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Mother Of All Canadians Abroad - December 2007

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According to Transfermarkt.de, Victor Oppong is now with SV Sandhausen (same division as SV Waldhof, the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg) and has been since January, although this is unconfirmed by the team website. Here's the link for anyone else who can read German:

(in German)


Also, Victor Collins (with whom I happen to share a birthday :D) is with MSV Neuruppin in the Oberliga Nordost-Nord, and this actually is confirmed by the team website.

(both in German)



That said, I kinda wonder how much longer he'll stick that out as Neuruppin are simply going through the motions at this point with one game left - they're on their way down to the Landesliga.

EDIT: Can anyone on here read Hungarian? There were two articles on Ryan Thomson whose headlines I was able to roughly translate, and it seems that Thomson didn't end up playing for TFC Lombard-Pápa at all, something which Transfermarkt seems to back up:

(In Hungarian)



(Again in German)


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I'm new here and not sure if this is the thread for such stuff, but it looks like Tyler Rosenlund has left his team, Atvidabergs in the Swedish 2nd league. From the translation tool:

quote:Mittfältaren Tyler Rosenlund arrived at ÅFF in March and had since enter into in ours A - troop. Tyler as had many qualitative as fotbollsspelare had done clearly disallows bet wide they cases he act for A - layer. A all stout konkurrenssituation imply yet that wes chosen that nots nyttja options that prolong agreement of purchase and sale. We have also committee pact if that conclude provperioden somewhat olds and Tyler am delivering accordingly now ÅFF and return to Vancouver and Kanada. Wes bar Tyler for his term in ÅFF and am desiring him bliss to in the future.


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I have a friend who's a native-speaker of Swedish that I got to translate the article, and he said the basic gist of it is that they admired Rosenlund's effort and think he has all the qualities of a good footballer, but there was too much competition for spots so they mutually agreed to terminate his trial contract early, and he's headed back to Vancouver.

Not sure if that means he's joining the Whitecaps or perhaps he's just waiting on another opportunity.

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Rob Wiersma (GK - DOB 1978) has just been transferred to LVV Lugdunum in the Netherlands.

They play in the 4th amatuer division (there are two professional divisions above that), but there's no word as to which reserve team he will play for.

Strangely enough, this lucrative signing hasn't been announced on their site yet: http://www.lugdunum.nl/


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quote:Originally posted by manutd1

Looks like Ryan Gyaki has been released from Sheff Utd according to Skysports transfer page

this is unfortunate...hopefully he can pick up with another CCC side.

Alternatively, maybe he should come home and join TFC's reserves. We still have open spots on the dev. roster.

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We received the following on June 8:

quote:I Andre Harris, is an canadian soccer player which is in luxembourg at the

moment. I had my test match 5 days ago which I scored three goals for CS

Obercorn(Promotion League)(2). They are interested in me to sign a contract for

the next season. Also the club is fusion with FC PORTO.


Andre Harris

On the old N54 forum he added:

quote:Though there are two other teams interested in me such as F91 Dudelange, which qualified for champions league round robin stage and FC Swift Hesperange. Both teams are in Division Nationale.
I asked him to keep us updated.
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Guest Jeffery S.

Curious, does Gerba now have to go back to Gotegborg after having a holiday? Is he automatically back in their fold?

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Imhof seems to not have had his contract renewed at Bochum. He is not listed on the player list on the website. Not much of a surprise as he isn't really a 1st BL calibre player and was out of contract. Seemed to be pretty solid in the 2nd BL so hopefully he can catch on there. With McKenna's self-relegation act it seems as if there will be no Canadians in the 1st BL next year unless one of the Hutchinson transfer rumours comes true or Gyaki makes Hansa's first team. A significant number of Canadians in the 2nd BL though.

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