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  1. Unlucky with that PK that could have gave us a push but at the end of the day, should have beat/tied Cuba, not doing so killed us. I was impressed with Crepeau, Piette, Dollery, Carreiro, and flashes of Aleman's skill. Henry has all the tools to be a very good CB, hopefully better decision making will come with experience.
  2. I've been impressed with Dollery going forward. Seems to be the best passer from the back.
  3. Here's my attempt at a translation since I speak the language. It doesn't say whether it's a Canada friendly vs Australia or whether his Turkish team is playing it, but it seems to imply it's Canada.
  4. While Soehn is an idiot, Teibert has been dealing with injuries non-stop the past two months and is out with a toe laceration right now.
  5. Edgar has been our most offensively creative player. What are the mids doing?
  6. So...he was injured by being hit in the thigh by the ball? This is embarrassing.
  7. There should be 10 minutes of added time. Jesus Christ, this is just outrageous St. Lucia.
  8. So many wasted opportunities all over the place.
  9. My Sportsnet One feed cut out just as Simpson shot that. Fail Sportsnet. Thankfully saw the replay. Oh my God. Are you kidding me.
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