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  1. Here's a video update about Canadian centre-back Doneil Henry of the K League's Suwon Bluewings, including what it's been like to live in South Korea during the pandemic and keeping himself malleable as a player. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUO9jlFva8c Shameless plug: I happen to have a new book out about a season spent following a club in the K League, called Who Ate All the Squid?: Football Adventures in South Korea.
  2. Which section are you in? Are Voyageurs planning a "neutral" section? For Vaughan Azzurri vs. HFX Wanderers on May 15, any idea what's happening regarding tickets? I see nothing on Vaughan's website or social media account about tickets - other than them giving away tickets to the York 9 Voyageurs Cup match. 😂
  3. 2018: "I'll go watch North Toronto Nitros when they play at Varsity." (2018 schedule confirms team has folded) 2019: "I'll go watch Sanjaxx Lions." (2019 schedule confirms team has folded) PAY ME LARGE SUMS OF MONEY OR I'LL PLAN TO SUPPORT YOUR LEAGUE1 ONTARIO TEAM IN 2020.
  4. Hoping to attend Vaughan vs. Halifax on May 15, and York vs. Blainville on May 22.
  5. The clubs were asked to pay a bond/deposit to participate in the league. Apparently it was quite large and most (all?) clubs balked at it. Why the BCSA didn't share their league plan with some clubs prior to a formal request for interest is beyond me. Consultation seems to be a four-letter word to some people.
  6. This is ridiculous. The BCSA never consults the clubs; it just acts on its own and hopes for the best. The bond issue apparently pissed off most (all?) of the potential clubs. This really should be an easy job, given the depth of existing clubs in BC: Whitecaps Reserves Highlanders Reserves Coquitlam M-F Surrey Pegasus West Van Gorge Cowichan Victoria West Langley United Abbotsford United That's 10 major clubs just off the top of my head. Only incompetence from the provincial body is preventing this from happening.
  7. Oh right, the team managed by former Peru midfielder Nolberto Solano.
  8. Any chance of a Toronto-based team in L1O that would play out of Lamport Stadium? If Varsity Stadium is problematic due to UofT's needs in the autumn, what are the downsides of Lamport? Or, what about having a central Toronto team play out of Varsity for most of the season, then shift to Lamport for the end? P.S. I'll be at Sanjaxx Lions' home opener (vs. TFC III at Monarch Park Stadium on Sunday, May 6th, 2:00pm) if anyone else is up for it. Toronto FC's senior team plays on Friday night that weekend, so there's no conflict. I'll probably try to visit some (or all?) of the L1O groun
  9. Time to get my Sanjaax Lions tattoo. "We all hate Toronto Skillz! F*ck the southwestern tip of Scarborough!"
  10. See you there. I realize this club may not come to fruition, and even if it did I wouldn't get to every match, but I would definitely prefer an intimate stadium with CPL than a large stadium with MLS.
  11. Ontario Maple Leafs, Ontario Blue Jays, Ontario Raptors, Ontario Argonauts, Ontario FC. Uh huh.
  12. Thanks, I must have forgotten about that one while I was flicking through the clubs. Would help if all the clubs had to use their communities in their names. Looks like a short walk from a subway station... will definitely give them a go!
  13. I'm not in favour of clubs that name themselves after a massive area rather than a specific community or traversable region. Try to be everything and you end up being nothing. After all, BC is larger in size than France.
  14. I move to Toronto and the only team that plays in central Toronto folds. Nice. I was hoping "North Toronto" would play most of their matches at Varsity Stadium again, but obviously that won't be happening. I'll probably go visit the three Toronto teams at least once each, but they're all quite the trek. It's really unfortunate not to have any teams playing in central TO. I reckon the league should make an effort at finding a team to play at Varsity for 2019. Excellent location right by a subway station. Would be easy for supporters to hit a pub before and after.
  15. Any Vees in Vancouver who want to pick up the following VHS tapes from me in Kitsilano by Monday, August 21? Apologies - I'm unable to ship these. TAPE 1: Germany vs. Canada (men's friendly - early 2000s?) 2003 men's Gold Cup: Canada vs. Cuba TAPE 2: Canada men's U20 vs. Brazil (20 May 2006) TAPE 3: Ireland vs. Canada men (18 Nov 2003) TAPE 4: 2003 WWC QF: China vs. Canada 2003 WWC SF: Sweden vs. Canada Finland vs. Canada men (ends at 68'; early 2000s?) TAPE 5: Canada vs England (women's friendly, early 2000s?)
  16. This was confirmed a few weeks back. The PDL schedule should be out later this month (February 2017).
  17. Vancouver United FC in Division 2 has a supporters' group, Umbrella Ultras, as mentioned here.
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