Forwards - Akinola, Cavallini, Buchanon, Akindele, Pasher Possible changes: If Jebbison is willing to cap, then he should be included. I must concede that other posters are correct. I am sure that there will be a few guys that Herdman cannot get; otherwise, maybe Akindele gives way on my list even though he is playing well at the moment. Possible first caps from this list include Akinola, Pasher, Gutierrez, Flores, H. Paton, and, if included, Jebbison. That in itself would be quite a success within such a relatively strong roster.
  9. Agreed. Abzi looked very strong in the match. Let's hope that he continues to grow his game.
  10. Agreed. Ricci looked dangerous often. It will be interesting to see how he does over the balance of the season.
  11. As a TFC fan from a Canadian team perspective, you guys are right about Bradley. He is a shadow of his former self and while he can still make a fine play from time to time, he is so slow and often out of gas now. It must be frustrating that Armas plays him so faithfully and/or that the team does not seem to have a better option. BTW, Okello looks like a player who just needs more minutes to develop.
  12. This is such a disappointing team at the moment. I feel for Cavallini as he must be so very frustrated to receive so little service from the wings and midfield. Neither he nor White were helped much last night. MDS seems to have lost his way and likely needs to be replaced. The squad seems to be filled with mostly mediocre players. I do not feel that Ali Adnan would add a whole bunch of help especially at his cost. Moving him to another club could free up some money to find that #10 type player and another central defender especially if journeyman Andy Rose is one of your best in the position. We shall see.
  13. Not having watched USL-1 except for highlights, I would assume that CPL is a significantly higher standard given that USL-1 is tier three in the USA. I wonder how TFC2 would fare in the CPL. I think that they would have a tough time. Certain individual players would be fine, but I really wonder if the team could compete overall. What say you, analysts?
  14. I agree with all of the people here who see the difficulty in choosing the GC team. It is a fine balance to form a squad to win, to cap tie, to create chemistry, and to reflect higher level club minutes. For what it is worth, here is my 23. Keeper - Crepeau, Pantemis, St. Clair Defenders - Gutierrez, Miller, Sturing, Johnston, Henry, Kennedy, Brault Guillard Midfielders - Flores, Wotherspoon Kaye, Osorio, H. Paton, Laryea, Davies, Piette Forwards - Akinola, Cavallini, Buchanon, Akindele, Pasher THOUGHTS: I presume that Davies is included as a kind of inducement to a couple of duals as well as for his quality. Pasher gives a better left wing option than Millar at this time and he scores. Akinola gets capped, I hope. If Kennedy needs a rest, then one of Vitoria or Waterman (?) comes in. Jebbison is a real tempation if he is willing. Is he too big of a risk to exclude? Does Hoillet settle his club situation before WCQ? Do we take a look at H. Paton and cap him if he shows well at camp, or do we go conservative with one of Fraser or Chapman instead? Does Corbeanu get a spot at the expense of the in-form Akindele? Cavallini is bound to receive more support form the CMNT midfield than he has at VWFC! Is it time to cap Flores and bank on the future? Do we fit in Baldisimo at this time? **I cannot see much of a case for any other player on the 60 list at this time, the foursome of Larin, David, and Eustaquio notwithstanding. All four had injuries last season! Certainly, we have lots of questions and options which are riches for Herdman. Let's hope that he does not succumb to choosing undeserving players for some feel good reason. This GC team needs to be strong and include attractive duals, ready to play prospects, and deserving veterans.
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