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  1. Agree totally! There were others who should have been there instead of him. Anyhow lets hope the girls save his ass, for Canada's sake.
  2. Canada loses 2-1 to Norway. Missed the game, anyone see it? How did we look? I thought we would have taken care of Norway. Disappointing
  3. ^^ Seems like Herdman seemed to like them, but the new U20 coach had his own ideas and favorites...
  4. wow, that video is great evidence. I had seen the missed hand ball, but those fouls by other players... really does look like "american" football.
  5. I think he is playing it kind of " safe" for the Olympics and will start a massive look at new players starting in the fall. Thats the word around...
  6. He was called to join Herdman's coaching staff when Herdman came on board (as GK coach). He was liked, and the rest is history.... More importantly, Our U20's had bascially one prep camp before CONCACAF qualifying. They have not had anything since they qualified back in Feb. The end-May camp that was scheduled was cancelled due to budget issues apparently (...guess our senior team is getting all the funds). From what I hear the next camp will be in early July. The team will then probably leave 1-2 weeks early prior to the WC, and, thats it for preparations! We love making our live
  7. Coach O. has not coached any of the players in W-league, and to my knowledge has not coached a high-level girls team either. So there was no plan there I think to get some "quick" benefits.
  8. Japan - 18 August - 08 September After the CONCACAF Finals last weekend, 13 of 16 teams are now confirmed: - Germany, Italy, Norway and Switzerland (UEFA); - Japan (host), Korea DPR, China and Korea Republic (AFC); - Argentina and Brazil (CONMEBOL) - USA, Canada and Mexico (CONCACAF) Japan also officially accepted to host the event, in case there was still any doubt :-) http://www.fifa.com/u20womensworldcup/organisation/media/newsid=1580845/index.html
  9. Well, we had not seen our defense getting really tested yet, and last night they showed they can hold up against a top team. Although the Americans were not very impressive in finishing last night. Some of the Coach's choices last night were odd, but hey it seemd to work. Let's hope for better preparation going into the world cup as the team has good potential and I dont think we saw the best from this team yet.
  10. 6-0 Canada over Panama World Cup booked! Panama did not put up much of a battle, thought they would have more since US only beat them 3-1. USA vs Canada on Sunday at 8pm est
  11. so right :-) a few days to work on a better plan.
  12. 1-0 FULLTIME Canada escapes with win. GK (D'Angelo was impressive). Our finishing was way off tonight... Semis vs Panama
  13. Canada 2 - Jamaica 0 (Canada assured spot in semis) Tough game as it took Canada almost 70 min to score first. We need to get better. Lots of bad decision making in attacking 1/3... killing some good goal-scoring opportunities. We did see some good finishing though, the talent is there. Next game Monday vs Mexico.
  14. 1st Game of the U20 CONCACAF Finals tonight. 5pm (est). Games broadcast live on CONCACAF TV Only 2 games under their belt, but starting with some less dangerous teams with Haiti up first, Jamaica on the 3rd and Mexico on the 5th. Go Canada!
  15. Japan officially confirmed for 2012 U20 Womens WC http://www.fifa.com/aboutfifa/footballdevelopment/news/newsid=1580845/index.html?cid=twitter_voiceofthesite
  16. Herdman should spend some time at the upcoming U20 camp, I hope. Has some time before Cyprus Cup
  17. Wow.. friggin crazy Euro-zone qualifying system!? Thanks for clarifying.
  18. Where can we see which group Canada will be in? Isnt the draw in April?
  19. Really sad this is happening. On the other hand, in an Olympics year, maybe not as bad timing since many players would most likley miss 50% of season due to National Team duties. After a very busy 2011-12 period with WC and Olympics, ... next couple of years will be quieter, and thus elite players will be looking for the WPS and other pro leagues to keep them active
  20. After the Olympic Qualifying rush, the CSA announced yesterday the long awaited U20 Prep-camp, with the WC qualifyers starting in one month: March 1. (U17 Camp is also on right now) http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-u-20f-begins-preparations-for-panama-p149041 New U20 WNT Coach: Andrew Olivieri, who has been the WNT goalie coach since Herdman has taken over.
  21. What's the issue with limiting it to the lower bowl, or restricting to one side etc etc? If we can get 30K why cant BCP handle this?? Is it just so the crowd looks better on TV? What am I missing?
  22. No More news. But as mentioned prep. camp and invites to players has been made. Based on current attention on Olympic Qualifying and CSA history of announcing camps (late)... we probably wont see any announcements before 2 weeks. I hope I am wrong.
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