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  1. Regardless of what we think, the fact is that amateur athletes often have to fund at least a good part of their costs to attend international competitions. It's certainly better than it used to be for Olympic athletes but unless you have a strong potential to win medals, funding from government is not very high. The question can be fairly asked; should football be any different? Any amateur team is going to face financial challenges to attend and I think it's asking a bit much to expect that the staff for this team should have to meet your standards for player selection, etc.
  2. I think it's a travesty that many of these players couldn't get funding for their trip from senior soccer, university, etc. organizations. As you can imagine, students don't have a lot of extra cash. I also don't think anyone is disrespecting these players at all (Well maybe Trillium was but I think you clarified that effectively)- the selection was based on merit only and I know that many of the players were taking a fairly significant financial risk when they tried out for this team. I also know that some other team sports were fortunate enough to get funding to cover at least part of their costs.
  3. That is correct, the players had to raise the money themselves.
  4. Doesn't look like it but will be streaming on many networks around the globe so check P2P websites.
  5. Doesn't make any difference now but just wasted 5 minutes of my time watching this and I have to agree with you Ed.
  6. I watched it live using a proxy server and it was good. Too bad there was such a poor turnout though.
  7. This from yesterday's Red Deer Advocate. http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/Indoor_soccer_centre_planned_205832841.html
  8. If you lived in Alberta (I realize that you do not), you would already know that gyms in most of the province are heavily booked already - it's nowhere near as easy as you're implying. I don't totally disagree with your comments on 7v7. Futsal for U12 and younger in the winter is better but having watched U14 to U18 play 7v7 for the last 5 winters, I have to say that for teenagers and older, they do greatly benefit in advancing their skills very much.
  9. There may be one full sized indoor pitch in Alberta by fall of 2014, watch for announcement hopefully this spring or early summer.
  10. Really enjoyed watching him when he was with Magpies, scored some spectacular goals.
  11. It's asinine to claim that Canadian governments have some kind of unlimited wealth. We run deficits and accumulate national debt for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to deal with. It's true that a small percentage of Canadians are wealthy, there are also extrememly wealthy people in poorer countries. What would you cut so Soccer can have handouts from government - health care? education? infrastructure?
  12. Rich country? Since when did the definition of rich become spending more than you can pay back? I think you''ll have to redifine it strictly as having the ability to get mired ever deeper into debt.
  13. The US is winning nearly all the 1v1 battles. I can't see any way back here.
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