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  1. Their transfer window has not closed yet, has it? Not suggesting anything, just checking. Here is a short article about David from in the week. I think it deserves to be skimmed without translation first. Jonathan 'ice cold' David krijgt lof van ploegmakkers: "Als hij op doel af gaat, ben je meer dan 70% zeker dat hij scoort" Tegen Larnaca was het toch lange tijd bibberen voor AA Gent. Pas toen David in de slotfase twee keer kon prikken, was de kwalificatie zeker. De Canadees kwam in het absolute slot twee keer alleen voor de doelman en werkte beide kansen koelbloedig af. Ice in his veins, zoals ze dat in Noord-Amerika durven zeggen. Ook zijn ploegmaats zijn onder de indruk. "Als hij op doel af kan gaan en ruimte heeft, ben ik toch voor meer dan zeventig procent zeker dat hij zal scoren", aldus Odjidja, die de assist voor de tweede treffer van David afleverde. "We hebben in het verleden ook al gezien dat hij makkelijk kan scoren. We moeten wel opletten dat we hem niet verbranden, hij trainde nog niet zoveel als ons dit seizoen", ging de kapitein verder. Ook Depoitre was onder de indruk. "Het is inderdaad zeldzaam dat hij zo koelbloedig kan blijven op die leeftijd. Hij heeft echt veel kwaliteiten én is belangrijk voor het team." Jonathan 'ice cold' David receives praise from teammates: "If he goes towards the goal, you are more than 70% sure that he will score" VADIS AND DEPOITRE SPRINKLE WITH PRAISE FOR COOL KILLER JONATHAN DAVID AA Gent was shivering for a long time against Larnaca. Only when David was able to poke twice in the final phase was the qualification certain. The Canadian came twice alone in front of the goalkeeper in the absolute final and coldly finished both chances. Ice in his veins, as they dare say in North America. His team mates are also impressed. "If he can go to goal and has room, I am more than 70 percent sure he will score," said Odjidja, who delivered the assist for David 's second goal . "We have also seen in the past that he can score easily. We have to be careful that we do not burn him, he did not train as much as us this season", the captain continued. Depoitre was also impressed. "It is indeed rare that he can stay so cold-blooded at that age. He really has many qualities and is important for the team." https://www.voetbalkrant.com/www.sportsactu.be/ek2004/nieuws/2019-08-16/vadis-en-depoitre-strooien-met-lof-voor-koele-killer-jonathan-david#ixzz5x26qkaOH
  2. I was about to say they should do just that. Two games a week for a bit now and more coming.
  3. Just got one on a well worked short corner update: And adds a goal a few minutes later with a nice volley.
  4. David starts for KAA Gent, once again behind two strikers.
  5. At least 5 West Ham academy graduates (I don't do emojis but imagine a winky thing there)
  6. I would say even better news is that the kid that was starting ahead of him is on the bench. So not forced.
  7. The ball did not get near him much. He still makes decent runs but they never really had a chance to find him, the ball was mostly on the other side. Looks like Colin the manager has tried to beat up Reading in the second half and/or stop the bleeding.
  8. Hoilett starts against Luton in the Championship. Two newer signings on the bench - Good news. Edit: Ha. Reading not Luton. I should remember I hate that lot.
  9. Honestly no worries, it's the internet and it is easy for me not to forget because I was just repeating back my impressions of the English supporters view of those situations, which I hear all the time. More interesting to me and more to the point is whether that has any bearing on Tomori. I think it, and history, points to them not capping him until he could do an actual job in their side. I could be wrong or I could be right and their attitude changes in the future, but that is just how I see it now.
  10. Leutwiler on the bench again for Blackburn vs. Middlesbrough.
  11. Diego Costa, off the top of my head. Spain needed an out and out striker and got one, the famous example. The "dodgy" part was from their perspective, as I see it. I could have made that clearer but I thought the "prideful" part at the beginning would show that all of it was pejorative. And it was about the clamour, the chase, not even the actual obtaining. From my own perspective, I do not see England "poaching" much. I see people wanting to play for them, often playing a lot of youth games for them, and then them calling them up if they think they are good enough. But I am often wrong and would very much consider any of the long history you mentioned. From memory, we have **********, obviously, but it is certainly down to the player and unfortunately our association. The three I mentioned would be similarly in terms of the player wanting it. Zaha went the other way. If they really wanted to push, they have all these players that the big Premier League clubs bring in at a very young age and people like Bale and De Bruyne. Again, it was me trying to reflect what I hear. I appreciate the post: any opportunity to learn and see another perspective.
  12. Interesting discussions. I think we might letting our - Canadian national team - newish approach seep into the reckoning here a bit. The English press and public are pretty prideful about not clamouring for dual or dodgy nationals like they see Spain, Brazil, Italy and even Germany doing. They will cap young, see Sterling, Rooney, Hudson-Odoi, Walcott. Sterling is a similar case, born in Jamaica, but playing at the highest level three years earlier. The guy with the shortest England career so far - Chalobah might be one to point to for giving someone a cap to tie him, (again born elsewhere) but they waited until last year after he played a massive number of youth games for them. Declan Rice is another interesting case, but from everything I read, it was less them chasing him and more him being told he might have a chance and pursuing the switch. That being the case even though that position is more of a problem than centre back, where the depth is good. Sort of fun to watch in a macabre way and as I said maybe another reason for me to want to see Frank fail.
