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Card for Domenics' family.

Vancouver Fan

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Sure, as I said in the other thread, I'm in.

Be sure to spell his name right: you and many others have spelled it "Dominic" and it appears that way on many sites, but the CSA and the media reports on his death spell it "Domenic", so, unless you know otherwise, I'd go with the latter spelling.

You should also post this on the other forum.

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quote:Originally posted by beachesl

And I think we could all agree taht you should also send it on behalf of the Voyageurs, unless there will be formal plans for the Voyageurs to send one officialy.

I thought the point of this card was to be the "official" one? I would agree that it should be signed on behalf of all Voyageurs in addition to the individual names. When I sent one to Craig Forrest (when he was first diagnosed with cancer), I signed it with "The Voyageurs" and then put the names of the 50 or so people that specifically requested it. I think something like that would do here, but whatever Vancouver Fan wants to do is fine; I can't see anyone complaining about such a gesture made on behalf of all Voyageurs.
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