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  1. So I wasn't the only one sh*tting my pants anytime Henry and Borjan had to communicate and pass the ball back and forth to each other.
  2. aside from our CB depth I've got this nagging feeling that we may not have enough playmaking in our midfield with this group being down Hutch and Arfield. Who's threading the needle to Larin and David? We've got some finishers but do we have the playmakers we need? Nervous musings...
  3. It's like the cicadas. Been hiding underground for 17 years only to emerge in a flurry of noisy activity for a few weeks.
  4. Yes. Sloppy all over and a missed penalty which he claimed for himself. I was hoping that was just pre season rust but sounds like he may still not have shaken it off. Or maybe it’s not rust…
  5. Yilmaz is such a possessed driven guy out there. Super intense.
  6. Legit had no idea soccer cards were even a thing...
  7. We can't quite shake the exposed underside of bleachers with no actual building vibe we love so much in our Canadian stadiums.
  8. That guy's just some TFC troll (that some longtime TFC fans seem to know via Twitter) that makes a new account every few months and slags Canadian soccer and the CPL at every opportunity. If you see any moronic posts come from an account that likes TFC, Celtic and/or the Bruins you know it's that troll evolved into another shitty form.
  9. This is the 6th match Canada has played in the past couple of weeks and I’m pretty sure no one has a clean full laced shot on target in any of those matches 🤔 (as Wotherspoon just scores with one)
  10. Godinho has legit been a baller all tourney. Calm, confident, courageous. So great to see him redeemed in the eyes of CanSoc fans. Him, Norman, Pantemis and maybe even Tabla at times have been my MVPs.
  11. Dias bro. Yes you seem to have game. Yes he should've passed and this isn't the first time Brym should've found him but that constant body language is doing nothing for anyone.
  12. Maybe. But Milan has also brought about 0.5 mistakes leading to goals per game over the last 15 games too.
  13. Yes I also made that mistake. Also repeated that mistake in the Orlando USA game.
  14. Can we just get to the Oct so that I can stop hearing the laughter from my friends when I try to get them pumped for a game and need to answer "who are we playing?" with a friggin "Cayman Islands" or "St Lucia". I can't take it anymore.
  15. Thing I notice watching this Honduras game is every single one of these Honduran players feels like they can score the big goal and wants to go and do it. Full of energy. Full of immediate positive momentum. Now they might not score, but the belief and aggression that every one of these players have is enviable.
  16. Doesn't seem that crazy? Longer distances = more actual time spent in close proximity to other and likelihood of layovers (exposure). The only way distance wouldn't be some factor is if David entered some pod that blasted him from France directly into camp.
  17. goddamn rollins I've never met a "journalist" or blogger or whatever he is that while sharing a very similar passion feels so diametrically opposed and completely opposite to everything I think and feel in almost every single instance of him saying anything.
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