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  1. You realize Obinna tagged him, Lofty? And those all sound like good reasons to form a union - other leagues do, and it's a good idea for discussing player interests. So why shouldn't fans be supporting it? It's important for the players not to be shortchanged as we all ride the initial wave of enthusiasm in the league
  2. Assuming we get to 12 with Fraser Valley, SK, Quebec, and A.N. Other Ontario team (Mississauga or K-W), I could see geography used for scheduling but maintaining the single table. You play everybody else twice (22 games), the remaining 5 teams in your "conference" once further each, and one more game against your local rival. Yes, you'd only be playing teams on the other side of the Great Lakes twice overall, and your local rivals 4 times. Those rivalries like Pacific vs Fraser Valley (Juan de Fuca Plate redux?) save on travel and can be hyped up twice each half-season.
  3. USL2 clubs couldn't do much in the final anyway with the current scheduling, as most of their players would have gone back to school by then
  4. To be fair, NCAAII --> couple years in USL --> MLS is a huge series of steps in such a short time, maybe he just needs some time at CanPL or USL level
  5. Anyone planning on going? I might be able to make the Mexico game in Denver
  6. The cut-off is January 1, 1998. Someone from the league clarified it on twitter last week.
  7. Coastal solidarity! I'm leaning towards Winnipeg for now (about as far from the coasts as you can get), but a Fraser Valley team or (less likely) London or Windsor would move to the top pretty quick.
  8. What about the PDL teams - do we incorporate them and turn them pro, try to use them as reserve/U23 teams for the top teams, or compete directly?
  9. Sounds a lot like the KPMG report in the early 2000s about the viability of a top level league here. Are these market research groups really in a position to tell us what most of us already know/suspect? Is a nationwide D2 league viable, in your opinion, and would it mark an improvement on the current state of the game? Will people actually go to see Calgary vs. Quebec City when there's an MLS game on TV?
  10. I used to work with Aljarov on a project "canucks-abroad.com", I think the site is down now but this was the interview I had with Tam a couple of years ago. Hopefully its not the final word on the subject.
  11. There's highlights on youtube, but no Johnson goal - anyone have a link? EDIT: ah, the Sportsnet vids have it now - great to see it replayed after watching it from the south end!
  12. 2-0 final. De Ro (pen) '62 and Jackson (breakaway, rounds the keeper) '84.
  13. Among his achievements are "taking New Zealand to the WWC in 2007 and 2011". Was there a playoff, or did they just have to overcome the might of Fiji and Vanuatu?
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