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  1. The one I've seen suggested elsewhere is Sergio Castel, currently on loan with Jamshedpur FC
  2. Yes but the time frame probably makes it difficult to do - they already said the first home games wouldn't be until May, despite the season starting mid-April, which is likely to give them more time to market the team, get staff reaching out to people who made season ticket deposits, etc. I imagine those same factors impact their ability to have a good pre-season game
  3. Out of curiosity, how did/does the USL get around that issue, seeing as Canadians have been treated as domestics there, until next year at least.
  4. I know this isn't what happened, in part because I also went to the evening event and got a scarf, but I love the idea of us showing up at the pub to find them furiously sewing on the AO patches, trying to get it done as fast as they can before the event starts.
  5. I actually think now is the least likely time that the CSA would do that, they'd probably rather have the MLS-level Canadians who cannot find jobs because they count as internationals playing in the CPL as opposed to being second string on American MLS sides. Indeed, the fewer Canadians there are in MLS, the better the level of Canadians in the CPL would be *for now*. In a few years, as the CPL expands and improves, things may change, but right now I don't think there's any impetus to fight for that MLS rule change. But I agree with your expansion prediction. The league clearly knows they need a team in Quebec about as much as they needed a team in Ottawa so will be fighting hard to make it happen. Now whether they announce it as happening the following season or the one after (i.e. if they announce it in July 2020, are they saying they'll start in 2021 or 2022?) is another question.
  6. As a socialist I support the continued use of communist colours in Canada! 😛 More seriously I think the logo is good. Is it amazing? Nah, probably not. Is it bad? No, I don't think so. It fits, it makes sense, and I don't really buy the links with the US. As has been said, a lot of countries and teams use red and white stripes with or without the blue. The comparison with that specific US logo, I mean, okay, they're both shield shaped with similar colours, so what? Half of the world's flags are the same shape with similar colours. I'd argue the bigger question would be the kit design - if that looks like an American kit then fine, but I doubt it, if for no other reason than I can't find a single time the Yanks have used vertical red and white stripes.
  7. It's pretty damn close to confirmed - there was an article in the Spanish press 3 days ago that hinted at it. I don't know much anything about him as a coach, but it does appear he's in FM2020?
  8. Hopefully he's better as a manager in Canada than he was as a player in Canada
  9. Reading around, things seem mixed. Did well youth coaching but only had one good season with the Fire (Schweinsteiger's first). Still, doesn't mean he'll be bad for the CPL, the player development focus of the league might make him a good fit
  10. While some have said this is back to de Guzman, others have denied it and point out that it says "North America" not "Canada" which suggests a potential MLS connection. The best guess so far, in my opinion, is recently fired Chicago Fire coach and former Atletico Madrid player Veljko Paunovic (credit goes to whoever [TFC]langilleski is on the CPL discord)
  11. You may be right, but that would force some teams to play more games than the current schedule - it feels less obtrusive and, frankly, more fair to drop a bye (Cavalry or Vancouver, presumably) than to essentially drop a "bye" for 6 teams (aka adding an extra round).
  12. So I don't know how trustworthy he is, but Jeremy Filosa seems to think that Ottawa being added would give the Impact a bye to the semis I'm pretty baffled by this idea, because there would then only be three quarter final games and the CSA would have to take 12 teams and reduce it to 3. The only mathematical way I can see that working would be no team, other than the Impact, get any byes. First round would be all 12 teams (including TFC, Vancouver, and Cavalry, who all currently don't play that round), second round the 6 winners, third round the 3 winners + Impact. This would mean that the Impact would only need 2 games to make the final while any other team would need to play 6 games to make it.
  13. I get where you're coming from on that, but let's not forget that Wales and England are actually the same country (whether they like it or not), even if they have two different federations, whereas Canada and the US are not. In sporting terms, yes, the MLS sides are more like Cardiff and Swansea being in the English system, but from a regulatory approach it is far closer to Belgium+Netherlands than to England+Wales.
  14. I think that the proposed BeNe League could be a good testing ground to see whether FIFA or UEFA will hit back at the idea of multi-nation European leagues and how that might relate to MLS. I know it's more in FIFA's realm, but even if UEFA rejects it the pro-BeNe teams could point to MLS and say "if they can do it, why can't we?". At which point FIFA may have to take another look at MLS and decide if the precedent is worth it. Be interesting to see. I can certainly understand the appeal of a BeNe league, in order to better compete with teams in Germany, England, etc, but I imagine FIFA and UEFA would fear it might provoke other neighbouring nations to propose the same. Maybe it would lead to an Austro-Hungarian league or a former Czechoslovakia league (a former Yugoslavia league seems a bit less likely...). At which point the biggest teams can propose their super league with stronger justification. Oh, and for those who would point to Canada and the US's history of joint leagues, I should point out that there is already an ice hockey BeNe league and was a women's football BeNe league from 2012-2015, so it's not like we're unique.
  15. Use whatever level of profanity you desire, but I would suggest avoiding the use of sexist insults.
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