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  1. I agree with many comments on Cherry and am glad he's finally off the air, but want to second sajc. It's one thing for us to go off topic on soccer stuff, like which teams will get byes to which round of the Voyageurs Cup, but it's another thing to go off topic on the politics of an 80-something-year-old television personality and mediocre hockey coach from 40 years ago.
  2. I don't entirely disagree but I think finding fairly natural ways to have derbies would be really useful to the league. I'd love to have an Ottawa vs Gatineau rivalry game for instance, ideally in a stadium close enough to walk across one of the bridges to get there (though I recognize that would probably be a relatively long walk). I know there will always be city rivalries, like Calgary vs Edmonton, but how can we build intra-city rivalries? With Montreal, maybe having one team in a more English part of the city and another in a more French part of the city would do that, without the need to actively market the teams in that way, but I'd certainly be open to other ways to do it. Perhaps we can create our own Al Ahly vs Zamalek rivalries, get one team supported by the people and the other by the wealthy elite*? Toronto can have Bay Street FC, Montreal can have Westmount FC, Ottawa would be Rockcliffe FC, Vancouver would be Anywhere But The Downtown Eastside FC (or so I've been told), etc. * I'm aware that my description of the Cairo Derby is an oversimplification as to which team is supported by which fans, blame my Nasserist in-laws who are firmly Al Ahly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. The shrug was supposed to demonstrate that I was mostly joking. I'm a Habs fan, well aware of Montreal's inability to support a second hockey team (although I gather Les Canadiennes got fairly good support), and the only way having an English team vs French team rivalry would make sense is if they were in the same league, i.e. the Impact would have to move to CPL for it to potentially work. As for where, no idea, so I will (again jokingly) say wherever the Garbage Bowl is played in NDG Montreal West. [edit]: apparently the Garbage Bowl is played just outside of NDG. I was not aware, because my memories of it always started by walking there from my uncle's home which is definitely in NDG.
  4. Maybe we can take a page out of the hockey history books and have a French Montreal team (les Canadiens) and an English Montreal team (the Wanderers and Maroons) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. To be fair, that plan was from 2009, when Lansdowne redevelopment was just a proposal being considered by the city and a year before the Fury were added to OSEG. I think it's more useful in pointing out that Malhotra could be a good fit for the CPL, if he was interested / had funding that could have led to a NASL franchise at the baseball stadium - whether he would still want to put a team there now is not as important as whether he would have the money and interest to lead a CPL team.
  6. Good thought - apparently he (Neil Malhotra) is VP of Claridge Homes and wanted to put a NASL team in the baseball stadium: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/neil-malhotra-wants-to-put-pro-soccer-in-ottawa-stadium Further to that, an article after his CSL team folded, suggests he is very much interested in what the CPL has to offer - a professional environment to develop Canadian talent: https://www.pressreader.com/canada/ottawa-citizen/20120331/282067683902186
  7. Ya, I didn't think you were, just felt there was a chance some might think you were saying that. As for crowdfunding, I'm a socialist, I think most (all?) sports teams should be community owned. Like, the Montreal Canadiens were sold to Geoff Molson for $500mil. There are some 3mil people in Montreal, levy $150-200 each and voila, the city owns the team. I know it's not actually that simple, but at the same time, why not?
  8. Just to clarify slightly, they are Fury neutral, neither pro nor anti OSEG and unwilling to discuss who is to blame, etc. They just want a pro team and recognize that the CPL is the only place that will happen at this point, whether that's OSEG+Fury or not.
  9. The most likely alternatives would be the schools (both of Carleton's have very good turf, Ottawa U's Lees field has ****** turf, and I can't speak to the other Ottawa U field or Algonquin's as I've never played on them), none of which have a great location. They're all relatively accessible by transit but there's not really any pubs, restaurants, etc around them (Algonquin is a bit of a walk from the station, but also I think closer to pubs, etc than the other schools) - I guess Ottawa U's Matt Anthony field might be a better location, except there's nowhere to park. And, obviously, you have to convince the schools to give them up for significant periods of time, during which they're probably already being used (there's a reason I've played on two of those fields after all!). Other locations are often more long term. Lebreton would be great, but that redevelopment will take decades. Same with the Hurdman area. Would be great to do a popup at Confederation Park but there's no way in hell that'd happen. One area that could be an interesting option would be the Mechanicsville area, with Laroche Park. I don't know if it'd be possible, but it's got a lot going for it in terms of location. Who even knows with this shitshow of a city though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. I would suggest that mentioning them on TFC broadcasts is probably the decision of the individual play-by-play / colour commentator, not TSN, unless they were specifically saying things like "and you can watch Forge vs Cavalry on OneSoccer.ca tomorrow at 7pm" or whatnot. I guess TSN could have asked the commentators not mention CPL at all, but I think it's more likely that they just don't care about the CPL either way.
  11. Yes, you're probably right there. But that is still more likely to bring down FIFA than a mediocre club in a small country in a minor league. If you have constructive ways to bring down FIFA, I'm all for it, the organization is terrible and should be dismantled. The simple fact is, however, that Ottawa and the Fury are not about to do it - especially when their complaint is that they want to play in a second tier American league. Oh boo hoo, poor OSEG and their millions, I'm so sad for them 🙄
  12. You really think the Ottawa Fury, a 6 year old pro club that's only been in its league for 3 seasons, is going to be the one to bring down FIFA? Are you having a laugh? Yes, FIFA is corrupt. So? They set the rules by which soccer teams and governing bodies have to follow and if you don't like it, that's too bad for you. You know who hates the world cup in Qatar? All of the major European teams and leagues that are going to have a big winter break where all their best players go to get heat stroke. And yet it's still happening. So if the elite European teams and leagues can't bring down FIFA, how the hell do you think a mediocre team in a small country that plays in a minor league is going to do it?
  13. I don't think it's about the money, I think it's about ego/personality/etc. Fury ownership clearly just don't get along with CPL owners at this point.
  14. The average fan has probably heard of Saint Louis, sure, but not Loudoun. If education is required, it should be easier to educate fans about the Canadian teams because they can actually place those cities on a map and there are obviously fewer teams to worry about. I still maintain that Ottawa fans would be far more interested in seeing the CPL teams over Bethlehem, Charleston, Louisville, Penn FC, Richmond, Loudoun, Swope Park - none of whom I could place on a map - or the obvious farm teams in Orlando B, Atlanta 2, and NYRB II. It might be a small difference, but I think it makes a difference and could help to speed up the reintegration of Ottawa area fans.
  15. From what the Fury have said, it was neither the CSA, nor the CPL, that made the decision. They wanted to stay in USL, apparently the CSA gave them the okay. Which suggests it's CONCACAF/FIFA, maybe US Soccer, that wasn't cool with it. But why should they be cool with it? They don't care about Ottawa, or even really Canadian soccer, they likely have bigger concerns. The Fury wanted sanctioning to be in USL, but why should CONCACAF give them the okay? They don't have to, they have rules in place for this kind of situation and the Fury wanted to be special, despite no evidence that they actually deserved to be treated as a special case.
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