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  1. I have a red plaid flannel jacket that also could work in that situation. (I might possibly have used it to lean into some stereotypes in England and a "Lumberjack" nickname. My beard also helps - in both situations, come to think of it.)
  2. Bamba was probably Sevilla's best defender in the week - ended many a promising attack. So here's hoping.
  3. Doing my best to get the word out personally to old friends. A women I went on few dates with just told me her son's team was destroyed by Davies when he was with the Edmonton Strikers. Not sure if that helps or hurts.
  4. Corbeanu and Jebbison both on their respective benches in League One. (Hopefully Jebbison comes on and scores a few against my local and recent nemesis. - I had to sit in the home section and watch West Ham lose 0-4 to Oxford United in a cup game a few years ago) Update: Corbeanu came on in 82' in for Sheffield Wednesday v. Lincoln City just after the visitors tied it up 1-1. That was the final. No miracle from Jebbison - Came on in 66' minutes with his Burton losing 0-2 to Oxford. Each team adds a goal before the end for 1-3 final.
  5. I have two semi clear memories of their fans in Edmonton but they are both almost 15 years old. They still had a small but loud group in the draw in 2008. We had been eliminated and the crowd generally wasn't great and it was a weekday but strangly early if I remember correctly. But earlier, I remember being really impressed with their fans the year before at the Under 20 World Cup. They played someone in the first game of three on a Sunday, followed by Canada's. Lots in their section and beyond and really loud. I knew a couple Mexicans in Edmonton but more a lot more Central Americans if I am honest. I know getting decent Mexican food there was like pulling teeth for a long, long time. (I had spent some time in the southwest States when I was young.)
  6. With you lot for Mexico (in a planned group for Costa Rica, trying to get more of Edmonton out) . Very much up for this. My last Mexico game didn't matter at all. This one does, let's let 'em know we are there.
  7. Walking to and from university I used to pray chinooks would make it up to Edmonton. Never answered in my memory. Right now, the forecasts/guesswork have the high at 1 and the low at -4. The sun will be down for about an hour and a half at game time. So it will be down from the high but maybe less wind? Edit: Forgot the end of day light savings, sun down for almost 2 and a half hours.
  8. Marcotti grew up around the world, speaks a ton of languages, knows a lot and is a decent writer. But he can be a bit of a wind-up merchant, especially to English football establishment types. Part of it is him having to defend having an American accent and being taken seriously talking about football, based out of London (still I believe). The short of it - I would take the tweet as genuinely complimentary, while purposely poking the, especially English, football bear a bit.
  9. My wife happened to just mention that game. It was her first Canada match; apparently she posted about it and it showed up in her memories on Facebook today. As mentioned the weather was pretty forgettable so probably mild enough for someone living to that point in central/northern Alberta. I shamefully know I have lost my winterization, so I am bringing lots of layers for my first game in Canada forever.
  10. "Human cheat code"(credit to whoever used that first on here - sorry can't remember) was never more apt than last night.
  11. Years ago, my dad used to horse syringe vodka into oranges for consumption at the currently-known-as-Elks CFL games late in the season. I share that for entertainment purposes only.
  12. I have been to a few decently attended games there (going back at least to the U-20 World Cup) but not in November. Us Albertans are a hearty lot but not necessarily suicidal. Be interesting to see; probably worth praying for some global warming.
  13. You are welcome to it. Painted railings there over night as a student and had my fill for a lifetime.
  14. Talking to family, you can do most things but with a mask and proof of vaccination. They aren't big nightclub/party people to be fair though.
  15. Yes. It would nice to know for sure. English press might be being lazy and just saying "Premier League players" but then again they also said it was the Premier League negotiating not the EFL.
  16. Has that changed in the last couple days? Again the articles were saying they specifically were missing out.
  17. I would ask after doing some reading: Does this "bespoke" quarantine apply to Championship players? All the articles say it was negotiations with the Premier League and the government.
  18. Cheers, so busy planning my own trip I have been shirking my football news reading. I assume that the articles are meaning Football League rather than Premier League as Junior is not actually a Premier League player.
  19. Pretty sure it doesn't matters whether you are vaccinated for red list countries. He can play he just can't play for his club for ten days after he gets back. "If you’ve been in a red list country in the 10 days before you arrive in England, once you arrive you must: - quarantine for 10 full days in a managed quarantine hotel (the day you arrive in England is day 0) - take a coronavirus (COVID-19) test on or before day 2 and on or after day 8 of quarantining – these are included in your hotel package You must follow these rules even if you’ve been fully vaccinated" https://www.gov.uk/guidance/booking-and-staying-in-a-quarantine-hotel-when-you-arrive-in-england
  20. Back home in Alberta for these. Looking forward to seeing the team for the first time in years.
  21. English League 1 Jebbison on the bench for Burton Albion away to Wimbledon English League 2 Leutwiler starts again for Oldham Athletic v. Harrogate Town. SPL Harry Paton starts for Ross County away to Dundee. Ben Paton on the bench.
  22. K-League Doneil Henry goes 90' in 0-1 win for Bluewings away to Incheon Russian Premier League Richie Ennin started and was subbed off at half time in 0-1 win for Nizhny Novgorod away to Rubin Kazan.
  23. His consistent finishing and decent decision making is a relatively recent development (Moyes and probably Kevin Nolan deserve some credit.) He could always bully defences (mostly playing on the wing) but you were not sure what you were going to get at the end of it. Add to that the fact that Southgate has gone relatively youthful up front beyond Kane and Mikey has also only been a forward on the reg for a few season. And he has hamstrings made of balsa wood.
  24. Jebbison started for Burton v. Lincoln City in League 1 Leutwiler started for the Oldham Latics away to Rochdale in League 2 Harry Paton started for Ross County away to Motherwell in the SPL. Ben on the bench.
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