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  1. York vs. Masters? Halifax vs. Blainville? Be still, my beating heart. 😍 Glad we're now in an era where more than one club can advance to play the pros.
  2. Yeah, they were calling themselves "FC Barrie" for a while, but perhaps that was only a provisional name. I assume Julian de Guzman is still involved?
  3. Toronto Skillz out of the men's league? DeRo United and Unionville Milliken out of the women's league? Pandemic was bound to see from turnover, I guess. Looking forward to seeing the schedule.
  4. Hi 

    i am in Montreal this week. But i am up for catching some games when i m back in Toronto later this week or net week.

    let me know


    1. Blue and White Army

      Blue and White Army

      Hi Tony,

      UofT's season doesn't start until late September, and I don't think the OSL/OWSL have confirmed their start dates yet. But let's keep an eye on things.



    2. Free kick

      Free kick

      Will do.  Good to see you again.  You were in Toronto back in the days of the toronto Lynx.   I recall meeting you then

  5. I recently moved to downtown Toronto from Vancouver, and wonder if anyone would be keen to watch some club matches downtown. University of Toronto just released their 2021 men's and women's schedules, which both run from late September until the end of October, as well as potential playoffs in November. Seems like they're all weekend afternoon double-headers, usually with the women kicking off at 12:00pm and the men at 2:30pm. (I think @Kenthad previously mentioned an interest in watching L1O games at Varsity?) Unfortunately there aren't any League1 Ontario clubs in downtown Toronto this season, so other options might be limited to the Ontario Soccer League and the Ontario Women's Soccer League. Might be fun to go for a drink before or after games. Let me know!
  6. Nice photo of him holding the Challenge Trophy (I assume with Edmonton Scottish?).
  7. Am I correct that the Kempenfelt Crew is both the supporters' trust and the supporters' group? Exactly how much of the club will the supporters' trust own? Am I correct that club owner Andrew Weilgus will sit on the board of the supporters' trust? Supporters' trusts are essentially fan unions, so while it's nice that Weilgus wants to create such an entity, it's unusual for the club owner to be formally involved (unless I'm mistaken).
  8. Here's a video update about Canadian centre-back Doneil Henry of the K League's Suwon Bluewings, including what it's been like to live in South Korea during the pandemic and keeping himself malleable as a player. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUO9jlFva8c Shameless plug: I happen to have a new book out about a season spent following a club in the K League, called Who Ate All the Squid?: Football Adventures in South Korea.
  9. Which section are you in? Are Voyageurs planning a "neutral" section? For Vaughan Azzurri vs. HFX Wanderers on May 15, any idea what's happening regarding tickets? I see nothing on Vaughan's website or social media account about tickets - other than them giving away tickets to the York 9 Voyageurs Cup match. 😂
  10. 2018: "I'll go watch North Toronto Nitros when they play at Varsity." (2018 schedule confirms team has folded) 2019: "I'll go watch Sanjaxx Lions." (2019 schedule confirms team has folded) PAY ME LARGE SUMS OF MONEY OR I'LL PLAN TO SUPPORT YOUR LEAGUE1 ONTARIO TEAM IN 2020.
  11. Hoping to attend Vaughan vs. Halifax on May 15, and York vs. Blainville on May 22.
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