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Canada Denied Top Seed for WWC


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A little history from the French:


Their missing '95 lineup in Paris:

Caron, Annie

Donnelly, Geri

Gerrior, Suzanne

Hawthorne, Wendy

Hooper, Charmaine

Kelly, Angela

McEachern, Joan

Mongrain, Luce

Morneau, Isabelle

Muir, Suzanne

Ring, Michelle-

Ross, Cathy

Sedgwick, Nicole

Slaymaker, Heidi

Stoumbos, Helen

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FIFA always uses ranking to seed the pots, for men's and women's.

I dont doubt what you are saying, but is there anything in writing stating this? For example who approved the ranking methodology when did it become so primordial. When the Cocacola ranks started, I always thought that it was just a marketing/publicity thing that no one could take seriously. This is what has always pissed me off about FIFA and how they operate. There is always the sense that they make things up as they see fit behind closed doors.

Try reading those fifa constitutions or whatever they are called and every time you think that you understand something, there is ruling or decision that seems to contradict what they write or things are written in such away to leave them an out for them to do do what ever they want. If you contrast FIFA with the world Olympic organization (they too have had their share of scandal), i note that for the IOC you always know the rules of how they operate. With FIFA is always unclear hence you have no one who believes that FIFA is free or corruption, influence or favoritism. All these unclear rules and the fact that all important decisions are done behind closed doors only lends credence to all those suspicions.

With the IOC, you have a head guy who is bright and credible and can communicate a vision and your likely to televised coverage when they award sites for events. I cannot think of anything confusing about them. Whereas FIFA is run by a baffoon whom you have hard believing that he actually follows the sport and, when I thought that I understood the player eligibility (cap tie) rules it turns out their different or they change them. Well who voted on these changes? and how how did our reps vote? Its all unclear.

Ok, so getting back to seeding, who and when was it decided that they would go with the FIFA ranking? I didn't know. And if the FIFA ranking are always going to be used, then when was this approved?

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I'm not sure exactly how far back it goes freekick, but it's been that way for quite a while. The last couple of women's and at least the last four or five men's cups. They often mix in something like performance in the last cup as a tie-breaker/side-factor, but it's essentially your ranking.

The rankings are essentially oligarchical, and make a mockery of the qualification stage and protect the stronger federations from actually having to work for their lunch.


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Carolina Morace, Canada coach (from FIFA.com):

"Obviously, playing the holders Germany in front of their home crowd in the opening match is a big ask. But the Germans might be a little nervous in the circumstances too. I see no reason why we shouldn’t take something from the opening match, provided we play well. But obviously, the Germans are favourites to win the group, although I have to say they didn’t exactly dominate us in our recent friendly. It's always hard against Nigeria and France, the Africans in particular are physically strong. What’s important for us is to prepare well, and spend as long as possible together as a group. Our domestic league isn’t that strong, so we have to try and close the gap to the better teams by working very hard indeed when we do come together."

Great Caroline Morace commentary and info from John Molinaro (CBC):

Local bookmakers have already pegged Germany, the competition's host nation and the defending two-time champions, as 2-1 favourites to win a third consecutive World Cup crown. Nigeria is the reigning African champion and has competed at all six previous World Cups, while France is an emerging power in the European game.

"If I didn't think we could do it, I would have to quit right away and go home to Italy," Morace joked in an interview with CBCSports.ca after the draw was completed.

"This group is very tough. Germany has to be considered the favourite to win, but we can also say that maybe we are a bit lucky. The French are a good team but a little weaker than Sweden or Norway," Morace stated.

"First of all, I want to say Berlin is just a beautiful city," the Canadian coach said tongue-in-cheek during the FIFA broadcast.

"We lost to Germany the month before they lost 4-0 to the U.S., so they are not invincible and anything can happen," Morace warned.

"They didn't dominate us. We lost because we made some silly mistakes and we were missing some injured players. I think it will be different at the World Cup."

The Germans have a decided advantage over their Canadian counterparts, according to Morace, in that Germany has its own professional women's league, allowing its players to compete regularly at the highest level.

Morace doesn't enjoy the same luxury because there is no Canadian professional division, and she must rely on holding extensive training camps in order to see her players in the flesh. She plans on using an exhibition tournament in Brazil next month, and similar competitions in China and Cyprus in early 2011, to build team chemistry.

"I want to make sure the players are already thinking about that first game against Germany and give them some confidence," Morace said.

Morace later added: "If we are to reduce the gap between us and Germany, then we must spend as much time together training and playing in exhibition matches."

While Canadian fans will no doubt be looking forward to the first game against Germany, Morace warned that Canada can't afford to look past its other group opponents.

"Nigeria is a physical team. They mark man-to-man in defence," Morace stated. "In the coming months, I want to see more video and learn more about them."

France's only previous World Cup appearance came in 2003, the same year Canada reached the semifinals. Although not a traditional power in the women's game, they have improved over time.

"I saw them play at home against Italy recently and they were very well organized in defence," Morace said. "They are a very technical team, and they have some skilful players."


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They definitely play well above their rank when they have everyone on-board and are well prepared, which they didn't have and weren't against Germany. Playing African teams is always a wildcard and discipline and a good plan are crucial. Canada, France and Nigeria are to a large part On Any Given Sunday. The differentiator will be the four components of tactics: (a) the design of the initial game plan, (B) the ability to read the game, © to analyze and evaluate the options, and (d) react to them quickly on the field.

The global press is full of Germany 5-0 over Canada, 8-0 over Nigeria, and 5-1 over France in the past year. But the reality is Germany will definitely struggle. If we can work out the kinks between now and next summer we have a great chance at a point, possibly three.

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The Germans are overrated, and the rest of the group is underrated. We were 1-0 at half-time in Dresden after a brutal dive and penalty call and it was 2-0 at 66 minutes (off an uncharacteristic LeBlanc bad night error) when we pulled Parker and both our wingbacks. I have no doubt LeBlanc would like two of them back but all three of the next goals came from the wingback subs getting beaten. A neutral referee and any other night in LeBlanc's life and it's 0-0 late. They won't be playing relaxed and if we're healthy and can sort out our midfield the longer the game goes on close they more they will get frustrated and beat themselves.

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