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  1. It's difficult to predict, as Unnamed Trialist points out. Kowal was a goal per game guy in L1o last year, and we could maybe use Anthony Novak as a comparable (having also been about a goal per game in L1o and then scoring 6 in 16 last year), but that's the end of good comparables. I'm cautiously optimistic about Malcolm Shaw and looking forward to seeing what Francisco Acuña can do - the latter obviously has the talent, but whether the body holds up at his age... (I say, realizing that he's two years younger than I am) Last season we all saw guys, who we thought would thrive, fall flat while others came out of nowhere. The same could easily be true for Ottawa, both positively and negatively. I think Ottawa will win a game, but overall will struggle, simply because of circumstances - team thrown together last minute, then international transfers essentially stopped by the pandemic, and having to scramble to find any available players. But I'm optimistic, especially now that the centre-back pairing looks good
  2. My partner's family is actually from Heliopolis, not far from the Heliopolis sporting club. I can't speak to your trips there/back, but my trip was about 17 hours each way, with stopovers definitely a factor. I think on the way there we had maybe 2 hours in Toronto and 3 or 4 in Vienna?
  3. It's a lot of stops, but it's not even 12 hours long! Try flying Ottawa > Toronto > Vienna > Cairo 😛
  4. The western flight: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ws9500 and the eastern flight: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ws9502
  5. They're coming! ... we think... The CanPL Discord Detectives believe that Maksym Kowal, Mohamed Kourouma, Jarred Phillips, and Ben McKendry are likely joining/already with the team, though we've been wrong before and that's still missing a 3rd CB. 🙃
  6. Platt been told to self-quarantine because he'll be expected to travel somewhere in the near future. Unless OneSoccer is shuffling him to cover some other league, it seems to suggest he'll be going to wherever the CPL games will be.
  7. That's all fair, though I think there's a big difference between attendance at current league games and those of a pro league - the Toronto Lynx averaged 1,350 in 2014, then TFC averaged 23,319 in 2015. Why couldn't we get, say, 4k average? The NWSL is only 7,389, it's not like we'd need 20k average to make it work. Obviously there are roadblocks and effort is needed, but we need to go that route, we need to push for it. The NWSL does not have our interests at heart, they just want our money. And getting even one NWSL team means Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Halifax, Quebec City, etc will have to wait at least 10 years to see pro women's soccer, if not 20 - remember, from TFC joining MLS to the first season of the CPL was 14 years. We will not see a Canadian women's pro league without Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Again, trying to get a Canadian team in the NWSL is taking a short-sighted approach that will ultimately harm Canadian soccer.
  8. Both of your points are apples and oranges. For one, women's soccer is arguably just as popular as men's, which is not true for hockey. I wrote something on that elsewhere, so I'm just going to paste it in here: As for keeping a league afloat, you're comparing one league that doesn't have a team in Montreal, Vancouver, or downtown Toronto with one that would. You're also talking about a league that is unable to pay/attract national team players - let's be honest, they can make more than 60k annually playing in Europe or MLS. But the salary structure in CPL is about the same as the NWSL (mandated as 20-50k). A Canadian women's league would therefore be able to afford the big names from the national team, unlike the CPL, which increases attendance, which increases revenue. Obviously it's conjecture, but so is the pro-NWSL argument. Much like MLS, they have no interest in developing Canadian talent, they just want to capture the Canadian TV market. They're not going to make money from having more than 3 teams in Canada, assuming the US federation would even allow them to, so that'll be their cap - they might even want no more than 1 team in Canada. So we go that route and we completely ruin the chance of a Canadian league. You think putting a men's league together without the big 3 markets was hard? Good ******* luck getting a women's league. Angel City was announced for 2022. Which suggests the earliest you're getting a Canadian team in NWSL is 2023. So you're willing to wait 3 years to get American scraps, but not willing to wait 3 years for CanPL and the three MLS sides to put together a women's league? You're telling me that MLSE, Joey Saputo, Greg Kerfoot, Bob Young, Atlético Madrid, and Tom Fath couldn't afford to successfully spin off their existing clubs to add a women's side? You're not starting from scratch after all, you have the structure in place already. So no, it's not taking the more pragmatic approach, it's taking a short-sighted approach that will ultimately harm Canadian soccer.
  9. I've said this elsewhere, so I'll quickly repeat myself here. I hate this campaign. It's entirely 100% focused on putting 1-3 Canadian teams in an American league and 0% focused on what is actually good for Canadian women's soccer. We need a Canadian league with teams in those big 3 markets, not another situation where we are forced to depend on the benevolence of Americans, begging at their table for scraps.
