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  1. To clarify.. I'm being serious. This is the Board I remember.. TG11 take note
  2. Awesome thread!! Alphonso vs the world to Barca Tapas v Vijs to F150s vs boy racer Richmond Beemers
  3. Seems like coaches told Davies to keep crosses on the ground in 2nd half after some wayward crosses in the 1st. Obviously he needs to practice crossing while running full tilt (which is crazy fast!) and maybe it’s just a matter of him not trying to hammer the cross in as he seems to want to do, and go for accuracy over power on the cross. Maybe if they can coach him to think of it more like a pass he’d do better as his passing at speed is excellent and seems odd that it all goes wrong when he crosses.. at least its something he can easily improve on just through practice.
  4. Manchester United scouts say the player at the GA Cup that most impressed them was Yannick Laurent (#42) captain of the Impact U17s.. impressive. You can watch some games via the MLS youtube channel. He most reminds me of Higuain with Columbus - all over the park looking to move the other team around by his movements and touches. Though he played as an 8 in a midfield three, dare I say he could be the future number 10 we’ve been waiting for..? Here’s the youtube link to the semis game against Seattle where the announcers mention Yannick being singled out by Manchester United during a scouting course they gave. https://t.co/NY39j0FulC?amp=1 —-update below—- Adding a followup MLS.com article where he’s mentioned as one of the top 5 of tournament: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2018/04/04/baer-5-names-you-should-know-after-2018-generation-adidas-cup
  5. https://www.mlssoccer.com/injuries He’s listed as day to day on injury list so maybe that’s keeping him out of starting 11
  6. Surprisingly his high soccer IQ is one of the biggest impressions he makes on coaches and players who practice with him. Robbo himself said a couple years ago that the only other player with a comparable “nose for the game” was Robbie Keane.. who is his best mate so that’s a hell of a compliment from him. Similar comments by Arfield after practicing day in and day out during senior team callup last year.
  7. David is an extremely exciting prospect. Think of him as a Suarez model of striker: suprisingly mobile, quick, but strong and excellent with the ball at his feet for your typical centre forward.. and that’s the problem - he is so good with the ball that it is tempting to move him to the wings, but his nose for goal means you want him in the box. If he can bulk up and proove he can joistle with grown centre halves then that’s when you’ll see people take notice - and is what we need to wait for before throwing too much expectations his way . Fingers crossed he can. Luckily Gent is the perfect place to help him do it.
  8. I wonder how many canadian players are not progressing because their coaches are not experts in their positions and cannot give them what they need to move to the next level. I think the new canmnt OZ and co's first priority should be to take a serious look at identifying where promising young players may not have the right coach to develop them and fill the gaps by hooking them up with mentors. For example: - Larin was lucky to have Adrian Heath and now Kreiss who are strikers at heart and can give excellent guidance to him both tactically and mentally - It's no coincidence that the only Whitecaps players that have shown real growth under Robinson are defenders.. as thats the only position Robinson can truly coach. It was really telling that Teibert has only ever attributed one person with really 'helping coach him'.. that was Nigel Reo-Cooker - in case you wonder who taught Rusty to back pass first! Note: I feel Davies is an anomally and has grown despite his coaches and not really because of them - again it may be telling that the only time anyone's asked him where he has learned his play from he has responded, "well, I love watching Messi" - The CSA needs to take a hard look at TFC and check that at least Robin Fraser will fill the coaching void of Greg Vanney who I feel is excellent tactically but does not seem interested or capable in truly developing canadian talent - he'd rather bring in the finished product than waste time there. I worry about Liam Fraser and Malik Johnson and and all the other boyz who have awesome potential but need a seriously talented coach to take them under there wing and up their game - Ballou and Choinere I think are actually in the best spot for them under Biello - Lastly, I think this shows how impressive a job canadian coach Marc Dos Santos did to develop so well all the canadians at Swope Park Rangers last year.. and across all different positions: didic at defense, pasher on wing, gonzalez at striker.. surely this is a coach who should be considered next in line for canmnt, someone who knows how to coach players, not just a team
  9. . fingers crossed tabla and JH get a run out early in the second half again!
  10. Larin looks less comfortable with a second striker (or maybe its just tough to play with Rivas).. in either case i think the better way to keep him from being isolated is to play a narrower 433 with one of the advanced mids playing as a false ten and one as an box to box 8 - similar to the korea game where Bustos played as the false 10.. the question is who should play that role given Marco's challenges cracking the starting line-up. Hoilet is one option as he's done ok playing back to goal and has shown the ability to shake defenders during wcq games but i don't think he has the vision. akindele is similar - ie he'd be more of a second striker than a creative force. so, based on a random fifa team sheet test run i think our best option for both strong concacaf humidity defending with awesome counter attacking options from any angle, I'd like to try: larin hoilet akindele davies airfeild hutch de jong johnson james lefevre In my dreams I see Davies one day becoming an all round Pogba-esk menace as a false 10, backtracking 8, blazing to catch Larin flick-ons like a second striker.. so hell why not give it a go now and give us a taste of the future today! i also see us having lots of winger options and few creative box to box guys in our depth chart so seems like a good idea to start grooming him there and leave room on the wings for petrasso, tabla, choniere, edwards, malik, and co in the future.
  11. Hopefully Vanney was watching Liam Fraser at the u20s.. He was one of our best players by a long shot and really looks to like a potential option to Piette for our future men's CDM slot at the moment, especially given the height advantage that helps in concacaf. Here's to hoping Vanney and co. focus on homegrowns this year more than just as injury help.
  12. This is a great competition to watch (and hopefully they feel competition between themselves to help push them both to try to best the other - making each get better faster!) Some differences that seem to give Davies the edge for the moment: 1. Davies looks to pass first, run second - where Tabla often looks to run first but then when he realizes passing was a better option he has already run out of time to make the pass when close to the sidelines 2. Davies seems to actually enjoy defending and making tackles - where as Tabla seems to be coming back to defend mostly because Biello tells him its something he needs to do if he wants to get ahead as a footballer That said Tabla seems to have the lead on Davies in terms of final pass in the box and a silky touch when dribbling through traffic. Either way its gonna be a great year to watch them develop.
  13. Totally agree. I keep waiting for Bustos to show off his impressive skills at the MLS level - he's got a great finish, great technical passing skills, and great balance - but his lack of ability to ride a defender or to get a jump on one means he can really only shine as a number 10 that gets lots of room to operate - which he's not going to get in MLS. It's a shame he's never been coached to straight arm the on-coming defender like someone like giovinco does, as his only defence is to turn and turtle and try to draw a penalty by throwing himself to the ground. It worries me that these weak spots might mean he can't make it in the league, every year I hope I'm wrong.. and I hope Robbo stops setting him up for failure out on the wing or at least instructs him to cut in and and give himself space to operate if the caps are moving to a 442 with Reyna and a number 9.. fingers crossed it works out for Marco or they move him to a team that suits his style.
  14. You can watch Reid play last 35min as a number 9 vs Racing below (starts at -41min mark). He played well, some good give and goes and a great scoring chance in the box faking far post then rifling a shot off the near post that frooze the keeper in his boots. He reminds me a bit of Obafemi Martins, a great first touch to turn a defender or get separation then sets up follow on runners w flick-ons to get in behind defenders. Actually the way he stands reminds me of Oba in that he holds his head slightly back and his posture makes you (and sometimes his teammates!) think he's not ready to receive the ball and is almost uninterested, but he can go from standing erect to a sprint to pounce on a pass in a heartbeat.. interesting player.
  15. LOL.. I just played it for "my woman" and now she's not sure if I should be "her man" -Shaft
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