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  1. You jest, but it would seriously be awesome if the national team played a game in Iqaluit or something.
  2. I'm on board. Although I was already planning to buy a Valour or HFX kit and show up wearing that, just waiting to see who will be there.
  3. At this point Valour seems like the better team, so I'd say Valour. I just want to see the Fury get destroyed, but I'm expecting to be disappointed.
  4. I don't disagree, but at this point I have no real interest in supporting the Fury even if they move to CPL. I would probably get seasons tickets, but if they'd been part of the league from the start that "probably" would have been "definitely" (hell, the train to Hamilton, plus hotel, for my partner and I to see the CPL opener cost about what a single season ticket to the Fury would have cost me).
  5. Let's just say I am underwhelmed by the fact that they had ~15% lower attendance while giving out free tickets to mothers. There may, of course, be a difference between attendance on a saturday vs. a sunday, the day before mother's day vs actually mother's day, and various other factors. It's too bad we can't know how attendance would be if the game had been against, say, York 9 (the only CPL team to not play this past weekend) instead of Atlanta's farm team.
  6. Agreed, but figured since I generally spend all my time being critical of the Fury I needed to at least give them the benefit of the doubt once. Maybe flooding instead then. Though of course it also depends on if their attendance is 'tickets sold/given away' or 'tickets used'.
  7. 15% seems more than "slight", but sure. Worth noting the school game in 2017 was 7500 on June 20th (vs Orlando B), later than this year's May 8th and last year's May 2nd. Weather may have been a factor in the drop this year (from what I'm seeing, 2017 and 2018 would have been around +20, whereas this year, while bright, was more like +12). Be interesting to see what the attendance is tomorrow. Last year they had 4300 for Atlanta 2 on Sat, May 12 in what seems like similar weather (+16, mainly sunny. Tomorrow's forecast is +15, mix of sun and clouds). I don't know if they did the "mothers get in free" thing though.
  8. I signed up in time for the Forge-Pacific game on Wednesday, having procrastinated up until then. As an Ottawa resident who won't be able to make it to many games, it's great to have - if I manage to watch every CPL game, it works out to less than $1 per game. Even if I don't, it's still cheap and seems like decent quality? Admittedly I'm comparing that to my usual tactic of (probably illegal) streams. I don't disagree with Ted's point about having extra content, analysis, whatever, but it's obviously early days. It's hard to have tons of content to show when there are only 7 teams and have so far only been 8 games played.
  9. Sorry, are you claiming that the Fury would have more fans if the weather had been bad?
  10. So I'm about as pro-CPL / anti-Fury as they come right now (heck, I turned down free tickets to the game), but I will say that I believe the ~6500 number, mostly because that's about the same as every other year. 2018 was ~6100, 2017 was ~6500, 2016 was ~7000, and 2015 was ~5000 (2014 obviously was an exception, as it was their first pro season and the first half was at Carleton). Home openers are rarely representative of how a team's attendance will be. They could maintain the ~6500 average for the year, drop back to their ~4600 average of last year, or maybe even rise. We'll see how many people show up to see their opponents on the weekend from... Loudoun? Where the heck is Loudoun? It's a good thing the Fury stayed in USL so we could see them play such legendary teams as Loudoun... ?