  13. I don't know Gent that well, I have only been watching them sporadically since David was there and a lot this year since I really enjoyed watching two strikers and a #10. And David. Chakvetadze got injured in the spring some time. I don't think played much at all in the playoffs when David was reemerging. Honestly not sure he has played this season. Update: not sure how reliable Giorgi Chakvetadze (MI) Cruciate ligament injury (since 21/04) Late November 2019 http://www.teamfeed.co.uk/injuries-suspensions/football/belgium/pro-league/injuries
  14. They just brought Depoitre back and I am not overly impressed, though it was a nice finish, last night from the corner. He seemingly replaced the Japanese player Kubo and is partnering Yaremchuck, (at least in the last couple games.) They play nice and open and there will be lost of chances but I think their movement ahead of David could improve. Just opinions of course, based on seeing Depoitre against Premier League defenders. I could be very wrong, often am. Looking it up: back before his failed move to Porto and Huddersfield, he helped Gent win the league with 12 goals and 7 assists. David is the big difference-maker right now and they are not boring.
  15. I know it was a joke but a bit of a real explanation, he plays behind two strikers most of the time. After going up 1-0 on the night both of those strikers were subbed, he became the de facto striker. He could have had a couple assists but those strikers had a stretch (when the Cyprus team started to push up) when they went too early multiple times. His build up play has been really nice at times. But as said his finishing is cool as anything. Easy to say he takes easy chances for club and country but not every striker does so with his regularity.
  16. I look at a couple players I know well. James Tomkins and Mark Noble. And if you don't know those names, it should give you a bit of hope. Both have double digit u21 caps; Noble was captain and made his club debut at 17 and Tomkins played in the 2012 Olympics. But neither ( outside my circles) have ever been serious shouts for full caps. Noble is eligible for Ireland through grandparents I think but has always been clear about not wanting to for...well... noble reasons.( Tomori does have more ties and history, however brief, with Canada than he to Ireland.) I would say there are probably a lot of similar cases that I don't know offhand at other clubs. Long story short, early success and youth caps can't by the numbers guarantee you will play for England even if you have a solid club career. (Though again being at "big" clubs like Chelsea and thereby being up the table means a lot. Lots of mediocre Man Utd players have caps.) Sadly or not, it seems we just need to be the next prettiest girl at the ball, if the opportunity arises. And as said it will be a while, if it comes, maybe 2024?
  17. Sorry, I think I tried to stuff too much in one post, but see above and below now.
  18. Shame they are out of Europe (even if it was against Arfield) reduces the games they have. The three CBs ahead of him seem locked in there pretty tight. 2 have been captains and the other is a young Danish guy who come up from their U19s.
  19. Arfield's Rangers finish the job 3-1 (7-3) over James' (on the bench) Midtjylland to go through. Arfield goes 90'. Face Legia Warsaw in the playoff round.
  20. Maguire, Kean, Stones, and Gomez - have been whose there in the last year basically. None of them old but Gomez has been brittle. Lewis Dunk in my opinion is better than at least a couple of those and a bit older. Mawson's star has faded after getting relegated twice and being injured a lot. Tarkowski got caps when Burnley had a great year but similar. Mee rode that as well but is older than everyone mentioned. And there is still Phil "Beaker" Jones who is younger than I thought and went to the World Cup. Clarke-Salter has been Tomori's U-21 partner this summer but he is Chelsea too and was sent out on loan again. So would behind the latter probably. Probably depends on how long he wants to wait, thought playing for a big club makes a huge difference (I am not bitter, at all).
  21. David scores on the counter to make it 2-0 (3-1) and probably safe for Genk. They have a chant when he scores, I think, probably not surprising. Update - and again 3-0 Translated from their site 96 ' David comes again just for the goal and finishes again: 3-0 !!! 94 ' David is sent deep from his own half and finishes quietly: 2-0 !!! Final Barring a miracle elsewhere they will face Croatian side HNK Rijeka in the last hurdle before the group stage.
  22. De opstelling van KAA Gent: Kaminski, Lustig, Ngadeu, Plastun, Asare, Owusu, Odjidja, Dejaegere, David, Yaremchuk, Depoitre David with two strikers again. Interesting when you don't need a goal, but this has been a fun manager to watch.
  23. Lots of mixed feelings on the situation. The transfer ban has made them give lots of chances to their kids which may end up being brilliant for them in long run, unless Roman has truly got bored. I am hoping it is a disaster in the short term on general principle, their manager etc. Having said that, if I try to be neutral, it is nice that an English manager is getting a chance and giving the club's players a chance. As said though, that is probably bad for Canada. So on balance I hope they imploded.
  24. Borjan's penalties were better. Last night was no fun, everyone too competent, making theirs until the end. Great story about Adriaaaaaaan, though.
  25. I read from a Dane on another site that the owners love the money from concerts. He was happy because the national team play there so much and try to play on the ground. So he appreciated the bad publicity. No idea how to true, but there you go. Edit: Schmeichel senior said basically the same thing a few years ago so probably checks out. https://www.balls.ie/football/peter-schmeichel-parken-stadium-377395
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