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  1. Well ... great golf courses and Heather Moyes. Actually think PEI has more bobsled gold medals per capita than anyplace when you include Dave MacEachern's. Also, Michael Smith, Chef at Home! Beyond that, I'm at a loss.
  2. Agreed. If the rumours from the PEI approach are correct, the league has said it will gladly quarantine for the periods needed, unlike the NHL which said it would need an exemption to play in a Canadian city. Vancouver is essentially out as an NHL hub city from what I read due to Dr. Henry saying they would not make a special exemption for pro athletes. So if the CPL is willing to play ball - as they've hinted they would in the PEI approach - this could work on Van Isle.
  3. This actually seems like a good pick up for TSN and also for Canadian content as the Arrows roster is significantly Canadian. Compare this with Toronto Wolfpack (which is rugby league anyway so ... barf) that features zero, zip, zilch in terms of CanCon.
  4. If we could steer this thread back to Duran Duran that would be appreciated. Not nearly as depressing.
  5. Those of us who support Newport County are wounded by your leaving them out of this example. ­čśČ
  6. Can only pull the wool over your eyes for so long.
  7. Maybe this is just a reflex, but I hope he's hungry like the wolf or we're going to have to save a prayer for Edmonton this year. I wholeheartedly apologize for this. I couldn't help myself.
  8. I think others have mentioned that there is trademark issues and this organization has been pretty aggressive in protecting their brand. As far as the French version ... unsure if there is any issues, although correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't the direct translation of an "athletic club" be Sportif and Athl├ętique be more towards an individual being athletic or what we call track and field (athletics)?
  9. I think I'm still to excited to move on to the minutiae yet. Gonna revel in this news. I'll be more practical tomorrow. Enjoy.
  10. Agreed. And look at it from Athletico's point of view. They just saw an expansion MLS team awarded at a cost of $300+ million US. A CPL expansion team is (maybe) $9 million CDN. While there is more risk in the newer entity in the smaller country, they will have entry into the fourth largest market in this country. Plus, and I may be reaching a bit here, they also saw a team from this league knock off an MLS outfit last year. Investment vs possible return makes this seem like reasonable business for an organization of this size and resources.
  11. I'm not thrilled with this type of naming convention, but I'm not against it fully either. I'm hopeful that given the (relatively) common nature of Atl├ętico's strip that Macron can turn it around in fairly short order.
  12. And Liverpool FC are a club in Uruguay!
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