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  1. At a game at Swangard in Burnaby (lead up to 1992?) against El Salvador, Pesch flicked the corner flag at a Salvadoran player who had been needling him. The blue clad player fell to the ground as if shot, and Pesch was shown the red. We lost at home playing with ten men after dominating early on. It was a really dumb move and a devastating WCQ home result.
  2. I had the ages reversed. Pacius is 20 and Wright is 18.
  3. You are correct - my mistake. Wright is 18 as of the 18th. of this month.
  4. I am pleased with the gradual development of young players in the CPL. Two who stand out to me are Lowell Wright (20 years old) and Woobens Pacius (18). Which other young players stand out to you folks?
  5. The absence of Bustos encouraged everybody else to step up and they did. Bustos would have been the obvious guy on whom to focus defensively. Whitecap defenders may have had a tougher time because Bustos was not there to be the focus of every Pacific attack.
  6. Congratulations to Pacific! That was a gutsy performance in a classic game. I think that VWFC was outworked for the most part. Well done! To Pacific FC fans, talk this up and get your buddies and co-workers out to Starlight Stadium to see some games. This is a good opportunity to grow the brand on the Island.
  7. Perhaps a more realistic matter is whether or not there is a roster spot for Jebbison or if there is another player from the pool who is preferred by JH.
  8. Good work, Corazon! I wonder if a best 11 from this list would beat a best Canadian 11 presently playing in the CPL. That would be an interesting match to watch. Cheers!
  9. Looks fun! I hope that the chemical ingredients of that flare smoke do not do a number on your lungs! 😲
  10. Congrats to Jessie Fleming for one of the best PK's I have seen taken under clear pressure. Well done!
  11. Ah! Thanks for that. Which "marginal" Canadians might make a 23 then? A 28 or 30 player roster would allow for almost anybody to be included even as a "get to know the boys" invite.
  12. Which "marginal" players impressed for Canada at the Gold Cup and now have a chance to make the 23? Remember, of course, that there will be several Canadians who were not on the GC roster who will be back for WCQ. So, who has earned a roster spot and who may be left out?
  13. As I have suggested before, it would be fabulous if each one of the largest eight Canadian banks each adopted one of the CPL teams for $250,000 per year (pittance for banks). The champion team's sponsor gets bragging rights for the year with CEO bets and all of that fun stuff. That is easily feasible in my opinion. Cheers!
  14. I remember the Summit Series very well. At the time, and, notably, at the height of the Cold War, the USSR was winning the Olympic hockey gold medal constantly because its "professionals" (Spartak Moscow, Central Red Army, Locomotiv Spartak, etc.), who in the USSR were classified as amateurs, played against real Canadian amateurs from various "non-professional" (read non-NHL) organizations. The USSR hardly lost. The thought in the USSR at the time was that the NHL professionals who played for money in the evil capitalist manner would be wiped off the face of the earth by the people's team from the workers' paradise. Thus, two challenges emerged. First, the NHL players were out to defeat Tretiak and Kharlamov and Yakishev and their peers. Second, the Soviet government was eager to demonstrate on the international stage that the Motherland would prevail and that true sport was not corrupted by greed. Canada won the series on a late Paul Henderson goal. The players' representative, the infamous Alan Eagleson, was rescued from "the KGB" by players who went into the stands after the game, and the rest is history. As for the hockey, the USSR was pretty good and provided a very strong challenge. The series could have gone either way. In fact, the crowd in Vancouver infamously booed the Canadian team off the ice after a lackluster loss to the Soviets. This drew the ire of several Canadian players. The series was a huge deal in Canada at the time.
  15. Agreed. Some MLS Canadian club academy grads may have a better chance at another club. No question. All I am suggesting is that it would good practice for Canadian MLS clubs to be open to Canadian CPL players, and that Canadian MLS clubs be willing (as they have fairly regularly to date) to loan young Canadians to CPL clubs to develop them with playing time at a decent level. This should be better than having those players rot on the bench or, worse, train only.
  16. In terms of player development, it would seem to me that players moving on both directions could be beneficial to both CDN MLS clubs and CPL clubs. We have seen several time that VWFC academy players, like Bustos for example, have not been successfully moved to the next level. If TCF, or Montreal Snowflake FC, or VWFC found a player in CPL worth the "risk", if you will, then why not move in that direction? Conversely, we all have clamoured to see Canadian prospects get loans to CPL clubs to aid in their development. Such could be a goal for both.
  17. Does anybody have a thought as to whether, or not, Bustos could regularly make the 18 on a typical Whitecaps game day? For that matter, which Canadians/players in CPL presently have a serious chance of making a MLS roster and said team's game day 18 on a (semi) regular basis? Cheers!
  18. A Championship side would be fine although I would love to see him at VWFC.
  19. I wish that there had been a third place match against Qatar. It would have been interesting to play against a half decent non-CONCACAF side.
  20. The Gold Cup was not an ideal tournament, but it did give our players the chance to mesh, see and hear JH's ideas, and give them a test. Beating Costa Rica was a fine and encouraging result. This also gave the coaching staff a chance to see and consider possible starters and bench guys for WCQ. Who, from the "B" squad has made enough of an impression to be included in the "A" roster in September? As for Kaye or any other potential starters, their form in the next month will influence decisions. If any player is playing well enough, he will be in the squad. If not, he will not. The really positive part is that there are about six top players who will almost certainly be in the squad in September, and six "lesser"players will not be there. Managing depth is now included in JH's list of tasks and creating a strong bench is crucial.
  21. I was very impressed by Haiti's drive and press today. Canada worried me with lots of uncertain moments in breaking the press. One positive is that JH got the subs mostly right, but we need to line up differently based on today's lessons. We saw today that Henry is not the best on the (outside) right side of a three man defence, and Johnston is better in the back than in midfield. And yes, Vitoria looked very tired and slow in today's match. Cavallini looked much less of a player than did Larin today . Against the USA, I might start Crepeau, Henry, Miller, Johnston, Laryea; Piette, Osorio, Kaye, Buchanan; Akinola, Larin (4-4-2 or 3,5,2, or 4-3-3 should evolve as the game flows). Laryea would be a step up for pace on Henry in a fullback role. In addition, if Vitoria is well rested, then perhaps he compliments Henry with four at the back and Laryea plays right wing back. I hope that JH does not introduce something brand new against the USA, but he does need to change up a couple of things because the starters against Haiti struggled against the press, and the US will certainly press us. PS. I am not certain about the status of Eustaquio, but if he is available, he would take either Piette's or Kaye's place in my suggested starting 11.
  22. Several of those yellow cards to Canada were dubious to say the least. The same can be said on a couple of occasions for infractions called against Martinique.We got CONCACAF'd by the ref. Canada needs to selectively appeal the most egregious of those yellow cards as they were very easily given.
  23. Qatar should not be in the Gold Cup. Inviting teams from outside of CONCACAF makes the tournament less legitimate. What if QATAR won and became the CONCACAF champions?
  24. I think that CONCACAF has too many teams, and some of them should be transferred to CONMEBOL. For example, Suriname is located on the South American continent and shares a border with Brazil. The same reasoning can be used for Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, French Guiana, and Curacao. In addition, there really needs to be a proper qualifying system for the myriad lower ranked CONCACAF teams to have only the strongest minnows advance to later rounds. Is there much benefit to having Canada defeat a minnow nation 11 - 0? The present system is clumsy and inefficient.
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