  11. I think some people underestimate the potential of some smaller markets and do them a disservice in comparing to the States. Look at Halifax as an example - seems like it's doing great in terms of ticket sales and interest right? What other sports leagues are there in Halifax? The QMJHL, sure, but that's juniors and in the winter. There's the basketball team (also winter schedule, drawing ~2k per game with far more home games), and the lacrosse team (also winter schedule, and the team is new, first game in the fall). So when someone wants to go to a sporting event in the summer, what is there? The Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League? I'm sure that's a high level... Go even further, take a town of, say, 60k? How about Grand Prairie, Alberta. Highest level sports team? The Grande Prairie Storm of the Alberta Junior Hockey League. So you put a soccer team there, in the highest level in the country? People will support it, because it is *theirs*. They would proudly be able to say that they are in the same league as Edmonton and Calgary, they would be able to take delight in wins against the pricks from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. Now you compare with a smaller place in the US and you say it can't work here because it doesn't work there. But I'd argue there's a massive difference - we don't have college sports. I have never seen a single school in Canada get even half the absurd level of school spirit that they have in the States. So when it comes to sports teams competing for entertainment dollars, you have to take the college teams into account. I know that a place like Grand Prairie would struggle to support a team enough, because there's more to a league than just ticket revenue, but I don't see why we can't dream of building towards a larger league, maybe with some form of pro/rel to ensure that smaller towns do get a chance to prove themselves. Mostly the conversation here is about the potential for the Fury to be in the CPL but regardless, please find me any post of more than 5 pages that has managed to perfectly remain on topic? Also I'm curious as to why you care what arbitrary classification we apply to this completely irrelevant internet debate among a bunch of people with little to no secondhand (let alone firsthand) knowledge of what is actually going on?
  12. There is the other field at Carleton too. A bit of building in the way for one corner, but fewer trees and it's not used for handegg games. It's not quite as big a field overall, but I'm not sure by how much or whether that would matter. I should add, I'd be surprised by this too but are we not allowed to dream of the day when we have a national soccer pyramid that includes +3 pro or semi-pro teams inside Ottawa's greenbelt? ?
  13. Agree that there and these are valid concerns, but having attended Carleton and played on the field in a rec league, I sort of agree and disagree on the looking like **** thing. I mean, it does, but I'd argue it also has the space for a popup stadium just like Halifax. If that's an option elsewhere, it should be an option there too. I knew and said it back when the Fury joined USL, that it meant they were not likely to join CPL because three leagues in ~4 years was not something they'd want. I hate the argument about CPL failing though - sure, it could fail, but it would have been less likely to fail if it had 2 established teams instead of 1, a team in the capital, and no Canadian team holding out by staying in a mediocre American league. If the CPL fails without the Fury joining they will be a reason why. At this point my distaste for OSEG is strong enough that I would get season tickets to support the CPL but then cheer for the visitors every time.
  14. Oh ya? I found a "transit oriented development plan" from 2013 that talks about developing the bulk of the area into apartments and the like. They seem to maintain some of the existing green space (basically the stuff with trees, I think), but it also mentions that much of it is "vacant and part of former landfill areas", and that the land is mostly owned by the city or the NCC. Having said that, it is from late 2013, so you might be right as much can change in 5 years. http://ottwatch.ca/meetings/file/98755/File_TOD2_Plan_Revised_draft_Nov_27_13part2_pdf_Item_TRANSIT_ORIENTED_DEVELOPMENT_PLANS_OFFICIAL_PLAN_AMENDMENTS_AND_ZONING_BY_LAW_AMENDMENTS_FOR_LEES_HURDMAN_AND_BLAIR_TRANSIT_ORIENTED_DEVELOPMENT_STATION_AREAS_Meeting_Planning_Committee_Date_2013_12_10_09_30_00 It's funny, especially because lawn-type grass is not native to North America. So if you think about it, the average city park is just as good or bad for the environment as a small stadium with so-called natural grass ?
  15. You know, this is just occurring to me, but there's a lot of empty space right around Hurdman station? Like, south of the stadium just seems to be piles of gravel slowly growing shitty grass, if I remember right. I have no idea about land ownership, etc, and it might be a bit weird to put a stadium so close to the Lees Campus stadium (unless it was part of a partnership with Ottawa U), but it's kind of the perfect spot where public transit is concerned, being at the intersection of the north-south transitway and east-west train (assuming they ever finish it). It's a far better spot than Lansdowne and I'd say better than Lebreton too (the train might be faster than transitway buses, but the train route is not along residential areas, whereas the transitway is). Not the easiest by car of course, with just Riverside, but it's also not too hard as it's close to the highway. Just a thought.
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