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Samuel Piette

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3 hours ago, Obinna said:

When you have dreams about players you need to take a step back from the fandom....

Had a dream last night I was hanging out with Sam Piette in Montreal. There was a CanMNT camp there (already unrealistic, right?) and we were just chillin talking about soccer....his pro experience...my amateur experience (as if he'd give a shit lol).... and then he mentions that he has training soon....so I was like shit man i'll give you a ride.

He was like cool...but just one second...then he then goes out to the balcony and takes a HUGE pull on this massive blunt! Couldn't believe it my eyes!....but it was just the one pull. Then right after the looks at me...squinting.... and says "ready to go".

Just as I go downstairs to grab my keys... my sister asks me for a ride (to soccer)....what a bum I thought...this is Sam Piette we are talking about....you'll have to wait I told her. However, by the time we finished arguing Piette had already left. I was so pissed I didn't get to help him out...and spend more time with him.

Weirdly though I went back to the balcony, which was now overlooking the field (dreams are weird) and I saw him rushing to put on his gear at the touchline...just as everyone else was jogging toward the opposite touchline and off the field...gathering in some kind of huddle.

Couldn't help but wonder how tight a ship Herdman runs and if Piette was gonna be in shit for being late. Didn't even cross my mind (in my dream) whether John would be pissed that he was high lol

Thank god Piette and his short shorts didn't feature. 

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This guy doesn't get enough love on here. Watching the Montreal game and his workrate is just great. Never tired and always in the right spot. He is not flashy at all but such a constant. Wish he would untuck his shorts. I know we have a shortage of top midfielders but I am glad he is always solid.

Game is free on AppleTV today

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