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  1. Or Matteo de Brienne, who is a Whitecaps prospect from Ottawa that has been training with AO
  2. You may be right about that but your comment still referred to infection rates in all of Ontario as a reason why the tournament/season would not take place in Ontario. Instead, you could have said: "Not convinced that Ontario is likely to be a good move quickly enough in a PEI or Vancouver Island sort of way where infection rates in the GTHA are concerned"
  3. I've read that BMO Field is part of the NHL's bubble, so there goes Duane's idea (via the Athletic) I would like to remind you, and seemingly everyone else in the country, that Ontario is more than just the GTA. Ottawa has just 44 active cases in a city of almost 1 million people, infection rates are not a concern here at the moment.
  4. I suspect that Kyle Walton, a defender with some L1O and NCAA experience, is also training / on trial with the team (as I've previously noted on the CPL discord, both de Brienne and Walton came onto my radar as mutuals with AO players on instagram. While this doesn't always mean something, it has resulted in at least 4 names emerging before the team announced their signings)
  5. I'm not sure where you're getting that info, because it's not accurate. Mohamed Zidan didn't just play in the Bundesliga, he won the title with Dortmund in 2011! I believe there are 6 others too - Mohamed Emara, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Radwan Yasser, Gamal Hamza (though he only played a single game), Samir Ibrahim Kamouna, and Hany Guda Ramzy, who was the first Egyptian in the Bundesliga when he went to Werder Bremen in 1994. As for the Salah vs Davies stuff, I don't think the two are even remotely comparable for an Egyptian. To be clear, I am not but my in-laws are and I've met the extended family back in Egypt. Everyone there loves Salah, even the people (like my father and mother in law) who do not care at all about soccer. When he joined Liverpool, basically the entire country became Liverpool fans and when he inevitably leaves Liverpool, they will probably all switch to whatever team he joins (though that may depend on when he leaves and if he were to return to an Egyptian team). He's pretty much one step down from the Prophet at this point, though older generations may put someone like Aboutrika, Mahmoud El Khatib, or Essam El-Hadary above him. The point being, managers may take Davies over Salah right now, but an Egyptian would be infinitely more likely to choose to play alongside Salah than alongside Davies.
  6. Cape Verde's team is known as the Blue Sharks and, as someone on discord pointed out, ex-Fury FC midfielder Kevin Oliveira is Cape Verdean.
  7. This is a good point. I do think Shaw will be signed / has been signed, but I've said before that he may not be linked to this announcement. On the other hand, there's been so little news, why not have this kind of build up for every signing they make going forward? But on the other other hand, there's only so much time before they theoretically need to start kicking off, it would make sense to bring in a bunch at once and announce a bunch at once. On the other other other hand, I don't think they've announced more than two at once up until now and that only happened once, if I remember right, so it would be going against their limited past precedent to announce a bunch. On the other other other other hand (I'm just being silly now), there's so little past precedent to base things on that it may not make any sense to rely on it. Alternatively, everything I just wrote is complete nonsense (this is the most likely scenario)
  8. You could be very right, the socks (and possibly cleats) look different as well
  9. I believe Malcolm Shaw is right footed?
  10. There are questions about what the 3 means (days until an announcement, number of players being announced, etc), and the team already has 2 left backs (Djaozandry and Neufville). One name of note, whether part of this or otherwise, is Malcolm Shaw. He recently became mutual follows on instagram with Fisk, Hamilton, and Matt Zambonin (photographer at the team's Ottawa based training), while he also recently followed the team and the league. He also fits the bill of a Canadian forward (though more a left-wing), as was previously stated, and is out of contract.
  11. It was reported that 14 players were signed even before they came back from Spain and all of the players signed were identified as likely signings before then as well (I had named them all by March 14th, though not all of the investigative work was my own), so I don't think the camp would have made much, if any, difference on the current signings.
  12. Wrong about the day, but right about the latest name.
  13. Right now the only expected signing is Viti (Victor Martinez, from Gimnastic). That doesn't mean ex-Fury won't be signed, but there also aren't many of them left available. By my count, only 5 (Oliveira, Obasi, De Freitas, Tissot, and Mutambala) played 2+ games last season and are currently available. Tissot's been discussed and it seems rather unlikely he'll be back in Ottawa at this point, I haven't seen Mutambala's name mentioned. Maybe he would, since he's young? No idea.
