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Impact offseason 2016-17


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Let's start that topic while we're ahead.


Blerim Dzemaili (June 2017)
Ballou Tabla (From FC Montréal)
Louis Béland-Goyette  (From FC Montréal)
Chris Duvall (traded from Minnesota)
Shamit Shome (Generation adidas)


Kyle Bekker
Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé
Didier Drogba
Lucas Ontivero
Amadou Dia (could be given a training camp spot, but no contract, so I put him in out)
Romario Williams (Traded to Atlanta)
Donny Toia (Expansion draftpick from Atlanta)
Johann Venegas (Traded to Minnesota)
Harry Shipp (Traded to Seattle)

Nick dePuy (1st round)

David Paulmin
James Pantemis
Thomas Meilleur-Giguère
Aron Mkungilwa
Mele Temguia

Anthony Wallace
Daniel Lovitz

OPENING DAY ROSTER as of January 16

GK: Bush, Crépeau, Kronberg
DF: Cabrera, Camara, Ciman, Duvall, Fisher, Lefèvre Oyongo, 
MF:  Béland-Goyette Bernardello Bernier Choinière Donadel Mallace Oduro Piatti Romero Shome Tabla
FW: Jackson-Hamel Mancosu Salazar 

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Pulled Dominguez since he has signed elsewhere.
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There's lots of talk of Ignacio Piatti going back to Argentina with renowned club Boca Juniors in a straight out transfer. Boca just unloaded Tevez to China for a large sum and are said to be interested in the Nacho man. So far Saputo camp not willing to provide information. Piatti has 1 1/2 years left on his contract. 

There was also talk of San Lorenzo Piatti's previous club wanting to bring him back. 

Wasnt Boca also responsible for screwing the Impact last summer transfer window in obtaining a striker from another argentine club that the Impact helped out in the deal only to sign the player themselves?

if Nacho goes it would leave a serious hole so the transfer better be worth a lot to compensate for his replacement. 


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This thread has been slow, - surely a reflection of the Impact off-season.  I'm surprised at how little the Impact have done in the off-season, all things considered. It appears the message is "continuity" seeing as though they did so well last season.  I'm afraid with they aging players they have, there's little indication that they are going to be better than last year.

I'd like to see a few new faces to mix things up on the squad and build some competition for places.  They are going to need someone to take the scoring pressure of Piatti - it's unlikely he's going to have another season like last year.

Let's hope for something to build a bit of interest in the squad.


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35 minutes ago, Ruud said:

They are going to need someone to take the scoring pressure of Piatti - it's unlikely he's going to have another season like last year.

Well Blerim Džemaili is having quite a year for Bologna and the Impact will be getting him in July if not earlier. Hopefully Tabla (who is already way better than Ricketts in every way /s) will get some playing time and pot a few goals.

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The Impact said their focus was ensuring the corp players they had remained in Montreal for this season. So even though they lost Drogba (less role w team, aging) Bekker, Toia (replaced by Duvall), and Venegas, the Impact will have Romero back and have held on to Oyongo, Oduro, and Piatti. Plus it's a good time for the young players to develop they'll have a role to play which is good for Lefevre, Tabla, Choiniere, Jackson and LBG. Plus Dzemaili in summer window for reinforcements. I don't think it will be as bad as 2014.

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Defensemen Ambroise Oyongo  is getting interest from the French league Montpellier and Dijon FC.

Dijon offered $700k to acquire him but Montreal are asking $2M. Oyongo earns only $75K a year. Montreal have to make a decision because his contract is up in 2017 and he will be free to leave the club with being compensated.

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On 1/31/2017 at 11:35 PM, Ian said:

Wondering if their are any Impact fans in this thread that have season tickets? Could be cool to meet up and have a pint. Im in section 132

I'm in section 110,top row, can't miss me,only 5 seats in that row and 2 are mine,and 2 are my friends. See you this spring.

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25 minutes ago, Obinna said:

What do you guys think the chances are the Tabla gets regular minutes this season?

He'll get some. The question is what happens if Canada makes the U20 World Cup and Tabla is selected for that and the Francophonie Games? Time with the Impact will be limited for that reason.

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The new secondary jersey was unveiled. I like the little details but would've liked it more with Montreals Red Cross on the shirt like Inter Milan just add the civic flowers like a retro look  ⚜️?☘️


heres the video. Another excellent production by Impact Media. 




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1 hour ago, shermanator said:

He's already ahead of Adekugbe in the pecking order given that he's an NCAA draft pick turned MLS depth player, right?

Exactly.  He has the kind of pedigree where he would instantly walk into our starting eleven and we would finally be a legitimate World Cup contender.

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2 hours ago, Dub Narcotic said:

At least Lovitz actually wants to play for the Whitecaps, unlike Adekugbe. Although with Harvey, de Jong, Levis, if he returns this year and Adekugbe, if he returns this year, they already have a lot of guys who can play LB.

Lovitz is now on trial at the Impact, not at the Whitecaps. That was the joke.

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