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  1. Anyone planning to be in Ottawa for the second leg? I plan to be there wearing my HFX shirt, not sure if there's an away section I should aim to be in.
  2. There might be some ways around this issue though. One thing I've been wondering about, in part because we already have the spring/fall league split, is a sort of half-pro/rel. Let's say there's 24 teams across the country, split into three regions of 8 (presumably west/central/east). Play a first half season where each region plays itself home-home, so you get 14 games each. If you finish near the top, you're "promoted" and put in a national league for the second half, to play for the championship. There's different options at that point admittedly, whether the 24 teams are split in two national leagues (which still reduces travel costs, only having national travel for half the year) or maybe only the top 2 in each region are promoted, leaving the bottom 6 to continue regional play. Either way, it could enhance regional rivalries, decrease travel costs, provide that hope of "promotion" and fear of "relegation", while also keeping teams competitive. So for instance, this point: would be mitigated. You might get destroyed by some stronger teams in the first half, but then you're hopefully facing more equal teams in the second half and can even sneak your way to a lesser title. I'm sure there are flaws with the idea, but it's something I've been mulling over and figured it'd be worth writing down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. The tornadoes were later, around 6pm, and out in the East, but it's close enough in time and location to have reminded me that the weather wasn't great. When you say you were told the attendance was higher than expected, do you mean specifically because of the weather?
  4. So they're doing better on the field, but not off. June 2nd, 2018, vs Charlotte - attendance 5,693 June 2nd, 2019, vs Charlotte - attendance 3,589 There may be weather factors to take into account though, considering there was a Tornado in Orleans!
  5. I probably shouldn't give you the benefit of the doubt here, but I recognize I could be wrong, you might not be referring to Bunbury with the "bland things terminated with some monosyllabic high school French". Having said that, to someone who hasn't watched many announcement videos, it very much reads like you are, which seems rather contradictory with your claim to not be shitting on Bunbury.
  6. You jest, but it would seriously be awesome if the national team played a game in Iqaluit or something.
  7. I'm on board. Although I was already planning to buy a Valour or HFX kit and show up wearing that, just waiting to see who will be there.
  8. At this point Valour seems like the better team, so I'd say Valour. I just want to see the Fury get destroyed, but I'm expecting to be disappointed.
  9. I don't disagree, but at this point I have no real interest in supporting the Fury even if they move to CPL. I would probably get seasons tickets, but if they'd been part of the league from the start that "probably" would have been "definitely" (hell, the train to Hamilton, plus hotel, for my partner and I to see the CPL opener cost about what a single season ticket to the Fury would have cost me).
  10. Let's just say I am underwhelmed by the fact that they had ~15% lower attendance while giving out free tickets to mothers. There may, of course, be a difference between attendance on a saturday vs. a sunday, the day before mother's day vs actually mother's day, and various other factors. It's too bad we can't know how attendance would be if the game had been against, say, York 9 (the only CPL team to not play this past weekend) instead of Atlanta's farm team.
  11. Agreed, but figured since I generally spend all my time being critical of the Fury I needed to at least give them the benefit of the doubt once. Maybe flooding instead then. Though of course it also depends on if their attendance is 'tickets sold/given away' or 'tickets used'.
  12. 15% seems more than "slight", but sure. Worth noting the school game in 2017 was 7500 on June 20th (vs Orlando B), later than this year's May 8th and last year's May 2nd. Weather may have been a factor in the drop this year (from what I'm seeing, 2017 and 2018 would have been around +20, whereas this year, while bright, was more like +12). Be interesting to see what the attendance is tomorrow. Last year they had 4300 for Atlanta 2 on Sat, May 12 in what seems like similar weather (+16, mainly sunny. Tomorrow's forecast is +15, mix of sun and clouds). I don't know if they did the "mothers get in free" thing though.
  13. I signed up in time for the Forge-Pacific game on Wednesday, having procrastinated up until then. As an Ottawa resident who won't be able to make it to many games, it's great to have - if I manage to watch every CPL game, it works out to less than $1 per game. Even if I don't, it's still cheap and seems like decent quality? Admittedly I'm comparing that to my usual tactic of (probably illegal) streams. I don't disagree with Ted's point about having extra content, analysis, whatever, but it's obviously early days. It's hard to have tons of content to show when there are only 7 teams and have so far only been 8 games played.
  14. Sorry, are you claiming that the Fury would have more fans if the weather had been bad?
  15. So I'm about as pro-CPL / anti-Fury as they come right now (heck, I turned down free tickets to the game), but I will say that I believe the ~6500 number, mostly because that's about the same as every other year. 2018 was ~6100, 2017 was ~6500, 2016 was ~7000, and 2015 was ~5000 (2014 obviously was an exception, as it was their first pro season and the first half was at Carleton). Home openers are rarely representative of how a team's attendance will be. They could maintain the ~6500 average for the year, drop back to their ~4600 average of last year, or maybe even rise. We'll see how many people show up to see their opponents on the weekend from... Loudoun? Where the heck is Loudoun? It's a good thing the Fury stayed in USL so we could see them play such legendary teams as Loudoun... ?
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