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  1. Benefit of the doubt to go back and delete the post.
  2. Well I'm sure if you're not.
  3. I can't see the game moving. As far as FIFA is concerned, who are these leaves and birds you are talking about? Are they endangered? Is there an environmental group we can bribe to get them out of the way?
  4. I guess he beat the MRI like a rented mule too!
  5. I think there is more myth than reality when it comes to Henry. Here are the stats on Henry's cards for club competitions: 198 appearances / 15,202 minutes: 37 yellow cards / 1 second yellow / 1 direct red (both of which were in 2013) For CMNT: 39 appearances: 7 yellows / 1 second yellow (Cuba 2019). For comparison's sake, Vitoria's club: 290 appearances / 22,900 minutes: 87 yellows / 6 second yellows / 3 direct reds For CMNT: 24 appearances: 8 yellows It would be interesting to see stats on penalties conceded, that may tell a different story. But first impressions are hard to break and I suspect that for many, their views on Doneil are clouded by his appearances as a really young CB on some of the shitiest of all shitty TFC teams. Edit: Yes, Johnston has been amazing - unique combination of poise, timing and aggression when defending. Sorry for the derail!
  6. Well, I live in NZ and there is no doubt I would be supporting Canada in a play-off against the All Whites for the intercontinental play-off. So I can understand it.
  7. I don't know who the announcers were on the english feed I was watching, but they didn't see a El Salvador foul all game. However, they did stick with the coverage to show Osorio grabbing the drum from the supporters and leading the team in the Viking clap. Awesome!
  8. Likewise if we get the All Whites here in NZ. Actually, I've got AirNZ credits for Melbourne too...
  9. It was actually easier to watch these games years ago when I fully expected some sort of creative calamity to occur that would lead to us losing. Low expectations and all... But now, I feel the pressure. Fortunately the players don't have the same emotional baggage.
  10. At least he deleted it before Junior tweeted a blue cap.
  11. Reporter covering the USMNT dumpster fire: "One moment, we hear there is disruption in the Canadian camp as well, let's interrupt this bulletin for live coverage in Canada." Narduch and McCarthy: "Huh?"
  12. Yes, I agree with this. Actually only called 22 healthy players. There may be a good reason for doing so. But if there is, we haven't heard it.
  13. I wasn't a fan of the way Herdman was hired, but let's try and avoid the shifting goal posts of "success". Two years ago, the minimum was to make it to the final round of qualifying. He's done that and more. There is no rational argument for firing him for not making it to the WC. Two years ago, we would have been happy just to be here. Now look at the team - pissed off and disappointed that we didn't steal 3 points in the US. Sounds like a successful coaching job to me.
  14. This thread deserves more attention...I know he has many detractors on here but Doneil provided a hard as nails CB masterclass today.
  15. Remember when we did nothing but short corners... that didn't work either. Radical idea - mix it up?
  16. Exactly this. The taxi squad is made up BS. For whatever reason, they have decided they only need 22 fit players.
  17. Regarding your three points: 1) I agree to an extent, but the opening game of wcq at home is not where I would experiment. I guess it is high risk, high reward. 2) agree 100% 3) But we are thin up front, by choice. It makes no sense. Herdman is all about team building and integration. Why not keep the 25-28 players that are likely to feature together from the start? Agree, some of the comments are extreme. It is not the ideal learning environment, but Herdman has demonstrated his ability to adapt.
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