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Canada Denied Top Seed for WWC


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According to a Canadian Press article, we've been denied a top seed at Women's World Cup Germany next summer. Before I lose it and start sending hate mail to FIFA and CONCACAF, how has FIFA gone about deciding top seeds for past WWCs? This time around they're going by World Ranking, meaning the US gains the top seed and we go in as 9th ranked. Quite frankly, that is ****ing bull**** and if the CSA doesn't man up and protest this, then methinks we'll have to draft up an official response on behalf of the Voyageurs regarding our disappointment in their lack of having balls. I know we're bidding for 2015, and that doing something like this could possibly hinder our chances, but damnit all, this decision to go by World Ranking could **** us over in a tournament we can potentially win. Thoughts?

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Seedings are usually based on a teams "body of works" i.e. rankings. I can't see the NCAA giving a top seed to an average team that upsets an undefeated basketball team currently ranked number 1 to a top seed in the NCAA tourney. Besides, Canada didn't even play the US in the qualifing tournament. By your logic, Mexico should be seeded higher than the U.S.

I just hope for a favourable draw. Something like

Japan (5)

Canada (9)

Coloumbia (32)

England (10)

I might have place Equatorial Guinea (62) instead of Coloumbia but I am somewhat afraid of that squad.

What do you think would be the most favourable group for Canada?

My Canadian group of death would be:

Brazil (3)

Canada (9)

Nigeria (27)

Sweden (4)

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This is nothing to be upset about. Seriously, the yanks lost ONE game to the Mexicans IN mexico on a dodgy undersized plastic pitch. They have absolutely owned us, the mexicans, and nearly everyone in the world. If I remember correctly they've won two straight over Germany who are two time defending world cup champions. USA deserves to be seeded.

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Because there are two AFC teams in our pot (Australia & North Korea) the like-confederation rule translation is only Mexico and Canada can draw Japan. The other caveat is neither of us can draw the Americans.

So our odds broker like this:

- 50% - Japan (avoiding the top 3 Germany, Brazil, USA)

- 25% - Germany

- 25% - Brazil

I think we'd all take those odds to Vegas.

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These draws are quite exciting! So do WNT's send their staff to these draws? In Canada's case they'll practically be on their way to the airport for the Brazil camp/tournament.

In that case Maestracci will sure take advantage of a trip to Germany accompanied by a 3 Voyageurs (LOL).

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On now - LIVE DRAW

- so far: Sylvia Neid, Pia Sundhage, Carolina Morace, Bruno Bini, Eli Landsem, Mercy Akide, Worawi Makudi, mascot Karla Kick

- now we're looking at the "w"enues

- new Adidas women's world cup match ball - SPEEDCELL - many of the Germans are calling it very quick.

- doubt very much it will help them progress but Mexico got the super draw we were hoping for.

- opening match of the entire tournament is Germany v. Canada

Group A

- Germany (#2)

- Canada (#9)

- Nigeria (#27)

- France (#8)

Group B

- Japan (#5)

- New Zealand (#23)

- Mexico (#22)

- England (#10)

Group C

- USA (#1)

- North Korea (#6)

- Colombia (#32)

- Sweden (#4)

Group D

- Brazil (#3)

- Australia (#12)

- Norway (#7)

- Equatorial Guinea (#62)

After we get past the French our quarter-final opponent will be Japan or England. After them likely Brazil.

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Opening game vs Germany.

Going to be an exciting start and character builder for Big Red in the opening game playing Germany. Going to get some great TV stats for sure. Hopefully the rest of GA will let the team continue to build momentum going through the groups. Tough start but they can do it :-)

GA - Germany - Canada - Nigeria - France

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Guinea got picked before Nigeria, but were put into group D...did anyone catch why?

I think because pot 3 contained columbia, which could not go into group D because they are in the same confederation as Brazil. So the first team picked from that pot that was eligable to go into group D, was automatically put there. At least thats my understanding.

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Yes, A2 plays B1 (England or Japan) in the quarters. Then it gets tougher. And yes, we have to beat France.

The French are better quality than England. They have not lost in 15 months (Germany 1-5). A couple of good WPS players (Abily, Bompastor) and some other good young players - Crammer, Thomis, Le Sommer, and Nécib. They have a good captain in Soubeyrand who is pushing 40. Most of the good players play for Olympique Lyonnais who are on a Champions League run and the final is in May in England a month before the World Cup so that could either help or hurt them. We have an edge in goalkeeping, that could be their achilles heel.

Group C is definitely the group of death. Half the top 6 in the world.

2010 results in chronological reverse:


8-0 Nigeria

2-1 Australia

5-0 Canada

0-4 USA

2-3 USA

5-0 China

7-0 Finland

4-0 Denmark

3-0 North Korea


5-0 Poland

3-2 Italy

0-0 Italy

7-0 Serbia

1-0 Iceland

6-0 Estonia

3-0 Croatia

2-0 Switzerland

4-0 Northern Ireland

6-0 Northern Ireland

2-1 Republic of Ireland


0-8 Germany

4-2 Equatorial Guinea

5-1 Cameroon

3-0 Tanzania

2-1 South Africa

5-0 Mali

3-1 Côte d'Ivoire

2-1 Côte d'Ivoire

0-3 North Korea

0-1 North Korea

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Rail pass for supporters, should be enough to see all 6 matches.


German Rail Pass Sale - Buy 3 Days, Get 5

Travelers: 1 Adult $269.00

German Rail Pass Sale - Buy 3 Days, Get 5 $269.00

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Total without Shipping $269.00

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Or by rental: http://goo.gl/maps/orXt

Jun 26 - Germany @ Berlin Stadium (74,244 - built in 1936)

Jun 30 - France @ Bochum (19,226 - built in 1926)

Jul 5 - Nigeria @ Dresden (22,933 - built in 2009)

Jul 9 - Quarter-final @ Leverkusen (30,000 - built in 1999)

Jul 13 - Semi-final @ Moenchengladbach (46,297 - built in 2004)

Jul 17 - Final @ Frankfurt (49,240 - built in 2005)



The opening game will be German insanity. We could use that against them.

Berlin - http://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/destination/stadiums/stadium=33515/index.html

Bochum - http://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/destination/stadiums/stadium=5016082/index.html

Dresden - http://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/destination/stadiums/stadium=572/index.html

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