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New TV Series - Pro•Files: SIMEON JACKSON

Toronto MB

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Hey Guys,

Laurence and I are proud to announce the launch of a new web-TV series we will be producing in conjunction with the guys at RedNationOnline.ca.

'Pro•Files' will be taking a behind-the-scenes look at some of Canada's most interesting football characters. We hope to give he players a chance to tell their own story, and express their own style - which is something they rarely get to do in the mainstream press.

You can typically expect three things from a Pro•Files package:

- Online video...the centre-piece

- A written feature...providing some context and colour to enhance the experience

- The complete audio interview...for you die-hards hanging on every word from our NT players

So let's get started with SIMEON JACKSON - Part 1:


Video Part 1 and the written feature are up on RedNation now. Video Part 2 and the full audio interview will be up on March 24th, but we'll remind you closer to! Remember, you can watch the videos in '720 HD' for the best viewing experience.

Be sure to leave us your feedback!

Here's to the launch of promising new series!


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He also shared a juicy bit of gossip about a certain Canadian by the name of Junior Hoillet currently racking up meaningful Premier League minutes under Sam Allardyce at Blackburn Rovers.

“Yeah we’re trying to tap into him,” Simeon said as he confessed that him and others on the Canadian team have been having friendly discussions with Hoillet. “We want to make sure he joins us on our side, especially seeing as how we played together when we were younger, to play on the same national team can only help us really.”

Love it!! Great music and intro text off the top as well. Well done, lads.

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Awesome job, Max! I swear all the features you've done, especially the Gold Cup, is better than anything (feature, on-the -spot reporting) the CSA or Sportsnet have attempted to do. Canada as a very good future with Simeon as a striker.

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"The games are a lot more physical. You need to man-up, you know?"

Come what may, there is no denying our young Mr Jackson has kept the faith, paid his dues, and is an outstanding example for young up and comers. Honestly, sometimes it seems the "soccer brats" we see are as bad as the "hockey brats" we've all known at one time or another. How disappointing that can be.

Surprised he's still with Gills but it's a funny business football. We'll see what's what come the fall I suppose.

Also surprised at the lack of an overt accent. Just ask Craig Forrest, THAT takes some effort as the man has been in England a while already.

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