  10. That would be an odd decision, giving one team such a significant home advantage
  11. Ya, that was my suggestion as well, that the 6 and the locations might equal the number of signings and their hometowns (or previous club, or birthplace, or something). Some agreed, others disagreed, and the Toronto delayed gives me pause - they're not going to publicly say that a specific player's signing was delayed, are they? That'd be weird, unless there was a good reason for it (maybe the player's season hasn't finished yet because of COVID? Like someone in the Championship, waiting for their contract to run out?)
  12. That is something we've speculated on in the CanPL discord, but we also made the mistake with the Malcolm Shaw announcement, thinking it was three different players.
  13. Or Matteo de Brienne, who is a Whitecaps prospect from Ottawa that has been training with AO
  14. You may be right about that but your comment still referred to infection rates in all of Ontario as a reason why the tournament/season would not take place in Ontario. Instead, you could have said: "Not convinced that Ontario is likely to be a good move quickly enough in a PEI or Vancouver Island sort of way where infection rates in the GTHA are concerned"
  15. I've read that BMO Field is part of the NHL's bubble, so there goes Duane's idea (via the Athletic) I would like to remind you, and seemingly everyone else in the country, that Ontario is more than just the GTA. Ottawa has just 44 active cases in a city of almost 1 million people, infection rates are not a concern here at the moment.
  16. I suspect that Kyle Walton, a defender with some L1O and NCAA experience, is also training / on trial with the team (as I've previously noted on the CPL discord, both de Brienne and Walton came onto my radar as mutuals with AO players on instagram. While this doesn't always mean something, it has resulted in at least 4 names emerging before the team announced their signings)
  17. I'm not sure where you're getting that info, because it's not accurate. Mohamed Zidan didn't just play in the Bundesliga, he won the title with Dortmund in 2011! I believe there are 6 others too - Mohamed Emara, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Radwan Yasser, Gamal Hamza (though he only played a single game), Samir Ibrahim Kamouna, and Hany Guda Ramzy, who was the first Egyptian in the Bundesliga when he went to Werder Bremen in 1994. As for the Salah vs Davies stuff, I don't think the two are even remotely comparable for an Egyptian. To be clear, I am not but my in-laws are and I've met the extended family back in Egypt. Everyone there loves Salah, even the people (like my father and mother in law) who do not care at all about soccer. When he joined Liverpool, basically the entire country became Liverpool fans and when he inevitably leaves Liverpool, they will probably all switch to whatever team he joins (though that may depend on when he leaves and if he were to return to an Egyptian team). He's pretty much one step down from the Prophet at this point, though older generations may put someone like Aboutrika, Mahmoud El Khatib, or Essam El-Hadary above him. The point being, managers may take Davies over Salah right now, but an Egyptian would be infinitely more likely to choose to play alongside Salah than alongside Davies.
  18. Cape Verde's team is known as the Blue Sharks and, as someone on discord pointed out, ex-Fury FC midfielder Kevin Oliveira is Cape Verdean.
  19. This is a good point. I do think Shaw will be signed / has been signed, but I've said before that he may not be linked to this announcement. On the other hand, there's been so little news, why not have this kind of build up for every signing they make going forward? But on the other other hand, there's only so much time before they theoretically need to start kicking off, it would make sense to bring in a bunch at once and announce a bunch at once. On the other other other hand, I don't think they've announced more than two at once up until now and that only happened once, if I remember right, so it would be going against their limited past precedent to announce a bunch. On the other other other other hand (I'm just being silly now), there's so little past precedent to base things on that it may not make any sense to rely on it. Alternatively, everything I just wrote is complete nonsense (this is the most likely scenario)
  20. You could be very right, the socks (and possibly cleats) look different as well
  21. I believe Malcolm Shaw is right footed?
  22. There are questions about what the 3 means (days until an announcement, number of players being announced, etc), and the team already has 2 left backs (Djaozandry and Neufville). One name of note, whether part of this or otherwise, is Malcolm Shaw. He recently became mutual follows on instagram with Fisk, Hamilton, and Matt Zambonin (photographer at the team's Ottawa based training), while he also recently followed the team and the league. He also fits the bill of a Canadian forward (though more a left-wing), as was previously stated, and is out of contract.
  23. It was reported that 14 players were signed even before they came back from Spain and all of the players signed were identified as likely signings before then as well (I had named them all by March 14th, though not all of the investigative work was my own), so I don't think the camp would have made much, if any, difference on the current signings.
  24. Wrong about the day, but right about the latest name.
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