  14. Like I said, Zabal makes 13, so just Viti left, presumably tomorrow.
  15. The number floated in the media was that they had 14 signed, and I gather they only managed 2 or 3 days of training camp in Madrid, so any players there on trial probably have not been signed yet. I'd expect the next name to either be Victor "Viti" Martinez or Ignacio/Nacho Zabal, to round out the 14, though I very easily could be wrong. I'm far more confident about Viti than Zabal, if nothing else. Worth noting that those are the only real strong rumours left. There's a couple other names floated previously but all they seem very unlikely at this point (for instance, Langwa and Tissot), so it wouldn't surprise me if they get to 14 and don't announce any more for quite a while after.
  16. Ya, I get that, I'm not fully disagreeing with you, I just find it interesting. If someone only looked at his 17-18 season, when he was 30 years old, they would assume that he played fairly regularly during the ~10 years leading up to that point - I mean, it's pretty rare for soccer players to peak at 30 after all. But obviously his games played from most of those 10 years is rather low, justifying your calling him a career backup. So I dunno, I just find it interesting.
  17. It's interesting, looking at his games played makes me wonder if he's had injury issues? I mean, he started 18 of 34 games, played 28 total, in 10-11, but then didn't play much overall until 16-17 (started 15, played 25, between two teams in two leagues) and 17-18 (started 22 of 36 top flight Mexican games, played 30), at least according to soccerway. I mean, playing just 24 games over four seasons (from 11-12 to 14-15) does point to being a career backup, but starting 22 of 36 top flight games when you're 30 years old would usually suggest someone better than a career backup, you know?
  18. I think they might play behind closed doors if they are able to take advantage of the all-Canadian aspect of it - the NHL, for instance, you're risking bringing things across borders and obviously the US is a shitshow. But here, if we have a decent handle on things, why not get started behind closed doors, you're only moving ~20 people around, there'd only need to be ~50 at the game. And if they + health officials believe it's okay to do that, they can really take advantage of being the only live sport on TV (you can bet they'd have interest from TSN, Sportsnet, CBC, etc to get a piece of that) which would absolutely help the teams and league in the long run. *But* all of that is obviously dependent on Canada having a better handle on things than other countries.
  19. I keep seeing people say this and I completely understand why, but I also firmly reject it. The delayed start to the 2020 CanPL season, if it happens at all, is a big blow for a league that is just two years old. Sure, Ottawa might be better off relative to the rest of the CPL teams, but what happens if, say, Valour loses too much money with the lack of games that they shutter completely. Or York, or HFX, or whoever. I get that you're not saying that the delay is overall a positive and I know mine is a pessimistic view, but this could be deadly for such a young league. And anything that is bad for the league is bad for Ottawa.
  20. People have been getting calls today, though it seems more designed to reassure people that the team still exists, hasn't forgotten them, and will be ready when we're allowed to gather again (at least based on what I've mostly learned from twitter and discord - I did get a call, but missed it so just heard the message Greg left)
  21. They arrived back in Canada this afternoon, so the border closure probably won't affect them much, other than perhaps putting them into some form of isolation
  22. I mentioned Zabal a couple days ago here, the other two elsewhere, and I'm fairly confident about them. Recent instagram follows suggest players getting to know one another within the team / with trialists, and all three have a bunch of links now. Recently added mutual follows: Brandon John: Fisk, Gomes, Coupland, Neufville (also follows the team and CPL) Tevin Shaw: Fisk, Khabra, Bernardinho (also follows the team) Bernardinho: Fisk, Gomes, Coupland, Dada-Luke, Khabra, Hamilton, Shaw (also follows the team) Francisco Acuña: Fisk, Gomes, Coupland, Khabra, Djaozandry, Viti, Zabal(also follows the team and CPL) Victor/Viti Martinez: Fisk, Gomes, Coupland, Zabal, Acuña Natxo Zabal: Acuña, Viti (also follows the team and is followed by Gomes, though Zabal has not followed him back yet) Vashon Neufville: Coupland, Hamilton, John The team has reportedly signed 14 players, there are 7 official and 7 above, so I'm of the opinion that's the 14. Maksym Kowal has also been mentioned but his instagram posts over the past week have all been from Toronto which suggests he was not with the team in Madrid.
  23. On the social media front, Kacher is now following Valour and is a mutual follow with Raphaël Garcia on Instagram. He is not, as far as I'm aware, following/being followed by any confirmed Ottawa player.
  24. I noticed him as well but wondered if there may just be links through their social circles or whatnot. Was hoping for some other connection, haven't seen it yet (for instance connecting with Fisk who seems to mutual-follow everyone, including Aleman and Hume, among others) but he is worth watching
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