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  1. Real classy finish on a header for David! Great cross by Yilmaz. His last two goals for club and country are headers! Not a huge part of his game to date as far as I can recall...
  2. Pretty sure it's his pinpoint accuracy and ability to ping a crossbar https://www.instagram.com/p/CN-uSzbJVur/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  3. If CSA was fine with netting out a similar gate revenue in Edmonton as Toronto, it would allow tickets to be like 1/3 the average price and more likely to fill the stadium... One could hope...
  4. and just like that the post is gone. lol. fuckin phonzie jesus.
  5. There's no way he does. He's just going off the fact those guys are commenting on the post.
  6. This sounds like you went to the school of negging
  7. That makes two questionable decisions when paired with the hey here's me, Tajon, and David at a Jays game before the Honduras match. Coincidentally, all three of them had average to sub-par performances the next day.
  8. The fuck is that. The fuck is this??? The fuck is Tajon doing liking that??
  9. Really curious (and oddly excited??) to see this team without Davies. Though he's a total game-changer, I wonder how the rest of the team will be forced to get up n go (a la Gold Cup) without him in the lineup. Found through the first two games there were a number of occasions that reliance on Davies and Davies' stubbornness to look for a pass/cross instead of driving and shooting himself left something to be desired for a well-balanced and decisive attack. Hope the boys each take it upon themselves to put their best foot forward and act with courage and decisiveness this game.
  10. Solid result. Boys should be proud. Right now we are a team that draws games it could win and loses games it could draw. The sooner we change this the sooner we punch our ticket to Qatar.
  11. Lol honestly. Somehow forgot about all that given his recent takes on Scotty...
  12. So Ferdi who gives almost no shits about Canada and who has NEVER been in a Canada camp got called up to this camp (and frankly might not even make the roster?), and yet Arfield who's captained this team and supposedly wants to play didn't get called in??? One or both of these is a crock of crap.
  13. I also feel that for the collective psyche trying to win EVERY game is important. I do not want another repeat of play it cute vs Mexico then lose to Haiti instead. Can't help but feel that played some role in that collapse. Imagine an alternate world in which Canada scratched and clawed with Mexico in that GC game and realized they could go toe-to-toe before facing Haiti.
  14. But all of our guys are technically travelling from Canada since the US is sandwiched in between two Canadian home games. Unless they have some scenario saying you can't have been in that red list country in the past x days, would they not be ok to travel home from Pearson?
  15. Time for an effin goal Johnny and come into camp with some swagger.
  16. I got my stuff but it seems they took a lot of creative liberty with sizes. Ordered two children’s shirts for some kids (small and large) and pretty sure I received two men’s smalls in their place.
  17. Until today I didn’t realize any of us would rate Osorio higher than Arfield but I’ve learned something new. Love Osorio’s heart but to me Scotty was the engine and one of the biggest reasons we beat the US 2-0 that day and definitely a top 3 midfielder in the team. To each their own and love that we can have these arguments now vs whose half warm body can fill in a spot.
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