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  1. It would be interesting to know how many tickets were sold to USA (Americans) and how many were sold to Canadians. (I know collectively we are both Americans.)
  2. What the BBC thought about the WWC. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/33404363
  3. USA played the 1st, 4th and 5th ranked teams in winning the wwc. They did not have an easy route. I would have liked to see them play France but that was not to be. England overachieved but because the Olympics require a team from a Great Britain will not be there. Canada finished about where their 8th place ranking would suggest. LAST UPDATED 27 MAR 2015 NEXT RELEASE 10 JUL 2015 Rank Team PTS Prev.Pts +/- Pos 1 Germany. 2168 2176 0 2 USA 2158 2158 0 3 France 2103 2091 0 4 Japan 2066 2084 0 5 Sweden. 2008 2000 0 6 England 2001 1984 0
  4. Not to beat a dead horse but this article actually calls for a ban on hosting the men's World Cup because we made the women play on turf. http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2015/07/womens-soccer-world-cup-fifa-lawsuit/397592/ There should be a prize for whoever can point out the most inaccuracies in the article.
  5. BBC rates each player on their performance in the World Cup. It is interesting that all roster players participated in at least one game except the third keeper. How many of Canada's team saw no action? http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/33397931
  6. Rules exactly the same. At the risk of being political incorrect and based on my experience of coaching both male and female players of different ages (9-18) for 20 years I have observed: The male game is more violent. It is faster and the level of fouling is more severe. The referees are more apt to ignore contact in the male game but if a female player goes to ground there almost always is a foul called. More fights break out with the males. Females will be more apt to listen to the coach and at least try to do what was asked of them. It seemed more important for the female players to "like" the coach when it came to motivation. Not so much for males. None of my players reached the national level(I guess I wasn't all that good) but several did make provencial teams.
  7. The thing about conspiracy theories is that you get a lot of conjecture for very little facts. If the Germans would have won then the Americans were being "punished" for their criminal investigation of fifa. See how that works.
  8. To be fair, I don't think any other coach would have made that much of a difference. The top teams all advanced to the semi finals. I'm rooting for England to win it all but I certainly not betting my house on it. I don't like Japan's style of play but you have to admit it is successful. Wouldn't it be something if they take USA to overtime and win on penalties.
  9. Why do the women have a star above the Coq Gaulois indicating a World Cup win by the men's team? If they win this World Cup will the men wear another star? (I know I've mixed languages with the article "the")
  10. Interesting article http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/6/20/politics-gender-religion-womens-world-cup.html Any one care to comment?
  11. Well we lucked out in Winnipeg. USA in our group must have been worth millions for the local economy. My daughter working at a restaurant had a ball trying to distinguish an Australian accent from a New Zealand one. She also got to practice her German and while serving the tv crew they asked what section she was sitting in and we appeared on the big screen during halftime.
  12. Well your memory might be better than mind but are you saying that USA was put into group D without its ball being drawn from a pot?
  13. I bought my tickets in September for the games in Winnipeg. I did not know until December that USA was in group D. They were drawn into that group not placed, they could have been in groups B, C, E or F. Likewise the other seeded teams could have been drawn into any group other than A.
  14. Weren't all of the group matches determined prior to the teams being drawn into groups? Only Canada as host nation knew when and where they would be playing since as host they would have been seeded into A1. The other seeded teams were then drawn along with the group they would be placed in. Then the rest of the teams were drawn with the provision that two teams from the same confederation would not be grouped together with the exception of European teams which could not have more than two in each group. Second round games are never reseeded. The schedule is made out in advance and luck determines the outcome. Sometimes you roll doubles three times in a row.
  15. I thought the USA Sweden game was much more exciting than that dull Canada New Zealand game. Of course being in the crowd in Winnipeg had a bit to do with that.
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